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Hi Everyone!

Well, another month stuck in the house. Another boring, stupid month with nothing to do but play with Fluffy on my phone and have staring contests with that stupid turkey! I want to go out and hang with my friends. I want to go to school. Yeah, I know how that sounds. I don’t care.

I’m still doing online classes, were having finals now too so it’s official, the year that ended is ending. Now we can start isolating during summer break. I’m sorry, I’m just in a crappy mood and feeling like my room is a prison right now.

Oh, another thing that has me a little upset is a change that Jeff made to the magazine. When we got the redesign, we got these cool upvote/downvote buttons. And for a long time, people were ignoring the downvote buttons, which was really cool. I mean, if you like something, upvote it. Give the author a little pat on the back for creating something cool. If you didn’t like it, go find something you do like, no problem. I know they were there but why would anyone feel the need to downvote something that someone worked hard on? I mean really? That’s like slapping someone for offering you some gum because you don’t like the flavor. Well, someone decided to start using those buttons, for no other reason than to just be mean. So, Jeff went all hacker and took them away. (Cool trick since the plugin wasn’t designed to work without them.) I thought people were awesome for not using them and knew that they could be used in a mean way, but didn’t think it would start happening. Anyway, now there’s an upvote button. If you don’t like something, just don’t click it. Simple, and no one gets free tools to hurt the feelings of others. Troll Free Zone!

Sorry, I’m just in a crappy mood… Cake? Oh crap, I forgot Random Cake Day was this month!!! Gotta go! We gotta get ready to do some baking!!!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

AnnoniMouse Writes: Hi Matt, is your personal assistant available to the public yet? He’s so cute, I’d love to have one.

Matt’s Reply: No, not yet. I’m beta testing him for my uncle. He’s still just on my phone and getting smarter. He’s even learning my schedule and asking if he thinks I’ve forgotten something. So far, no glitches, he’s real helpful. I will be testing the tablet and desktop versions when they are ready. Be sweet to have Fluffy everywhere! If all goes well, he should be available to buy. I don’t know the details though.


BillyTac Writes: my mom found this site in my search history, now she’s asking if i’m gay. i don’t know if i can talk to her cuz its just weird. what should i do?

Matt’s Reply: That’s tough. I mean I don’t know your mom. But if she’s just asking, maybe now is the time to see how she feels about the subject. Maybe ask her how she would feel if you were. There’s no harm and testing the water, right? Unless she sounded upset, then you could probably ask her why she sounded upset without even giving up any info. Your mom is a person, just like you are. She might surprise you. Good Luck Bro!


NotMyName07 Writes: Okay mister reel teenager, answer this. If you are a real person why are you not showing your face??? Scared someone might see that you aren’t who you say you are???

Matt’s Reply: Okay there. Someone needs to switch to decaf, wow. So, you think I’m not who I say I am. I say I am me. Just me. Not someone else. Me. Yup, just me. Did I claim to be you? I did not. Because You are you, as far as I know. Wait, if YOU are a real person, why aren’t you showing your face? I mean, my face is actually out there, as far as I know, you don’t have one. So, do I want proof that you have a face? I don’t. Are you confused yet? I really hope so. 

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