When I was in college, I was living right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Expensive, yes, but a *LOT* of fun! I wouldn’t trade those years and that experience for anything! I got a job that was actually in a place right on Michigan Avenue, but a pretty significant distance from my dorm. However, working out the logistics of the whole thing…waiting on the bus took too long, the subway took me too far out of the way, and paying for taxi cabs just costs too much. So, every day, I would leave super early, and I would walk to work. About a half hour to forty five minutes, with my music playing, and getting a chance to gawk at all of the cute boys that I passed along the way. God bless those super cute tourist boys! LOL!

Now this was before I started writing stories online. That came a year or two later. But it could be really exhausting sometimes. Walking to my job, then working an eight hour shift, and then having to walk home again. And this was outside of the homework and studying that I had to do for school. To be honest, I don’t even know how I was able to keep that routine going for as long as I did. These days, I’m sure it would KILL me! Hehehe! BUT…at the time, I was working just a block and a half away from the John Hancock building. And right at the base of the John Hancock, was a Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know if you guys have ever tasted Chessecake Factory cheesecake…but…um…DAMN!!!

Anyway, one of the things that motivated me to keep going and pushing forward with my job and my studies and still trying to find time to have fun with my college roommates…was a single slice of strawberry cheesecake. Just ONE slice, every Friday, after getting my paycheck. With whipped cream, of course.

No matter what I was going through, no matter how tired I was, no matter what conflicts I had going on in my life at the moment…I always had that ONE thing to look forward to. And I made sure to make it a habit, to remind me that it was worth it. You know?

Jump ahead a few years…

‘Comicality’ is born, and has an entire community on the forums and in the chatroom and keeping in contact through emails on a daily basis. I’m having a blast, being able to talk to people from all over the globe for the first time in my life, and I play the role of a big brother to a lot of gay teens and excited fans, as well as inspired writers who are looking to create stories and websites of their own. But, I do remember times when it seemed like every single person that I talked to was feeling down and depressed or when we were all in an emotional ‘slump’ of some sort. Me included. It happens. We all get fatigued and disillusioned sometimes. We deal with loss, with hardship, with heartbreak, with frustration…it’s a part of life.

What I remember from that particular moment in time…was everybody having an EPIC pity party that would put most others to shame if they had heard it. LOL! I mean, there were simply not enough hugs to go around. Especially when they’re only online. This was a different online. We all talked openly to one another, we leaned on each other, we gave and received advice from our peers, and we made our feelings known for the sake of trying to help the world be a better place. No thanks required. The forums and the chatrooms were always full, and that’s what they were used for.

It was during that particular moment in the Shack’s history, where everyone was struggling and feeling down, that I remembered going out every Friday for that cheesecake slice, and how it made me feel. And how it just reminded me that no matter HOW stressful things got…at least I had that ONE thing to look forward to every week. And that’s pretty much where the whole ‘Random Cake Day’ idea started.

Original, a Random Cake Day alert could pop up at any time, for no reason at all. In fact, if people were reading the board, and saw a ‘Cake Day’ alert, they had 48 hours to get themselves a piece of cake and gobble it down, telling us what they had shortly afterward! But the official Shack ‘Random Cake’ Holiday is coming up on Thursday, May 28th! This will be the 14th annual celebration! So…do yourselves a favor…go out, and get yourselves a slice of cake!

It doesn’t matter what kind of cake it is! The flavor, the frosting, the sprinkles, no sprinkles…whatever! Just get yourselves some cake! ANY cake! Bake one yourself, buy it from a local bakery, buy one from your local grocery store…hell…go to a nearby gas station, find yourselves a two dollar slice of cake up by the register, and have that! Hehehe, just get something! And if you want, come to one of the forums and tell us what you had! Spread the word!

The whole point of ‘Random Cake Day’ isn’t just about closing your eyes and biting into a moist, delicious, chunk of cake for the sheer decadent pleasure of it all. No. It’s about being inspired. It’s about rewarding yourselves for the hard work that you put in, day after day, and eventually begin to take for granted when you begin to feel weary. Each and every one of you works hard to survive. You work hard to be comfortable, you work hard to share your heart with other people, and you work hard to keep yourselves afloat when times get hard, and things seem as though they’re falling apart. And it can be hard to keep trucking along without a little reward every now and then. Some appreciation. Some applause. Just a little something to tell you that ‘you earned a treat’ for being awesome.

Take a moment. Take two. Take TEN! And realize how hard you work and how much you deserve to have just ONE thing that you’re dedicated to do for YOU…and nobody else. That is what is at the heart of Random Cake Day.

Well that and occasional bursts of absolute goofiness! Hehehe! Be CAREFUL where you’re getting some of these cakes from, people!!! LOL!!!

May 28th! That’s the date! Enjoy it this year! And every year afterward! You deserve it! Hehehe! Ask yourselves…

Wouldn’t you rather be eating cake right now???

And now, from JeffsFort…

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1) It is true that this all came from a late night “Shack” chat on IRC. The convo began with someone having cake for some odd reason and we all suddenly wanted cake. The next day, Comicality made the declaration that it was “Officially a Random Cake Holiday”, empowering all who “might” have cake the next day to feed the craving from hours of banter about it.

2) The official “decree” was sent out in The Shack’s newsletter, which was promptly posted on the Fort Family Forum of the time, requiring all to have cake. To this day, the only official document known to exist is a copy of that forum post, which Jeff enjoys shoving in people’s faces every year as a reminder.

3) The holiday went semi-forgotten for a few years, with only a few celebrating in closets across the country as reports have it. It was a sad, cake-less time for many.

4) In solidarity with The Shack, the Fort Family came out of the closet <giggle> and began openly celebrating again with reminder posts on its sites as well as any live chats that it hosted at the time. (Refer to fact #2 because Jeff plastered it everywhere, surprising and annoying all with his overly pro-cake agenda.)

5) It has always been tradition on the Random Cake Holiday to announce to the world what kind of cake you had. This can be in chat, in celebration posts on websites and social media, shouting out your window to inform and frighten the neighbors or passers by…

6) It’s a fun way to be close to our online family for a day. Remember, the world may be practicing social distancing but our communities exist with huge distances between each of its family members and has existed like this since the very beginning. We have the experience of years of coming together while still apart. So, let’s show the world how it’s done!

7) There once was a discussion to determine what substitutions can be considered as cake replacements. From Muffins to Poor Man’s Candy (Buttered slices of bread with sugar sprinkled on it) and happily, there wasn’t much that couldn’t be accepted. Of course, cake should be cake whenever possible.

8) There are cake “flavored” items all over the place. Slushies, candy, beverages, even vape flavorings now. They technically are not cake but, if no other option is available then you gotta do what you gotta do.

9) The sacred “document” that Jeff keeps harassing people with is stored in 13 different places so it can’t be lost. One of which is printed out and stored with other important documents in a fire proof safe. Yeah, he’s got issues.

10) We are aware that November 26 is “National Cake Day” but unlike our “Random Cake Holiday” we know how our holiday began, when, and why. The two are not related in any way but… it’s a great reason/excuse to have MORE CAKE!!!

Or…if you just are stubborn and absolutely REFUSE to eat cake (Who refuses cake? Honestly!)…you can always settle for some sexy ice cream instead! ::Snickers:: How’s THAT for a lickable treat???
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