Act V – Auburn Ski Camp: Pain



I’ll be honest with you, Sugar, I’ve never been sucked off like that before.

None of the boys I’ve ever gotten to play with ever could do what Mr. Chesney did for me tonight. I have never ever cum like that before in my whole little ol’ life!

Mr. Chesney acts like this big arrogant jock with the golden hair, the pearly smile, and the skyest blue eyes ~sigh~. But, he’s got a golden heart and a dark chocolate soul. No guy can deliver that kind of sex and not love to make you feel loved. It’s selfless doin’ things like that.

I did my best to return the favor, but I’m not a Jedi Master of blow jobs like Brian. He lets me call him by his first name! Imagine that!

So many of the men here want me to call them ‘Sir’ even when they are fuckin’ me up the ass. It might be the little boy submissive thing that they get off on . . . or they’re just naturally rich fucktards. Oh, like I’m SO sorry, that’s ‘MR.’ Fucktard to you, James McVee! Remember your place, whore!

I’m not a whore, ya know! I do it because it makes them feel good and I feel it’s a part of my service as a good host to make my patrons feel comfortable in every way! I don’t get paid to do it and Management even says it’s something I shouldn’t be doin’, but they don’t stop me when I do. No, Sirree! It’s like an unsaid thing that keeps the high payin’ clients coming back. Or, is that cumming on my back? Whatever.

But, Brian did me first tonight!

So, when we went upstairs, I wanted to make him feel as loved as he made me feel since I didn’t feel my suck-job was nearly enough for that hunkin’ slice o’ man-love!

I was even gonna risk goin’ bareback for Brian!

He insisted not, though. He refused and, if I insisted that we do, he said he’d put me out of his room! Wow!

None of the Mr. Fucktards I usually service would have turned down a bareback screw in my, so called, ‘twinkalicous boy-hole!’ I never offer it neither! I’m not gonna get no HIV or Hep C off of one of those dirty birdies!

Again, I was totally blown away tonight . . . Brian seemed to actually care.

For instance, when we got into the room he wanted to shower first. We’d gotten pretty sweaty in the sauna doin’ each other and all, ya know.

Again, not one of those entitled-ass Fucktards ever cleaned up before doin’ me. Not one! It’s like I was a dirty dumpster for them to shoot into!

I couldn’t help it. I had to join him. Brian Chesney is the sexiest looking man I’ve ever laid eyes on, I do declare to God almighty! I swear by my Aunt Petunia’s pie, Sugar! He’s almost unreal!

He’s a match for Snowflake in almost every way ‘cept Brian’s not freaky around the edges like poor ‘ol Snowmuffin, bless his heart. Plus, the Snowman has never once let me see him naked or let me play with him! He’s such a prude! This and with the way he carries on with Sabrina? Humph! Snuffy done need somethin’ a sight more interestin’ than that girl, sometimes! He needs a real man! Snuffy ain’t foolin’ no-one no-how with what he’s into with Sabrina! We all know Sabrina is transexual pre-op and, by that funny walk I see Snowmuffin do some Monday mornings after a long weekend up at the alpine ranch, I know Snuffy done takes it as much as he gives it, Child! It looks like it pains him a might, too!

But, I love Sabrina like the big sister/brother I no longer have. I’d not begrudge a day of those two doing whatever they all might want to get up to as long as it keeps Sabrina happy! She deserves it! Lordy knows how much! I just wish she and Snuff Snuff would, like, be a might generous a-time and has a three-way. That’s all! What’s wrong with that, I ask? Hell, I’m all into being the meat in the sandwich!

Ok, where the hell was I? Oh, yeah . . .

Brian was not very surprised when I jumped in the shower with him. It’s like he was expecting me. Awwww, he’s so gentle, ya know? He flashed that sexy smile of his, showin’ me those pretty pearly teeth and then proceeded to gently soap me up with a soft wash cloth.

Wow! Kind of classy! He actually uses a wash cloth in the shower! Who does that?

When he was done, there wasn’t an inch of me that he wasn’t intimately familiar with. He had me hot as a whore on payday when he was done finished, I tell you what! I was all over him, kissin’ and huggin’ and grindin.’ Oh mama!

His manhood is a magic wand, Sugar! Let me be the first one to tell you! I swear, It’s right out of a Harry Potter book.

He just gently pushed it between my crotch and my thigh when we hugged and made these small little circular grindin’ motions almost too soft to notice. His length was enough to tease my butt crack a bit. I wanted him in me right there! I was near fit to turnin’ around, pushin’ him back, and butt-bustin’ him right up against the cold wet tiles! Power Bottoms R’ Us is me, Bandit! Copy?

But, he disengaged from me with a light kiss on the nose and with that soul melting sparkle in his Gulf-Blue Eyes. I could just swim in those eyes, y’all! I’d drown in ‘em if I had my way!

He took me by the hand out of the shower and proceeded to dry me off! I haven’t had someone dry me off since I was four yeas old! I almost kind of felt like a kid again with my big brother finishing up after my bath before goin’ to bed.

~choke~ Uh oh! I don’t want to start cryin’. ~fanning my face~

Not in here, anyway. Sabrina will hear and wonder what’s wrong. But I miss my big brother Willy so much!

Dryin’ me off so gently and then towellin’ my hair off and then giving me a light whack on my bum-bum: these were all things my big brother used to do for me when he was still with me in this world. It’s like I had him with me again! I think, this was when I realized that I . . .

. . . was hopelessly in love with Brian Chesney!

Holding my shoulders from behind me, he guided me to his bed and we sat down together on the foot of it. He gathered me up in his strong arms and squeezed and brought me in for a kiss.

It was the most intense kiss I’ve ever had! Warm, soft, penetrating. I felt dizzy from it! His skin was so warm and smooth! Not a hair on him! I’m fuzzier than Brian is and that’s with just my little ol’ peach fuzz I got!

With me still in a daze, he released me from this timeless heaven and said: “What do you want to do, Jimmy? I’m versatile so I like it either way.”

I just sat there with my mouth hangin’ open catchin’ flies! He was offerin’ himself to me!

“I, uh, I dunno! Nobody ever done asked me what I wanted before.” I said, kind of still in shock like. Not kinda! I was in shock, Sister!

Brian got this pained expression on his face. Did I say something wrong? Oh, no! What did I just say? ‘Awww, and this has been going so well too,’ I thought! My little ol’ heart just squeezed in my little ol’ chest. I thought I’d fucked up royal this time.

“Sweetie, no one has ever given you a choice before?” Brian was astounded!


“Uh…no. I’ve just always been bottom. I like it so it’s ok.” I said truthfully and with an expectant smile.

Brian gave me this weird sidelong glance that looked like he didn’t believe me. ‘Oh well, it was nice while it lasted,’ I thought sadly again.

Then, he did something incredible and I’m still trying to figure it out right up to this moment. He got up and, at this point, I figured he was goin’ to put his robe back on and tell me to leave. But, instead, he walked that sweet, scrumptious, round, rollin’ ass over to the bedside table and opened a drawer and got out two things.

1) a condom and 2) a bottle of flavored lube. I figured he was ready to get it on, but before I could do anything, he was kneelin’ in front of me and rollin’ that condom over my stiffy.

I gasped out loud as he did it! It was so quick. So well practiced!

He looked up at me with those magnetic blue eyes! They were soft with desire and his pink lips were full as he licked them a bit. I nearly made a mess right there with him just lookin’ at me like that, Sugar!

“Have you ever penetrated another guy before, Jimmy?” his deep voice rasped sexily.

“N-no?” I had butterflies and was nervous as all Hell. I couldn’t believe this was happenin’!

“That changes tonight, Sweetcakes.” He rose before me like a tower! I held on to his gaze until his Magic Member was staring me in the face. I couldn’t resist, so I bent over and tried to suck on him, but he caught my head and stopped me.

“Naw. I wanna save it. I wanna enjoy this as much as you will.” He was smirking in a way that just made everything in me tighten up. I was startin’ to pant with all the hot blood rushin’ through me and especially down to Lil’ Jimmy down there!

He took the lube and dribbled it onto my hand. It was some real good stuff. Real slick and didn’t get sticky.

“Taste it.” He grinned as he said this.

“Er…but its lube?” I asked ’cause I’d never really heard of flavored lube before.

“Go on!” he insisted and that grin just widened. How could I resist that smile!

Gingerly, I tasted it . . . mmMMMmm! One of the best cherry flavors I’ve had in while! I gotta say, I miss them Cherry Cokes I used to get down in Mississippi. This tasted pretty close! I smiled and nodded approvingly.

This made Brian chuckle, “Well, don’t eat it all. We’re gonna need it.” I nodded letting him know I understood.

“Good. Ok, now smear it on your big dick and then finger me with more.” Brian instructed and handed me the squirt bottle.

I slathered it on my condom covered willy to add to the lube already on it. Brian then got on the bed and laid on his tummy with his legs spread a bit. I could see his pink little pucker easily even in the half-light of the room.

I, kinda, positioned myself on my knees behind him and worked my lubed index finger into his tight hole. I knew this part. Many guys liked this during handjobs and blowjobs. I gently pumped my finger in and out.

Brian moaned and pushed back on my finger. I must have been doing something right!

“Put…Ungh…Put two in.” Brian said with a strain in his voice. I hoped I wasn’t hurting him.

I did as instructed and repositioned my index and middle finger and slowly inserted them into his slickened chute.

“UNGH! Oh fuck yeah, Jimmy!” Brian cried into his pillow. I stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was too much, but his backward thrusting was all the answer I needed. He was basically fucking himself on my fingers!

He got up on his hands and knees and said: “Three now, baby! All the way up!” He was panting like a dog and I could see his own dick was now ragingly hard.

I pushed my ring finger in now with the other two after another liberal dose of lube.

“AH! HUNGG! Oh gawd!” Brian exclaimed. I pumped my fingers in and out getting more turned on by the second! I was achin’ down there! Never had I ever thought bein’ a Top could be such a turn-on!

“Lick it! Oh fuck! Lick me!” Brian’s hips were rotating now. He really did like this stuff! I gently removed my fingers which made Brian arch his back and gasp.

I slowly put my face up to his crack. It didn’t smell bad like I thought even without the cherry lube. The taste was great with the lube and his man sweat. His hole opened and clutched my tongue and I found myself diving in as deep as possible.

“uuuuUUUUhgh! FFFFFuck!” Brian moaned loudly as I worked him with my tongue. I had forgotten my own body and the urgency of my own desire. I just wanted to keep makin’ those sounds come out of my man!

With a sudden violence I was completely unprepared for, Brian turned on me, grabbed me in a bear hug, and sucked my tongue into his mouth. He had me on my back, like SLAM, with his weight pressed down on me. His manliness was between my legs and he was grinding away at my nubbins, taint, and groin.

My hands gripped his beautiful firm ass and spread the cheeks apart. His ass was hard and soft all at once. His globes felt like two soccer balls with the silkiest skin over them! I could feel those muscles in there too! My God in Heaven, the boy must be strong as a horse when he skies!

He sucked, licked and nibbled at my nipples, one by one, making me yelp! He then took both hands on either one of my pecks and pressed me down as he slid himself up my thighs and pelvis which brought his ass in position right over my raging hard on.

He reached back and took hold of me, aiming right at his hole. He then lowered himself and I felt the head become gripped by this tight warmth. It felt almost like a molten fist was sliding down on me, grippin’ me. But it was also pulling me in like a sucking mouth!  I felt myself convulse inside of him with aching pleasure as he inched his way down me.

Now I know why he was holding me down, I wanted to sit forward when I felt him grip me with his hot hole because the feeling was so intense! He grunted a little and got a determined look on his face as his sweet hot tightness inched down me with agonizing slowness.

“Ahh-uhh! Oh, fuuuck Brian!” I panted as I finally felt his spongy ass cheeks settle on my lap. I was completely buried inside him! I could feel his heart beat and every muscle move in his sweet hard body. To say I was in ecstasy is the understatement of the year! It was so hard not to cum right there and then! I don’t know how I didn’t.

With both hands back on my chest massaging my pecs and nips, he lifted up and then sat down again in gentle strokes.

I felt every inch of his insides as he moved. I could especially feel a soft lump that, every time I pushed against it, made Brian’s own member jump, pulse, and leak a bit. It also brought a sharp grunt from him.

Soon, all too soon, I started to feel myself swell and the pleasure build. I was going to cum harder than I’d ever done before! I was now pumping Brian from underneath as his strokes got faster.  I tried not to go too fast, but the feeling was just too good and it only got better as I increased the friction in there!

Each of his downward thrusts brought a high pitched grunt or whimper from both of us. My hands squeezed his hips as he rode me harder and harder.

“UNGH! UNGH!! I’m getting close, Jimmy!” I looked down and saw Brian was right! His purple love was now huge and was just dribblin’ continuously onto my belly. Brian’s movements made his member either stroke itself on my stomach or slap against it until it started to angle upward and pulse faster! It was true, Brian was about to explode!

This was good because I was about ready to blow any second too.  I could feel every muscle in my body tense and relax as the sexy waves of pleasure became stronger and stronger!

“ME TOO!” I almost yelled! My hips were moving by themselves and I was thrusting Brian so hard that I heard my hips smack his ass cheeks. The friction on Lil’ Jimmy in his incredibly tight ass was shooting fiery tingles all around my groin and down my legs. I could feel my legs stiffen and my toes curling and uncurling on each tight squeeze and stroke of Brian’s o-ring! My head was thrashing back and forth on the pillow as my back arched.

“JERK ME! QUICK!! Awww…~pant~…FUCK!!” Brian almost squeaked at the ceiling between strained noises and pants.

I grabbed him in my still lube-greased fist and started to jerk him hard as I pumped up into him from below at the same tempo.

“MA MAAAH MAAAAAHHH UUUUUUAAAAGH AAAAAAAAUUUUNNNG!!!” I felt Brian’s orgasm before anything started to shoot out of him.

His hole constricted around me really tight and then I felt the rhythmic pulse of his cum-squeezers started to ripple around me from inside him.

The first shot of cum hit the fucking ceiling! The next hit the headboard. Then my face, chest, stomach . . . he must have squirted twelve times! He was bawling like he was in agony as he came!

The friction, the contractions in his body, and his writhing orgasmic reaction sent me right over the edge! I didn’t even have time to ask if I could or not. It just happened!

“AAAAAAAUUUUUNGH!!! GAAAAAAWD YEEEESSSSS!” My dick fucking exploded up Brian’s ass! I was afraid I’d broke the condom with the force of my shots! Every muscle in my body contracted and my back arched so high I thought I’d break it. It was like being electrocuted, but in the nicest way possible!

The intense pleasure of my hardest orgasm ever was almost painful! I actually felt my cum-contractions grip and pull like cramps! Every nerve I had suddenly came alight with electricity and every touch was almost painful! My diamond hard boyhood must have swollen to eight whole inches inside of Brian. My sex was my whole universe at that moment. A lightning rod for my full fiery ecstasy!

I grunted like a fucking pig as I blew about fourteen shots up him! I swear my orgasm lasted fifteen minutes, though I know it couldn’t have been that long or I’d be dead now.

Through it all, Brian held me by the back of the neck, moaning with me in sympathy, as his ass milked me dry. A little drool dripped from his wet lips onto my chest. Then he rested his forehead against mine, closed his eyes, and squinting with each of my spazzy thrusts as I finished my eruption.

My hip’s sharp gyrations managed to pop another shuddering load out of Brian who was nearly screaming at the violence of it. His head lolled off my head and onto my neck. I could feel his hot pants as he yelled into my ear.

“AWWIINGG! JIMMMY! FUUUCK!” Brian writhed a few more times and then collapsed on top of me kissing me all over my face and neck, licking his jism from me.

I slipped out of him and he tugged the condom off and proceeded to go down and suck me clean. I was so spent I couldn’t cum again, but the sensations of his mouth on my electrified member made me jump, jerk, and giggle at points. When he was done he climbed back up to my face and kissed me for a long time. Soft, languid, salted cherry loving kisses. Both of us were pleasantly exhausted yet basking in the glow of our shared lovemaking.

We fell asleep in each others arms. I slept the most contented sleep I have ever known. Brian’s closeness, his warmth, his smell. It was pure comfort. Pure sugar!

We both awoke with a start to the loud banging on the door.

“What the fuck?” Brian moaned as he was startled awake. I was rubbin’ my eyes wonderin’ if a drunk had come by again and was at the wrong room. It happens a little too often around here.

But, then there was a click and a beep and the door came open filling the dark room with the comparatively blindin’ light from the fuckin’ hallway!

It backlit a god!

Snowflake stood there tall and white like a livin’ statue. He had a towel wrapped around his waste, but his broad immaculate chest was bare as were his chiseled legs. I was awe struck by the sight of him. The light from the hall filtered through his silver-white hair and, though his face was shadowed by our room, I could see those crystal gray eyes penetrating the darkness easily.

“Come on. We have to get breakfast before we start the training.” Snowflake declared with that twisted Finnish accent of his. I could have shot the man at the moment, I swear to Baby Jesus!

But . . .~sigh~ . . . all thoughts of casual murder were put aside as I looked in horror at the expression on Brian’s face!

He was totally mesmerized! His bright sapphire eyes were transfixed by a half nude Snowflake standing there in the doorway . . . and . . . ~gulp~

Brian had such a look of longing! His mouth was slightly open and his face almost had a sad expression like he was bein’ pulled by an invisible force that ached inside of him. This power was irresistible and all consuming.

I know that expression well.

It’s the look of love!

My insides collapsed. My heartbeats quivered inside me threatening to stop. My stomach became sick. My hopes were dashed.

Snowflake had claimed my Brian already. There was no hope for us. Ever . . .

. . . and now I am in such . . . pain!



Oh God!

He’s so utterly beautiful! I had no idea!

“Come on. We have to get breakfast before we start the training.” I think he said. I’m not sure. I’m not hearing very well at the moment.

The light! Jesus! It looks like a halo coming through that platinum hair! The body! Holy fucking Michelangelo’s David, Batman!

He can’t be real! This is a dream! No man looks like that. His skin is actually white! Except for the nipples which are the color of pink jelly beans. Yeah, just like at Easter time!

His legs, they’re marble. That’s not flesh. Those muscles are too hard to be meat. Snowflake is made of stone or is it glacial ice? The kind that can’t be broken because it’s frozen too hard.

Oddly, I’m not as hard as glacial ice. Jimmy was so good at doing his first topping I probably don’t have any spunk left.

Or maybe this moment is too sacred for sex to even be a part of the equation. Snowflake really must be a god of old!

I hear a slight clearing of the throat next to me. It slowly brings me back to reality.

“I’m . . . uh . . . I guess I better go. You guys are gonna be busy. I don’t wanna be in the way,” Jimmy says desolately.

I feel a sinking in my stomach. He saw through my reaction to Snowflake. Dammit! Why do things always get so fucking complicated?

I reach for him, but Jimmy evades me as he gathers my robe to cover his nakedness in front of Snowflake.

“Thanks for the . . . tip,” Jimmy smirks a little, but he doesn’t meet my eyes and the forced smile fades instantly. Jimmy’s face reverts back into its fallen state. He quickly manages to grab some of his clothes and closes the bathroom door behind him. I think I hear weeping.

My glare turns to Snowflake and stabs him through the eyes. He stares back unflinching. Cold. Unmoved. Frozen!

“You can shower in the gym after breakfast. Let Jimmy clean up in here. His shift starts soon.” The beautiful ice prince says dispassionately, like a fucking robot!

“I ain’t fucking going anywhere with you! Get the fuck out! I’ll be down when I’m goddayyam good and ready!” I stand up, not bothering to cover up. My muscles puff up. I can feel the adrenalin kicking in.

“YOU WORK FOR ME! GOT IT? I’M PAYIN’ FOR THIS SHIT!” I’m practically nose to nose with the arrogant bastard. I’m puffing like a bull at a rodeo.

His icy eyes do not blink. A face cast in white alabaster makes not a twitch. Snowflake merely looks down into my eyes in silence. It’s like looking into the depths of an arctic storm.

It hurts how much I want to kiss him suddenly. The practiced and forced rictus smile that spreads on Snowflake’s face hurts worse.

“But of course, Mr. Chesney. It was out of place for me to disturb you from your slumber. I will be ready at your convenience. Breakfast is served until 9:00. Avail yourself of it if you wish. You will find me in the lower gym in the ski training hall. Have a very good morning.” The smile melts away like snow in spring as that dead face turns away from me. Snowflake walks off in long heavy strides. I can’t even appreciate the beauty of his back muscles or the slight definition of his ass under his towel.

I’m in too much pain for that.



Those eyes of cobalt fire will never leave my mind’s eye for as long as I shall live!

To see an angry Brian is a terrible thing to see! I had no idea he had such ferocity! I do not know if I will be able to endure it. I am not accustomed to such heated feelings. Oh, most certainly, I get the grouchy old man or the bitchy teenaged girl, but not an angry lion ready to strike me dead!

I must admit, part of it was to break into whatever was going on between Brian and Jimmy. Obviously, they slept together which was what I was hoping for. They had that connection and need. It was only natural to help give them the opportunity to explore it. ‘Tis only sex after all.

. . . after all.

Why do I have jealous feelings now? This is silly! He is merely my client. What am I doing? Am I turning into a fool?

I have feelings for a man I hardly know at all. That is most unlike me. It is not something I do. I am never rash about anything. I learned not to be a long time ago.

Reason, courage, determination: these are virtues that win medals and make good skiers. That is my job. That is what I do now.

It is all I have left really. It must be sufficient.

I waxed poetic about Brian earlier. What kind of romantic bullshit was that? This is not me! This is not Snowflake!

But, his supple, perfect rose tinged body! Ohhh . . . I will have dreams of him. His sex and his flexing musculature. That mix of the powerful and the vulnerable all combined. I will have stories replayed in my mind behind the burned-in image of his blue gaslight fired eyes glaring at me like the wolf he is.

Or is he a bull? I cannot get the sight of Brian’s flared nostrils out of my head either. He wanted to punch my lights out, jö? He wanted to catch me up in his horns and dash me to the ground. My Viking! My furious Viking!

Aw, poor little Jimmy. What mischief have I done there? He looked so heartbroken when he saw that idiotic expression on Brian’s face. Honestly, Brian looked like he had just had a brain seizure or had become instantly mentally regressed!

Why does that look haunt me? He looked on me with such longing . . . or was it fear?

I should have put clothes on! My body is so strange! It was probably horror! Yes . . .

(Aside: Snowflake’s face twitches and his beautiful grey eyes widen and begin to well. The usually frozen expression slips into one of internal agony. It is an old and bitter agony. His mouth comes open and he shudders.)

I horrified Brian and that made him look that way! That is why! I chased Jimmy off because my white skin is hideous so now Brian cannot stand me either! I must be some kind of monster! A pretty monster! That is me. A freak. Always.

What is this? A tear? I do not cry! I am a Finn! Finns do not cry! I will not cry! I will . . . not . . . ~stifles a whimper of misery, sniffs~

Brian HATES me! He is lost to me!

It happens again.

This pain.

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