He was only nine years old when Swedish born, Adrian Maceus, was selected to be given the honored role of “Billy Elliott” in the on stage musical. In fact, he has at times played both Billy, and his best friend, Michael Caffrey.

Do boys kiss on stage? I don’t know. Maybe. Hehehe!

Studying steppe, jazz, and ballet, Adrian was a shoe in for the part, and has great success ever since. Now, at 14 years old, he has grown into somewhat of a pop star overseas. Making it through the ‘voice change’, he seems to be growing in popularity with new music of his own. And I’m pretty sure that being a blond bombshell on top of it doesn’t hurt! Hehehe!

Trust me…both the girls and the boys…they notice! And I’m thinking they like what they see!

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I’ve always been impressed by people who can write songs, play instruments, remember and sing their own lyrics, even in front of a large crowd…and can still remember dance choreography on top of it! That just…that seems superhuman to me! Talk about multitasking! Hehehe!

After a successful and extended run at the Stockholm City Theater as ‘Billy Elliott’, Adrian moved on to do some acting and voice work as well. Even dubbing voices in his native tongue for big movies such as “Frozen 2”, “Coco”, “Klaus”, and “Mary Poppins Returns”. He’s definitely been a busy bee these days.

From there, he’s done some modeling work as well, but his career took a sharp turn after releasing his first single, “How Are You Now?”, in December of 2017. And as more songs came out from him, “Lov”, “Be Friends”, “It Gets Better”, and the Valentine’s Day release of the song “Ask You Out”, Adrian Maceus has gathered quite the loyal fanbase, and things are only going to get better from here on out!

He’s been singing for pretty much his entire life, and has been a well appreciated mainstay in Sweden since he was still a tiny tyke. Also playing roles in the crime TV series, “What Is Hidden In Snow”, and the theater musical, “So Like In Heaven”. He can also be found creating covers of his favorite songs on his Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/JohanMaceus , where…even while under quarantine, he’s preparing to put out an album of new material as you read this! So, be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for that!

Originally, I thought he was only able to sing in Swedish, but NOPE!!! Adrian’s English is just fine! I can’t even detect an accent in there anywhere! So…not only is he multi-tasking with all of his other incredible talents…but he’s doing it in another LANGUAGE too? Hehehe, sweet! Go for it, man!


With Adrian’s newest singles, “Girl, Girl” and “Get Your Number”, he’s showing some real promise and true dedication to his craft, and chances are that you’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the near future! He even had a livestreamed virtual concert for his fans, and the party just keeps going!

“The idea for “Girl Girl” I got at home. And when I had a chorus and a verse, I took it to the studio. I’m super happy with the song that has a nice vibe. It is about a girl and a love problem that it often does in her teens.” He laughs. Which…listening to it now…yeah. I totally get that. Hehehe!

Along with all of his pop star success, Adrian Maceus also has a running podcast with his best friend, Kiara, called “Teenage Life”, which has many discussions about friendship, love, school bullying, and the things that teenagers go through on a day to day basis. Admitting that he was also a target for bullies in the past, Adrian has made it his mission to help others going through the same hard times by letting them know that things will get better, and they’re not alone.

How sweet is that? Beautiful, inside and out.

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So, best of luck goes out to Adrian Maceus! Keep pushing forward! And I’ll be sure to check out that new album when you put it out! Let’s see what you got!
Hehehe, look down below! It’s from a few years ago, but I think the girls in the background of this video were literally falling in LOVE on the spot! Look at their faces! Awwww! 😛

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