Tycho Cleuch – “The Adventures Of Kyle Duron”

Comicality: – Since I was a tiny tyke, I have ALWAYS had a huge love for, and connection to, “Star Wars”! You have no idea! Hehehe! So, it is my pleasure, and great honor, to welcome our newest featured author for this month, Tycho Cleuch, who has submitted his first Star Wars themed story to Imagine Magazine! Welcome to the family, dude! đŸ™‚

What was your inspiration for this story? Obviously Star Wars, but I mean this story and these characters, specifically. What moved you to write this?

Tycho: – Besides Star Wars my inspiration for this story was just to write what comes to me. Also, the character just came to me, I wanted to create a story within the Star Wars world, and a story about a jedi, going on an adventure. What moved me to write this story was well the Covid 19, had spare time so I decided to start writing.

Comicality: – The global crisis has definitely given a lot of us some time to adjust and create. Hehehe! Tell me, do you find yourself less inspired by being at home, or are you taking full advantage of the amount of time that you have during the current pandemic?

Tycho: – Well, one, I work in my local hospital in Supply Chain so for me, I have not had that much down time. In my downtime I try to find things to keep me occupied. So, for me I take all I can get.

Comicality: – Star Wars has a lot of very complex cannon material that isn’t covered by the films, do you think that most ‘casual’ fans will be able to pick up your story and follow along? Or do you ever struggle with making sure that they’re in tune with the existing mythology.

Tycho: – Well, my story starts when the main character was five years old and that was during the early days of the rebel alliance and takes place during A New Hope, after that it jumps three years to the fall of the Empire which is covered in the story Wedges Gamble. Then we jump 10 years later to where Luke has rebuilt the jedi order and my story takes place during the Jedi Academy series of books. I did not want to have my story in tune with the existing stories because I wanted to make it my own.

Comicality: – When you talk about making a story of your very own, how do you avoid fan expectations? Star Wars is a pretty personal thing for a lot of people, but I think there is a lot of room for new stories to be told in that universe. Do you ever feel pressured to add things to your story for ‘Star Wars’ sake?

Tycho: – I have chapters 1-6 fully written. For my story I am taking stuff from Expanded Universe. Like, for example I am using the planet Onderon from Star War Knights of the Old Republic. Two, the Sith Lords, as well as lightsaber color crystals and components, as well as other stuff. From the books I am using several characters from the rogue squadron series. No, I do not feel pressured since I have the story already mapped out in my mind. Also, I answered in one of the questions that this story takes place during the Jedi Academy books, it does not. It takes place ten years after those books.

Comicality: – I’ve noticed that you write your dialogue in a unique way from what I’m used to. It’s more like a stage play or a script for a movie. Do you have any former experience with writing in that format, or was it just a creative choice that you decided to pursue here?

Tycho: – It was just a creative way to write, I have seen several other stories with this type of format and thought it would work out. In the later chapters, I move towards a more traditional writing style in paragraph blocks. Also, I feel like writing in this style because to me it seemed that, I could get the words I wanted out.

Comicality: – How long have you been writing? Not just this story, but in general. Or is this your first experience writing for an audience?

Tycho: – I probably been writing since 2010 when I first entered community college. When going for my Bachelor degree I had to write several papers, mind you these were college papers, so for ten years. This is my first time writing a story for a general audience. I have a short story up on truesfandom.com, and also people will find a list of pictures of the ships I used as well as a list of characters.

Comicality: – You said, after one of your own your revisions, that you were concerned the previous version didn’t have the flow of time that you were looking for and might have been confusing to new readers. How do you go about fixing or regulating that when you write? Keeping the flow going?

Tycho: – Well, I went about fixing by writing a backstory to my main character, so it would flow. Once I had written the back story, it was easy to get the story flowing on how I wanted to write it. For example, this is how my original chapter one started. It has been 10 years since Coruscant had fallen to the forces of the Rebel Alliances, Luke Skywalker looking for Jedi found a promising young student on the planet, Onderon, the boy was eight-year-old Kyle Duron. So, from reading that, people may think that Kyle was eight when Luke found him, and further along in the chapter you see Kyle flying an X-Wing, so it would have confused people. So that’s why I created a new back story, so the time would flow.

Comicality: – As always, I like to ask our new authors (without giving away any spoilers), what kind of direction are you taking with this story? And what can readers expect to see in the future as you continue this series?

Tycho: – This is an adventured story that begins on the planet Yavin IV ten years after Luke has the Academy going, and then from there we follow Kyle on an adventure. What people can expect are twist and turns and our hero finding allies, and making enemies. I plan on at least having 10 chapters, right now I have six full written and have a draft for chapter seven. One thing for sure is when people read chapter six they will be in for a shocker.

Comicality: – Do you have a specific ending in mind for your story, or are you just letting it guide you as you continue to write new material?

Tycho: – Not really, I thought about ending in seven chapters but I figure I can make it a ten-chapter story, just need time.

Comicality: – Do you have any other available stories, websites, or social media contacts, that you’d like to share so new fans can get in touch with you and look for future projects?

Tycho: – Yes, I have writing a short Star Wars story on truesfandom.com, and that’s where I will be hosting most of my stories. Fans can get in touched with me via yahoo with this email tychorogue@yahoo.com or tychorogue@gmail.com

Comicality: – And there it is, ladies and gentlemen! The official word from our newest featured author, Tycho Cleuch! Check out his story as soon as you get a chance! And be sure to click on that green button to show your appreciation for a job well done! We authors LOVE to be appreciated, and you love to read their work! So give him some love and support, k? And look for more chapters to come in the future! Thanks, Tycho! And I’ll seezya soon, bud!

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