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Hi Everyone!

Anyone else wondering what Comicality does in his spare time? Now you know. This month the Com-mander loaded Jeff’s inbox so bad that I had to help out. Not just a “trying to be nice and offering to help” situation. It was more of a “oh my god, Jeff is gonna jump out a window or something if someone doesn’t bail him out” situation. LOL! This is a record breaking issue of IM and so packed full of cool stuff! MrM is ending one of my favorite stories which is sad but, there are so many new stories and articles that I bet if this thing was in print it would sell out in no time. Actually, if it was in print this sucker would be heavy. Like “knock people out with it” heavy. Hehehe! I’m tired 😉

Things at home are just getting stupid. Pres and Gary, that dumb turkey, pretty much own the livingroom now. They watch so much Netflix on the tv in there that the room is covered in feathers and little twirp clothes. Oh, and apparently clothing is optional in the house now. Pres wears nothing but his underwear, and sometimes not even those, all day every day, and he doesn’t care. Mom says he’s not hurting anyone and as long as he’s not being destructive it’s okay. I just want out. I mean I go out and walk and stuff but not being able to hang out with any of my friends is really getting old. One of my best friends was supposed to have a birthday party last month… Oh, and no Pride Parade this year so I can’t go hang out with Jeff to see the one in Boston this year. I’m just bummed I guess.

Oh, one thing I gotta let you all in on! The kid on the cover is one of my best friends. His name is Travis and he actually asked if he could be on a cover with me sometime. Anyway, I talked to Comicality and ACFan and once they got to know him, decided he should be on our Pride Month cover. Travis was psyched! A little about Travis: I met him a little over a year ago during a shoot for one of our local clothing retailers. We had to be creative because we got locked down. The image close to the logo was from our shoot together when we last worked together and ACFan did what he does to it. Then the cover image was done in stages so he could do the shoot in a way that a real render could be done 🙂 Travis wanted me to tell everyone that he is Transgender which is why when he got the Pride cover he almost cried. FTM, which has been rough on him but he’s just awesome. I actually learned by accident when we were doing our first shoot together and he had a clothing accident when we were changing. I won’t say what it was that happened exactly but he was super embarrassed and wouldn’t even look at me for the longest time. Because the photo shoot was suddenly going bad, I asked if we could take a lunch break so I could talk to him. I split my lunch with him and we got to talk. He’s such a nice guy and he’s the type of person that just makes the people around him happy just because he is who he is. And he doesn’t even have to try. I had to let him know that I didn’t care, and even asked him out. Seriously, I did! You guys would have been so proud of me how I did it cause I was all cool about it instead of a mess like normal. Of course, he’s seeing someone, you know how my luck works. We got to be best friends and talk on the phone a lot, more now than ever. Unfortunately, he’s into girls but if he EVER changes his mind, I am so there. That’s right Trav, I’ll go all stalker on you. <giggle> Seriously, his girlfriend is cute and they do make an awesome couple.

Hope you all are dealing with this better than I am. I mean, the butt load of work for this issue was a nice break for a couple of days but, there are only so many times that I can clean and rearrange my room before I lose it. Stay safe! Wear your masks! Wash your hands! Stay healthy! Just try to stay sane, okay?

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

CamMan Writes: Hey Matt! I noticed lots of people are doing weird things to keep busy during this lock down. I started learning how to juggle watching videos online. Is there anything you’ve been doing that’s different to burn some time?

Matt’s Reply: It’s funny cause I was so busy before all this. Between sports and school and the magazine and photo shoots… Then suddenly everything just stopped. At first I tried to watch all the movies that I didn’t have time to watch before. Then that got boring so I started looking for different things to learn. I think the weirdest thing I started doing was learning to walk on my hands. Yup. I couldn’t even do a hand stand before, now I can walk half way across our back yard now. That’s right, SKILLZ!


Jerome Writes: Hi Matt, I was wondering if your mom knew that you were working with guys who have been on the web since internet use was literally brand new. I ask because I found a bunch of the sites that have stories on them and tried to hide it from my dad. Well he came in to help me with an at home assignment not too long ago and when we had to search for some stuff for what we were working on, he saw my browser history. I thought he’d get mad at me but instead he was like “Oh wow, I didn’t know they were still around” which shocked me. He knew about these sites when they were brand new and even told me about a few that I didn’t know about. He knows I’m gay and is really cool about it. Did your mom know them before you did like my dad?

Matt’s Reply: First thing I gotta say, you’ve got a cool dad 🙂 Yeah, a lot of these guys have been doing this kind of stuff for like 20 years or more. Comicality’s story site turns 22 on the 19th of this month, Jeff and ACFan have been around the same amount of time but I think he said they didn’t start offering hosting until 2004 or something like that. It’s nuts. My mom knows that these guys had a rough past and healed as a group. She also is aware that sometimes it takes the combined knowledge of a whole group to be a real support. She knows they were way young when they started all this and they are all way old now but still making sure the support and family they created is here for us too. (I’m so dead for calling them old. LOL!) So, she chose to get to know them before I was allowed to start working with them and I guess she just knows it’s important to me too. So, I’m really glad you found something that you and your dad can kinda share. We all need that sometime. I hope that sortof answers your question.


Kekai Writes: How many times do I need to email you before you let me be in your email section. I’ve emailed you like a bazillion times but you never post my email.

Matt’s Reply: Congrats! a bazillion times is exactly how many emails it takes. To answer your question from your last email, “One more time”. 😉

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