Hehehe….Hiiiii, Lucas! ::Giggles::

Coming from the ritzy atmosphere of Beverly Hills, California…model/actor/singer, Lucas Dean Royalty has recently been working his way into the mainstream. And I mean, with those unfathomably bright eyes and award winning smile…how can he not become one of the most sought after young actors in Hollywood in the years to come?

It’s pretty much an open and shut case on that one, folks!

Lucas may still be quite young, but he’s already making moves in his career. First as a model for some very big names in the industry, and doing some voiceover work as well. His first ventures into his acting career have also been wildly successful, and have gotten him a nomination for ‘Best Actor’ in the 2020 YEA Awards for his role in the film, “Last Dream Before Sunrise”. So he’s well on his way to a promising journey towards what he really loves. And what could be better than that? Right?

But…outside of that, Lucas Royalty seems to be extremely intelligent on top of it all!

Skipping grades in school, Lucas says that he really loves math, and is an absolute genius when it comes to geography! That’s not an exaggeration either! By the time he was four years old, he could name every single country on the planet from memory and locate them all on a map with ease.

I can barely name all 50 states in the US without falling about six or seven short! Hehehe! So, this boy is amazing in my book!

Seriously! Take a look at this…
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Is that CRAZY, or what? Hehehe! Brains, talent, and beauty…all wrapped up in one package! Kudos, dude!

“I’m growing up. Mom’s freaking out! This is my year! I can’t wait!” He says. And I believe him. With more modeling gigs coming his way, as well as a long line of auditions for new acting roles, it might not be long before Lucas Royalty becomes one of those household names that we all come to know in the near future.

With over fifty thousand subscribers on his social media, with more signing up every day, and a brand new role in the upcoming movie, “Mob Girl”, starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, this stunning, geographical wiz kid, is on his way to taking a shot at the big show? And he deserves the spotlight. He’s working hard for it, you know?

And if that wasn’t enough to make him totally adorable in every way imaginable? He also has a humanitarian side. Adopting and taking care of rescue puppies whenever he can, and being outspoken on people staying safe during the current Covid-19 pandemic, encouraging his fans to be safe, and to stay indoors if possible. Not just by saying empty words, but by leading through his actions. As much as it hurts to see him cover up that pretty face with a mask, hehehe, he’s setting an example, and I applaud him for that!

“Masking it up! Stay safe out there!” He posted on his Twitter account, along with a pic of him with a rather fashionable mask of his own to send the message home!

Good for you, Lucas! And thanks!

But that doesn’t mean that he can’t take some time out to just be a kid too! LOL! Awwww…CUTE! It’s good to know he has a chance to have some fun too!

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Anyway…best of luck goes out to Lucas Royalty, and the many wonderful things he’s sure to accomplish in the near future! Keep your heart in tact, man! That’s the most important thing in life, and it always will be! Take care!

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