The Adventures of Kyle Duron

On the planet Onderon, five-year-old, Kyle Duron is being trained by an ageing Jedi Master who fled the Jedi Temple during the Jedi Purge. Kyle, was becoming a promising Jedi, word had reached the planet that the Empire first super weapon had been destroyed by a group called the Rebel Alliance. While, having dinner after getting word about the weapon being blown up, Kyle and the palace guards all felt something like someone just died. Three years later, word comes that the Empire has fallen, and the Rebel Alliance, has taken the world of Coruscant, and now is being called the New Republic. After hearing this the old Jedi dies, but before he dies, he tells them about a man who will come asking for the boy. The old jedi says let the boy go with the man. A few months later a CR 90 exits hyperspace near the planet. A lone Y-Wing exits, the corvette, and lands near the space port. After landing, the pilot of the craft, walks to the palace and request to be allowed to speak to the governor. Bruce, you wish to speak to me stranger.

Stranger, my name is Luke Skywalker, and I am looking to rebuild the jedi order.

Bruce, well the only jedi here is my eight-year-old son.

Luke, would you be willing to let him come with me and learn the ways of the jedi.

Bruce, I knew this day would come. Kyle come here

Kyle, Yes dad?

Bruce, this here is Luke Skywalker and you are to go with him to become a jedi knight.

Kyle, for how long?
Luke, you will be able to come back but it will be years before you can come back.

The young boy follows Luke back to the Y-Wing and they head back to the corvette and head off in search of more Jedi. Luke decides to build his Jedi Academy, on the planet Yavin. Ten years have passed since Kyle left his family, now an eighteen-year-old Jedi he feels something calling to him in the forest of Yavin. Meanwhile, in orbit around the planet Yavin, is the New Republic MC 40 cruiser Fidelity, being commanded by Captain Tycho Cleuch, and home to the New Republic X-Wing Squadron, Rogue Squadron. The government of the New Republic felt it needed at least a ship above to guard the planet since it had come under attack since the Jedi Academy had been rebuilt there.

Coms, “Sir 11 ships are exiting hyperspace”

Tycho, “All Rogues scramble all ships alert one!”

Suddenly coming right in front of the cruiser where five Assault Frigates Mark II, five DP20 frigate also known as Corellian Gunship and one Quasar Fire II-class carrier

Tycho, “Well now what is this? Coms get me in touch with the lead frigate.”
Coms, stand by sir. Channel open.”
Tycho, “This is Captain Tycho Clehcu of the New Republic Cruiser Fidelity.

On board the lead frigate, is Commander Duron Veertag of the fast assault group, vengeance.

Veertag, “Coms looks like we are being hailed open channel.”

Coms, “Right Away.”

Tycho, “Veertag what a surprise I did not know your group was operating in this area?”

Veertag, “We received reports of imperial ships in this system, so we were order to investigate.”

Tycho, “With that force? What if you had come across an imp duce or something bigger?”

Veertag, “The carrier has 4 squadrons of x-wings in it, three squadrons of y-wings, three squadrons of b-wings, and 2 squadrons of A-Wings so we are covered in terms of fighter support.”

Tycho, “Well now that you are here consider your group attached to me now.”

Veertag, “I had a feeling you would say that.”

Transmission ended

Tycho, “Well now we have a good size force to tackle anything now.”

On the surface of Yavin IV, Kyle Duron, along with the solo twins Jason and Jaina are exploring the planet Yavin.

Jason, “What the heck is that looks like some old ruins?”

Kyle, “Let’s go explore it.”

Janina, “I do not know guys”

As the trio enter the ruins, they have no idea that it used to be a barracks that held a squad of arc clone troopers that where left on the planet during the clone wars.

Kyle, “Look at this stormtrooper armor and guns.”

Jason, “That’s not stormtrooper armor.”

Jaina, “Guys let’s take a picture and see if Luke knows what type it is.”

Kyle, “Hold on there is holo cube hear.”

Kyle opens the holo cube.

Message this is ARC trooper 2343, I am all that’s left of my squad. Me and six other clone troopers where station hear along with General Kypt Duron. We have heard, that the Jedi have fallen and the New Republic is no more. We were issued a command called Order 66 which we could not follow, since we felt it was wrong. We loved our General. Five years later my squad mates decided to leave and see what had happened. A few days after they left, they sent me a message saying that they have joined a group called the Rebel Alliance. After that, I did not hear from this again till starships started landing near the great temple, I ventured out to see who was landing and found out that my squad died on a mission to get plans of a super weapon. I thank them for the news and returned to our barracks and told Kypt the news. He was upset about losing our friends. Five days later we saw an explosion over the planet, I ventured out again and found out that the super weapon known as the Death Star was blown up. Shortly after that the Empire landed, I got into my armor and along with Kypt we fought off the enemy forces. After engaging for eight hours Kypt was shot I quickly brought him back hear where he become one with the force. I hid his lightsaber and the rest of his jedi stuff in the hole near the far back wall. They have found me, to anyone who find this let them know that I went down fighting. Blaster fire is heard. Stormtrooper, this is TK-435 we have killed the last of the rebel forces here.

Kyle, “Wow.”

Jason, “Kyle is last name is the same as yours could you be related.”

Kyle, “I think so my mom told me a story about my dad’s brother going off to join the jedi, then we got word he was stationed on a jungle planet.”

Jason, “If so then the light saber would only work for you I know of some lightsaber will only work if a relative touch it.”

After hearing those words Kyle goes to the spot and uses the force to remove the stones, inside the hole he finds a jedi robe, a light saber, a jedi holocorn, as well as a jedi medallion.

Kyle, “This medallion is the same crest as our family.”

Jaina, “Then this is proof he was related to you.”

Kyle activates the light saber and a Viridian blade comes out. Jason, “I have never seen that color blade before it is so cool, also you now have a lightsaber.”Kyle, “I know but the true test of a Jedi is building his own.Jason, “You can still build your own.” Kyle, “You are right, let’s head back to the temple and let Master Skywalker know what we found. Also let’s seal up this ruin so no one else can find it. It is the least we can do for this brave trooper.” All three kids after leaving the ruins and getting holo cube and the jedi stuff out collapses the entrance so no one can enter it. Back at the Great TempleLuke, “Where did my niece and nephew go along with Kyle?”Suddenly three voices at once holler out Master SkywalkerLuke, “So what have you three been doing?”




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