(Disclaimer: This particular article is the sole opinion of ‘Comicality’, and does not necessarily reflect the feelings or personal views of any other writers, staff, or contributors, to Imagine Magazine. It is a reflection of the world that we are currently living in as I see it, and I wanted to use my voice to speak up for something that I believe in….before it’s too late.)

The question is simple…

What if it was you?

Your friends. Your family. Your freedoms. The people that you care most about in this life. How would you handle it? I’ve always believed that hatred, racism, and bigotry, was specifically designed for people who really believe that they will NEVER ever end up on the other side of that argument. People who believe they’re ‘normal’. Privileged. They think they look the way they’re supposed to look, think the way they’re supposed to think, worship the right deity, live in the right neighborhoods, love the right sex, make the right kind of money, etc. And everybody else is some kind of deviant offshoot of the divine path that they follow. “I can dictate the rules to the rest of you, because I’ll never be treated unfairly. I’ll never have someone else dictating rules down to ME, because I’m the ‘hero’ in this movie…and everybody else’s lives would be so much easier if they would just surrender and would all be more like ME instead of straying from the guidance and control that me and many like me have laid out for them.” It’s the most selfish state of mind imaginable…and I simply can’t figure out why this continues to happen in this country or in any other.

What, in the ever loving FUCK does somebody get out of harassing, attacking, and bullying other people??? Why? What does it do for your ego? How does that make you feel better about yourself? Instead of trying to better yourself and being the best person you can be, you have to go out and downgrade everybody around you to try to create the illusion that you’re not a complete and total piece of shit? Is there no shame anymore? None?

Last year, I wrote an article called “America Is Listening” (https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/volume-50/america-is-listening/), where it felt like the country that I love, the only country that I’ve ever known…was crumbling beneath my feet. Endless corruption, rampant racism, insane gun violence, lawlessness, political lies, children being locked in cages at the border, and corporate greed like we’ve never seen before. I spoke out about it, not because I had an agenda to push, but because there are many people outside of America who truly believed that we weren’t paying attention. That this somehow represented us as a whole. And now? Welcome to 2020…and instead of the awareness of the truth making things better…it’s gotten much much worse.

And we’ve had enough.

I’m going to keep making these until people grow the fuck up and stop being stupid.

How many times can you kick a dog before it FINALLY turns around and bites you on the ass??? Enough is enough. This has to stop. And it has to stop now.

“THUGS”! A direct quote from our ‘dear leader’ when it came to people peacefully marching and protesting the blatant murder of an American citizen in broad daylight. In the middle of the street. With witnesses watching! It’s on camera! A real life ‘snuff film’, being shown to any kid who wants to look it up on Youtube. And our leader calls them ‘thugs’ from the safety of his Twitter account like the coward he is.

We have police officers trying to say that the victim of this despicable crime deserved it. That he was a threat. With his hands behind his back and his face pressed to the concrete while a full grown man knelt on the back of his neck until he ceased breathing. Even as he cried out for help. And the same people who scream and complain about football players kneeling on the field have no problem with a police officer ending someone’s fucking LIFE with the same gesture.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

This is unacceptable.

Even the most paranoid, trauma infected, officer on the planet…can assess the level of ‘threat’ from someone in their custody in less than eight minutes and 46 seconds of brutal torture. This was a murder. Plain and simple. And some people have the audacity to try to put some kind of ‘spin’ on it to allow their denial to continue unhindered. Unchallenged.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

Again…what if it was you? Your friends? Your family?

Take a moment and really think about it.

There are those who will tell you it’s not racial. It’s not political. It’s not a big deal. Well, here…let me show you something…

This isn’t ancient history. This happened about eight weeks ago. Protesters marched into one of our state capitals, with fully armed ASSAULT RIFLES!!! Angry! Shouting! Spitting in the faces of police officers (Literally) in the midst of deadly global pandemic, endangering them and their families. All because they didn’t want to stay at home while we tried to get the Corona virus under control and find safe ways of reopening the country again. Does this look like a ‘peaceful’ protest to you? Remember…they are armed to the teeth with lethal weapons and kicking in the doors of a political building and putting everybody’s lives at risk…

So…ummm…where are the ‘THUGS’ in this scenario?

Where’s the massive line of police officers in riot gear with helmets and shields? Where’s the tear gas, and the pepper spray, and the ‘so-called’ safe rubber bullets, being used to squash the public dissent? Where are the cars and trucks running them down in the streets? Where are the mass arrests and acts of sheer brutality? These people aren’t protesting being unfairly murdered and imprisoned by an unfair and unjust government. These are people who are mad that they can’t go shopping at Walmart, or get their morning Starbucks Coffee, or sit in Red Lobster restaurants, without wearing a mask that costs 99 cents, tops, to ensure the safety of them and the people around them.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

The Black Lives Matter protests aren’t ‘riots’. Were you around for the Rodney King verdict? THOSE were riots!!! That is not what this is about. This is just people asking, begging, for the rest of the world to pay attention. You can’t get your voices heard, you can’t make a movie or a song without people getting upset, you can’t have a point of view or a discussion without people wanting to explode, you can’t kneel on a football field…what are people supposed to do??? Just TAKE it! Years and years and decades and centuries of pointless abuse? No. Nobody should just take it. And people will hear it, whether they want to or not. Can you imagine how desperate you have to be to have to inform the rest of the world that your life isn’t so worthless that you can be murdered in the streets and not have anybody care? WTF? And here we have an actual armed militia shouting and threatening ‘death’ to everybody involved in a political building…without consequences. Why aren’t THEY being called thugs and terrorists? Were you watching the same video that I was just watching?

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

And for the love of God…put your FUCKING masks on in public…you ASSHOLES!!! How many people have to lose their lives over you being stubborn? Everybody walking around refusing to wear a mask is basically a drunk driver in my eyes. You’re a danger to everybody around you, and you don’t even care. When laws were passed to say that you couldn’t smoke cigarettes in a public restaurant…it wasn’t because anybody gave a fuck about you sucking hot smoke into your own lungs to risk getting cancer and dying from it. That’s your business. NO! The law was passed so the REST of us don’t have to pay for your reckless behavior! Do what you want to do, just don’t expose the rest of your community to it. How is this different from being asked to wear a seatbelt, or to not text while driving, or to scan your bags and show ID at the airport? How fucking HARD is this, people??? Nobody is trying to ruin your day. Trust me, you’re not that important.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

Meanwhile, you have these idiots screaming that being forced to wear a mask for your own safety and the safety of others when it comes to a potentially lethal, highly contagious, virus…is tantamount to modern day slavery? Really? Slavery? Considering everything that’s going on in this country right now? Are these people feeling oppressed? Disrespected? Do they feel like their freedoms are being taken away and they’re being treated soooo unfairly by the rest of society because a store owner politely asks you to respect the safety of their workers and other customers?

Slavery? Is that what this is?

Hmmm…ok. Let’s take a long look at what REAL oppression and a complete and total decades long systematic ‘beat down’ looks like in this country, shall we?


And these over privileged people have the audacity to compare themselves to freedom fighters and Rosa Parks because they want to go have a pool party on the beach in Florida, and might have to wait a while until the pandemic is under control before going out for a steak dinner? I’m sorry…but *FUCK* those people! I have personally lost three of my friends to the Covid-19 virus! And two to police violence! So, yes…I take this personally. And if you’ve never had any of these problems come knocking on your front door…must be nice. Because not everybody gets to be that lucky.

I’m living in Georgia right now, and Florida has record breaking cases of Covid-19 popping up each and every day. Hurricane season is coming. And when it hits…where do you think all of those brain dead idiots are gonna go? They’re going to migrate right up here with the rest of us, making the entire environment toxic to me, my family, and everyone else. Yes…I take it personal. Because I’m going to be PISSED if I end up planning funerals for my friends and family, because YOU wanted to get a sun tan or visit Disney World! FUCK YOU!!! I mean that!

Do you have any idea how surreal it was for me to have to attend a funeral for a friend of mine over the internet, because we couldn’t go to see her off in person? She had three kids, and she died in a hospital all alone. With nobody there for her, not even her family. And you’re mad that somebody is asking you to wear a mask during your weekly run to the grocery store. Poor you. How tragic.

This has to change. And it’s going to start with shame and self realization for who these people are as human beings. Period. I don’t see any other way. People avoid shame, avoid guilt, avoid challenge…and it’s ruining us as a species. Sometimes you SHOULD be ashamed for the things you’ve done. How would we have any conscience without it? Because right now, I don’t think people have any conscience left at all. We don’t look at our own reflections anymore and deal with the horror looking back at us. We’ve become cowards. So we take our racism and our hatred and our sexual assault and our homophobia and our immigrant bashing, self righteous, ridiculous conspiracy spewing, attitudes…and we go looking for people just as fucked up as we are to support these things and let it fester. This can’t go on. It just can’t.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

Do NOT allow the police to murder random people without being held accountable! Without justice! If you get caught speeding, you get a ticket. So you don’t speed! It’s a deterrent. What do they have as a deterrent? What incentive is there for them to stop?

Do NOT allow your politicians to deliberately lie to your face and brush it off as though you’re that fucking stupid! You’re NOT stupid! And it’s a blatant disrespect for your representatives to just tell you ‘anything’ and thinking you’ll buy it because you’re too much of an idiot to seek the truth!

Do NOT allow the pastor or reverend at your local church preach about the evils and unnatural behavior of homosexuals in a room full of people, nodding their heads and mumbling, “Praise Jesus”! Get up…and walk out. It’s not a preacher’s job to spawn yet another generation of senseless homophobes! Religion is supposed to connect and inspires us. If your religious leaders aren’t doing their jobs, don’t support them. They’ll figure it out when people start leaving.

Do NOT let some wealthy billionaire tell you it’s safe to go back to work or to send your children to school during a global pandemic, while they’re sitting in a germ free bunker underground! All because they’re losing money on the corrupt systems that they invested in to take your riches from you. How are you going to take advice from someone who will get rich off of putting your lives in danger? You die…they hire somebody else. Rinse and repeat. They have enough billions of dollars right now to sit still and chill out for a while. They don’t need your money so badly that you have to die to give it to them. They’ll be fine. If they have money troubles…let them sell their Summer beach house or one of their yachts.

This isn’t just for America…this is for all of you. No matter where you live across the globe. These corrupt sons of bitches have completely forgotten who they work for. They work for US!!! And if they don’t do what the people ask them to do, we can fire them! Have we forgotten that? You decided to vote against gay rights? You’re FIRED! You don’t want to support equal pay for women in the workplace? You’re FIRED! You don’t want to prosecute police officers that murder people in cold blood for no reason? You’re fucking *FIRED*!!! Get the hell out of office! I don’t pay my taxes for you to play golf, do stand up ‘comedy’ at rallies, and make racist comments on Twitter all day! Get them out of office. And if the person that comes after them isn’t up to the task, you can fire them too. And the next, and the next, and the next! Until they’re all forced to at least PRETEND to give a shit! No matter the political party! Fuck ’em ALL if they don’t represent the people of this country and do what we tell them to do.

Your governments don’t rule over you. They should be AFRAID of you! Because you’re their boss! You control the votes, you pay their salary, you are responsible for them even having a job. Trust me. They poll Americans every week here. And out ‘golden calf’ is FAILING! On every level! They create the illusion that you’re powerless and then use that to look down on you. No more. Let’s get rid of every last one of them. Because I truly believe that a vast majority of people are good people. With good hearts. With morals, and with empathy. And while the other side might scream and cry and throw childish tantrums…there will always be MANY more hearts that want the world to be a better place. Who want the hatred and the foolishness to stop. All we have to do is express the light within us…and the shadows will disappear.

Take back your power. Seriously. If 90% of the people in your area believe in climate change, and your representative votes against environmental policies that will benefit you and your children? Fire them. If they have a problem with which bathroom a transgender person uses, or votes against a higher living wage, or wants to get rid of net neutrality, or refuses you health care in case you get sick…kick them to the fucking curb. The changes that need to be made on this planet lie within you. And this change needs to happen now. RIGHT now! Today!

Look at what we’ve done to each other throughout history. What we’re still doing to each other today. Aren’t you sick of it?

Like I said before…this mentality is designed for people who are ‘comfortable’ with their position in the world and don’t see any need, no urgency, in changing the world. Any Christian can discriminate and refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs in this country. But can you even IMAGINE what would happen if a Muslim were to deny them a bacon sandwich at their favorite fast food joint because of their religious beliefs? Oh GOD…we’d never hear the fucking end of it! But it’s something that makes THEM feel uncomfortable for a change. A lot of these people have never been put in that position before. Well, the rest of us have. Some of us for our entire lives. And some people for centuries before that. They’ll get over it.

Everybody else has. And we’re all still standing.

Why does it take David Bowie to get Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ played on MTV? Why are police officers looking forward to some kind of stupid race war that doesn’t exist? Why does America cheer the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, statues of Hitler, and Saddam Hussein…but fight tooth and nail to preserve monuments to rapists, slave owners, traitors, and murderers in our own country? How lonely would you feel if you truly believed that your country just didn’t give a flying fuck about you or anyone that even looked like you? Hating you from a distance without knowing anything about you. Why exhaust yourself trying to keep people from getting jobs, getting into good schools, moving into your neighborhoods…putting laws into legislation to specifically target and hurt them as a people. Poison their land with oil pipelines, profile, discriminate, and hate, and brutalize, and persecute people that you don’t even KNOW! For what? To what end? Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you ashamed? Go find something better to do with your life.

And you wonder why people are mad. You wonder why they march.

God, this is so sad. Every last bit of it is a tragedy in itself. And it takes more energy to keep this bullshit going strong than it does to just let it go.

Please…just let it go…

Ok. Sorry. Rant over.

It just infuriates me to no end to see how brazen people have gotten with being pieces of shit in this life. Assholes are just a part of nature, and I get that…but there used to be some level of discomfort and humiliation involved when it came to knowing what a loathsome human being you were, inside and out. Now people defend it…and they go to the worst, most atrocious, people alive to hopefully get their support…like that makes you any less of a fucking plague on this planet. Look…you don’t have to like me, like him, like her, like ‘them’…but just leave other people the fuck alone! The hatred is so deliberate. You have to go so far out of your way to do this. You have to stay awake at night, just thinking about how you can hurt people and make them suffer. Why? How is that not psychotic? How is that not something to be ashamed of? Just stay smothered in your own self hatred and be miserable all day in your own basement. STOP trying to punish people for not being YOU! Because, from what I see…being ‘you’ is nothing to aspire to be at all. You’re a disgrace, and deep down, you know it. You live with it every day. And I know it eats at you, but whatever. You have a chance to be a decent human being, and you keep choosing…’this’. So live with it. And just know that karma is coming. Believe me.

Fuck off. And let the rest of this country and the world move on without you. You don’t have any say in this. Not anymore.

And if you disagree…or even violently disagree…with anything that I’ve said here…it’s ok. I love you, just the same. You won’t find me going out of my way to hurt you, ruin you, or make your life a living hell. That’s not who I am. And I’m proud of that.

G’night. And always remember, you guys…America is listening. We really are. We’re not as weak and insecure as the people who claim to speak for us are. We’ve got more heart than that. And this madness is finally coming to an end.

Good riddens…

Please remember…loving your country means loving everything about it, and all of the people in it! Flaws and all. You don’t get just to pick and choose and be ‘selective’ with your patriotism. Stop listening to anybody and everybody that is hell bent on telling you what you should like, what you should hate, and what you should believe. Leave people ALONE! Think for yourselves and find happiness in your own lives. THAT’S freedom! And there’s no other feeling like it!




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