Sometimes, you see two boys together, and one of them is like, ‘Yeah…this is my brother.’ Hehehe, and it’s just so obvious that it can really go without saying. Hehehe! Well, when it comes to a couple of blood related teen cuties with the last name ‘Angel’…that’s pretty much where we are with these two.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona…the oldest brother, Asher Dov Angel, went out to see his very first musical when he was only four or five years old, and was so moved and so inspired by it that he decided that this is what he wanted to do with the rest of his natural life. And whether it has been singing, dancing, acting, or theater…he’s shown that he can do it all. And do it WELL!

Asher began burning his way through theater productions and had crafted quite the resume for himself by the time he reached the age of seven. Determined to be an actor, Asher’s mother agreed to support his dream…but ONLY if he was willing to put in the hard work necessary to make it. The deal was, he had to nail a role in 30 local theater productions first. If he could accomplish that, then she would take him out to Los Angeles, California and give him a fair shot at the big time.

A pretty tall order for a kid who hadn’t even reached his tenth birthday yet. But, hey…he went all out and made it happen. Before you knew it, he was given featured roles in theater productions of ‘Seussical’, ‘Oliver!’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Mary Poppins’, and ‘Into The Woods’. And, true to her word, Asher’s mother took the family out to LA to see if he had what it took to make it out there. And at only 12 years old, Asher auditioned for, and eventually won, the part of the character, ‘Jonah Beck’ on The Disney Channel’s series, ‘Andi Mack’! Damn! Good going, dude!

Not only was ‘Andi Mack’ a hugely successful show while it was on air, but it also brought about a huge milestone in the channel’s programming. With Asher playing the cute love interest of the main character, he was also the object of affection for another character on the show. Played by actor Joshua Rush, Asher was a part of a revolutionary episode. The very first openly gay Disney Channel character in history. So, huge thanks to Asher Angel for being a part of that! I’m sure there are a lot of kids out there who were feeling lost, confused, and alone. Probably drooling over boys like him the whole time! Hehehe! But, much appreciated, dude!

And soon after that…Asher nabbed the coveted role of one of DC Comics’ oldest and most beloved characters, Billy Batson (aka ‘Shazam’)! Which was AWESOME, by the way! Very cool movie, very heartfelt, ad heralded as one of the movies that was certain to get the DC cinematic universe back on track, right up there with “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”! Things are on hold at the moment right now, due to the current pandemic…but Asher is already signed up to reprise his role in “Shazam 2” when it gets released! So keep an eye out for that in the future!


Now…as SOON as Asher Angel made a name for himself and really started getting popular with a rapidly growing fanbase…here comes the first single of his upcoming album. Hehehe, I will be totally honest here when I say that my first thoughts were, “Oh, he’s coming out with an album now…because…of COURSE he is!” How many Disney kids have pop singles out there that never really did anything? I mean, when you’re popular and super cute…the corporate machine just thinks that you can do anything. Honestly, you could be flying up at 30,000 feet in the air with 250 innocent passengers, and they’d probably be like, “Yeah, but look at him! He’s CUTE! And he’s popular! So let him fly the plane. It’ll be fine!”

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However…Asher Angel actually really surprised me. Nice voice, original songs and lyrics, and a professionally trained dancer? This wasn’t a cash grab, charity, talent. He can actually make some good music, on top of being a good actor. So being cute and popular too is a nice bonus…but it’s not all that Asher Angel has to offer! Something that he’s proven time and time again by now!

When talking about one of his new singles, ‘Chills’, Asher says, “I think the main reason why the song connected with me was because…I’m young, and you know kids go through heartbreak, I’m a teenager, and it’s about two special people that have a special relationship. and you know you have that special person in your life that gives you chills and you think about all of your past memories, and…yeah.” Yes, I remember those days well. Fondly, despite the occasional ‘crash and burn’ scenarios that I had to struggle through during those times. Hehehe! But, Asher’s one message to his fans will always ring true. And I love that.

“Be courageous. Be kind. Be you. That’s my motto!”



It was Asher Angel’s rapid rise to fame and success that later introduced us to his younger siblings. Avi Samuel Angel, his younger brother, and the youngest of the family, a sister named London Bleu Angel! And they seemed to definitely have a lot of fun together! Which is always fun to see with any family. Especially one wrapped up in the fame and fortune of being a celebrity in the public eye. They all still seem to be closely knit, and enjoying the fruits of their labor and good will.

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Not that there isn’t room for some random silliness every now and then between siblings. Hehehe! What is life without a tough of ‘goofy’ to spice things up ever now and then?


Born in Paradise Falls, Arizona after Asher began pursuing his career in acting, younger brother Avi has also been working hard to make a name for himself as well! With longer, floppy, blond hair, and a slightly different vibe to his personality, it’s easy to see how much he looks up to his big brother, and is working to follow in his footsteps.

With acting credits on both Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel, and also being a part of Fashion Week 4 Kids back in 2015, Avi has definitely earned a bit of that glorious spotlight himself over the past few years. Just as beautiful and charismatic as the others, Avi is now moving on to bigger and better things within the industry.

In fact, Avi’s very first acting role was as a 7 month old version of a character in the movie drama, ‘Jolene’…and a five year old version of that same character was played by his brother Asher. Not to mention the fact that they’ve both shared a stage on multiple occasions with their musical performances, and will probably continue to do so in the future.

Avi has now been signed to Sony Music, possibly to work on an album or an EP of his very own, right behind his big brother’s release in the near future. Who knows? When asked about the idea of making an album of his own, Avi said, “I can’t say too much, you guys. But maybe. There’s a lot in the works right now. Yeah, there’s a lot in the works, but I’ve gotta ‘zip’ and ‘whoop’! Can’t say too much!”

Which…hehehe, let’s be honest…that means that he’s working on some music. And with his brother’s vocal talent, dance training, and striking good looks…the Angel’s may end up having two superstars in the family in the years to come. And I wouldn’t have a problem with that! Hehehe!


“My inspiration is because…right now there’s a virus going around, so we cannot leave our house. So..I like to talk to my friends on the phone. It’s a little hard to go and see your friends right now, so the way I like to communicate is by texting them, facetiming them…” Avi says. So all of his videos have been shot at his house or within close proximity so far. But who knows what might happen when people are able to film full videos again in the future? Hopefully, the near future!

(Wear your masks, people! You’re making this whole thing a lot worse than it has to be!)

When Avi gets a chance to show what he’s got, I’m thinking he’s going to raise a few eyebrows along the way! Probably break a few hearts in the process! Hehehe!



I’d wish both of the Angel brothers the best of luck, but it looks like they’re doing just fine without it! Hehehe! Ah well, take a few hugs and good blessings anyway, you two! Go make us proud! And we’ll be looking to hear more from you in the future! Be safe!
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