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“So…I finally started ‘Stranger Things’ a few days ago.” Hayden said to me over the phone. “If for no other reason than I can finally get you to shut up about me not watching that damn show.”

Hayden may be about a year and half older than I am, but he promised me that he’d finally watch ‘Stranger Things’ before his 16th birthday, and he’s only got a few months left. He knows how big a fan I am of that series, and his stubborn evasion tactics couldn’t hold out forever. “So…did you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah, actually. It’s pretty cool so far.” He said, making me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “I think I can see why you like it so much.”

“Hehehe, no…I don’t think you can. Unless you’ve got a big crush on Noah Schnapp too.” I giggled.

“Okaaaay, maybe not then.”

Here’s the thing…I sort of have a huge crush on Hayden. Always have, and I think I always will in some weird way. He knows that.

You know those stories on the internet where the protagonist finally works up the courage to talk to that cute boy he really likes, and he tells him how he feels, and it’s like, ‘Whoah! I love you too, Seth! I was just waiting for you to say it first! Now we can be together forever!’ Ummm, yeah….well…I tried that, and things didn’t necessarily go the way that I had planned. Hayden’s not gay. Sad, but true…unfortunately. He just doesn’t swing that way, I guess. Or at least that’s what he’s saying for now.

Which makes this such an insanely confusing position for me to be in. Things between us are…well, let’s just say that they’re ‘complicated’.

“Anyway, Seth, it was a good pick. So kudos for that. When I finish this season I’ll probably start on season two right away. I’m kinda digging the whole 80’s vibe of it too. It must have been so much fun to live way back then, you know?”

“Yeah. I guess. My parents keep trying to explain stuff to me, and I’m like, ‘Shhhh!!! I’m watching Noah!’ Hehehe!” I smiled to myself, picturing Hayden’s strong arms holding me, his sweet lips kissing mine. I swear, I get a stiffy every time I hear his voice on the phone. It makes me so anxious for the day when we agree to finally ditch the formalities of small talk and casual conversation so we can just…get on with it. I mean, I know why he called me tonight. And he knows why too. But I guess his need to remain secure in his manhood creates the need for us to play the ‘friend game’ for a little bit longer until he gets comfortable with this whole thing. I was seriously getting all wiggly inside though, just waiting for him to ask me. This pointless stalling can be SO sexually frustrating at times, but I’m almost beginning to see it as a fun part of our foreplay these days.

“You and your crushes…” He grinned to himself. “So weird.”

“Not all of them.” I said. “Some of them are…you know…pretty neat.” I made sure to soften my voice a little bit so he’d get the hint.

I’m sure that he did, but I might be pushing a bit too hard, a bit too fast. I was excited, but I didn’t want to scare him off. I had to be careful sometimes.

Hayden paused for a second. It was just a tiny pause, but it was a break in the flow of our conversation. One that was easily noticeable to anyone who was paying attention. “I saw Jenny Hooper buying bras at the mall last weekend.” He said, changing the subject. “Now I’ve got an idea of what size she is. Not too big, but still a pretty nice set of tits. She was shopping with some of her friends. How do girls go about getting together to buy underwear together? They have some really strange pack habits.”

“Jenny Hooper?” I asked.

“Yeah. You remember, right? That girl from my Physics class. The one with the long brown hair? Well, she put some strands of purple in it now, but…it still looks good like that.”

“Oh. Sure. Uh huh…” I said, now looking at my laptop screen to scroll through pictures of cute celebrity boys while he went back to playing defense as his part of the ‘game’. Ooh! Who is he? He’s a cutie!

“I don’t know if she has a boyfriend or anything, but if she didn’t…man, I’d sure love to give it a shot.” I kept looking at pics, not really saying much outside of the acknowledgment that we were still involved in a two way conversation. “Do you think she’d reject me if I asked her out?”

“Nah. I doubt it.”


“Uh huh…” I said.

Another pause. “Are you listening to me, Seth?”

“Of course I am. Dude, if you want to ask her out just ask her out. Worst case scenario, she already has somebody. You might as well take a leap, right?” I told him. Oh my God! Who is THAT boy??? Oh wow! I’m saving that one for later! See? This is what IMDB is for! I will definitely be looking him up later! Hehehe!

“Yeah…I guess.” Hayden said quietly. “I don’t know. She just seems like she’d be out of my league, you know?”

“Trust me, Hayden…there are very few girls that could ever consider themselves out of your league.”

“Hehehe, you’re just saying that because you’re in love with me.” He teased.

“Doesn’t mean it’s not true.” I grinned. “Where do you think my big crush came from in the first place?”

Another pause…but shorter than the other ones before it. “You know, I’m sure you’re gonna find some hot gay boy once you get to high school. It’s a much bigger place. A LOT more boys for you to choose from. Some of them are gonna like boys too. You’ll see.”

“Oh, I know. But…until then…I think I’ll hang on to my crush for you instead. Hehehe!” Another little dig at his armor. I hope it’s working. Or at least wearing him down.

“Okay. I don’t have a problem with it. You know that.”

“Yep! I know.” Then I left it at that and waited for him to make the next move.


“Yeah?” I asked, my heart speeding up a little bit.

“Ummm, what other stuff have you been up to lately?” He asked. Arrrghhhh!

“Other stuff? Like what?” I said.

“I don’t know. Like…stuff.” He replied. It was slightly frustrating, sure. But he was starting to sound a little nervous now…which was a good thing. Him fidgeting on his end of the phone call means that he’s trying to build up the nerve to ask for the one thing that we both came here for. I could feel myself getting hard almost immediately. And I mean, like…REALLY hard! To the point where I had to pull down the front of my shorts to set my erection free from its confines to give it some extra room. Pulsing with a craving all its own…a smooth, dark pink, crown at the tip that was decorated with a single droplet of clear sticky fluid as I stared down at it with great anticipation. I didn’t want to touch it yet, though. Not yet.

Hayden always lasts longer than me. I sort of wanted to hold out long enough so we could cum at the same time. Come on, Hayden…let’s do away with this stupid game already. Just ask me. Please? Just ask! I WANT to do it! I know that I’m younger than you, but…it’s not like we haven’t done this before. Help me out here.

“Hayden?” I asked, trying to keep my unsettled voice from cracking. “Do you, like…wanna talk about…something else? Maybe?” Do I sound too eager? Ugh! I’m going to scare him off. I want to calm myself down, but…FUCK…I’m sooooo hard! “I mean, we don’t have to…if you don’t want to.” My voice must sound so immature when compared to his. But I can’t lower it without sounding silly, so I’ll just have to hope that it’s a part of what turns him on.

“Well…” He said quietly. “What do you want to talk about?”

“What do you want to talk about?” I bounced back to him.

“I asked you first.”

“So? Hehehe!” Ok, I was really getting jittery right now. I feel like we’re ALMOST there, but he’s holding back for some dumb reason.

“Well…I mean…” He started, and I held my breath. Yes! Come on! Say it! Oh God, please say it! I could feel a slow drip of my precum building up at my tip until the heartbeat rhythm of its steady throb caused it to be shaken free from the slit and slowly roll down underneath the cut helmet of my hardness and slide down the shaft. “…We could always…” He was getting scared, but even that part of this whole thing was hot. He’s always scared. But he always gives in eventually. I knew it was coming, so I had to get myself ready.

I reached down to take the sock off of my right foot, made sure that my bedroom door was all the way closed…and then, just to be extra sure that my mom didn’t hear me, I moved into my bedroom closet and pulled the string to turn the light on. My closet isn’t necessarily a ‘walk-in’ or anything, but I’m not all that big in stature, so I’ve got plenty of room in there to sit on the floor and lean against the back wall. I kicked my sneakers aside, and pushed back an old box of toys, action figures, and Legos that I should probably get rid off, but can’t seem to part with for some reason. Call me sentimental.

I took my shorts all the way off, along with my white briefs…and I sat on my closet floor, naked from the waist down, closing the door behind me.

“Go ahead, Hayden…I’m listening.” I said, trying to get him started. Or, you know…give him ‘permission’ or whatever. “What were you gonna say?”

I could hear Hayden clear his throat, and he hesitated for a moment longer. But then I could hear this faint jingling in the background. Like he was undoing the belt on his pants. YES!!! Oh man! It is so fucking on! AGAIN!!!

I took a hold of my rigid shaft, and my fingers were instantly covered with whatever sticky juices I happened to be running over with. I, honestly, could have cum all over myself right then and there, but I was trying to maintain some level of self control instead. Touching myself was SUCH a relief! I just closed my eyes and stroked myself once or twice so I could coat my fingers with my own sweet nectar…soon bring them to my lips to lick and suck it off of my long digits…wishing soooo badly that it was his sexy fluids instead that I was spreading over the surface of my thirsty tongue.

“Seth…?” He asked, almost in a soft whimper.

My eyes still closed, I gave him a breathy sigh. “Uh huh…”

“I mean, do you have some privacy right now? I’ve got a few minutes alone.”

“Yeah. It’s just me.” I said, giving myself another stroke…bringing myself even closer to an explosive orgasm, but still trying to hold back enough to share it with him.

“Do you, like…maybe…wanna give me some ‘phone’?” It always turned me on, the way that he said that. ‘Give me some phone’. We both knew what it meant, but there was some heterosexual part of him that just couldn’t cross the threshold of actually saying it out loud. Not that it bothered me all that much. Especially at a moment like this. Because I was ready. Oh Jesus…I was soooo ready!

I attempted to keep myself from sounding too excited, but let’s be honest…my whole body was shaking from head to toe. My voice was trembling so badly that I doubt that it was even remotely convincing when I said, “Some phone? M’kay. I could, like…go for some phone. I mean, if you want to.”

“Yeah. Ok. Hold on a second. I gotta lock my door.” He got up from his bed and walked over to make sure that we wouldn’t be interrupted. And I KNOW that it’s just a couple of disembodied voice being transmitted through an electronic device, but….God DAMN, it made me so HOT when Hayden chose to abandon his straight boy rules and restrictions for a few moments to just take control and totally fuck me silly with his voice alone. I’m already having pre-orgasmic chills from it, and he hasn’t even taken his pants off yet. “Ok. Oh wait…let me just…” I could hear him shuffling out of his pants, and I’ve never ever seen Hayden naked before…or even with his shirt off to be honest…but I can just imagine the thick, tender, juicy, piece of meat he’s got down there. Always hidden from my hungry eyes. “Ok. There…” He said, as he laid back on his bed. I imagined him sprawled out on his mattress, T-shirt pulled up past his erect nipples. Knees slightly bent with his erection swaying back and forth…gently tapping the inside of one thigh, and then the other…his balls hanging low at the bottom of his succulent teen shaft.

The fantasy of it always left me soooo breathless! Sometimes, it’s like I can actually taste him! God! I feel like I’m going to cum already!

“You wanna start? Or…do you want me to do it?” I asked, my stupid voice squeaking as my four and a half inch length jumped as if trying to stretch out another inch or two, just to impress him.

“I can start, if you want…” He said. He’s so shy in the beginning of one of our phone sessions, but it’s all a tease. It doesn’t last. And he’s nowhere near as straight as he pretends to be. I can tell.

“Yeah. Go ahead.” I whispered. I scooted down and bent my knees so I could lay on my back on the closet floor, brushing back my longish, honey brown, locks of hair out of my eyes. My soft, smooth, legs spread so wide that I could almost smell the sensual heat coming off of me down there. The lustful fragrance was so intoxicating.

I put Hayden on speakerphone so I didn’t have to hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder. And, now that he was ready and willing…he dove right in. I can’t believe that this is, like, the fifteenth time that we’ve done this. I hope it never stops.

“You’re looking so pretty right now, Seth. Beautiful. Mmmm, can I kiss you?”

“Yes. Please. Please, kiss me…” I whispered, gripping myself so tight.

Hayden made a few kissing noises over the phone, and I moaned out loud. I swear…I could feel them landing on my cheeks and full lips. GOD, I wanted him to stick his dick in me so bad! “Your lips are so soft, baby. Can I have some more?” He said.

“Have all you want. I’m yours.” I moaned.

“I need to put my tongue in your mouth. I can’t help it. You’re so fucking hot.” He gasped, now stroking himself on the other side of the phone. “I’ve got to have you. I think about you all the time, baby. I dream about you. Did you know that?”

“Unnngh….” I whimpered helplessly, now giving myself another few strokes and feeling more of my semen glide over the back of my knuckles as I fought, tooth and nail, to not be so overcome with desire that I busted prematurely. “You dream about me?” I asked, playing my submissive role.

“Oh yeah. All the time.” Hayden groaned. I LOVE how his voice can get so much deeper than mine when he’s really hot and bothered. I really hope my voice gets that deep by the time I reach high school. “I dream about your sexy face…and your slim little body…and your cute little ass. I think about your soft brown eyes and your long brown hair, and how smooth you are all over. It makes me want you so bad…”

“Mmmm, I want you too…” I said, my legs now weak from wiggling about in the bottom of that closet. “I want to suck you so hard…”

“Fuck…” He gasped, his hand speeding up on his much larger erection, probably crowned at the base with tufts of silken hair that I won’t see for another year or two. “Kiss me!”

“I’m kissing you…”

“Kiss me harder!”

“I’m kissing you as hard as I can, baby! Get on top of me! Hump me naked until I cum!” I said, almost forgetting to keep my voice down just in case my mom opens my bedroom door and tries to figure out why I’m in the closet.

Heh…’in the closet’. Funny…

“Not yet, sweetie. I want this to last.” Hayden whispered, his voice quaking as he stroked himself even faster. “You wanna suck me?”

“Soooooo bad!” I said.

“Tell me you want to suck me off…” He panted.

“I need your hot cock in my mouth so bad, Hayden! Please! Please…let me suck you off. I need it! Let me lick your balls and suck your dick until you push hot volumes of your tasty cum down my throat. Oh God….” Hehehe, yeah, I’ve been reading stories online just like everybody else. I know my way around a little naughty talk, believe me. This isn’t our first rodeo.

I know that my words got him super sexed up, because I could hear the slapping of his lubed erection being stroked faster and faster with his increased arousal. “Holy shit…go ahead, baby. Suck me. Let me stick my hot cock between your soft, little, girly lips. Please? I need it too.”

“Yes, baby. Whatever you say.” I told him. “Mmmmm, God, you taste so good. You’re so big! I hope I can take enough of you in…”

“You can do it, baby. Just…let me run my fingers through your hair. I’ll help you. Suck me. Mmmm, my cock feels so good in your mouth. Yeah…do it just like that.” He whimpered.

“Let me lick and suck your balls too.” I said. “Your balls are so warm. I love the way they taste. My tongue is all over you right now. Down there. Ahhh, I love your big, hot, nuts. Are they holding a big eruption of cum for me, baby?”

“Oh yeah. The biggest explosion ever. Your tongue feels so good on me…” He said. Then he surprised me this time by saying, “Roll over on your stomach, baby. Let me see that sweet little ass of yours. I need it. I can feel it in my hands. So soft and tight…”

I actually had to maneuver a bit to roll over on my stomach on my closet floor, my knees bent and my feet in the air as I humped the floor. Oh wow…this was new. “Touch me. Take it. It’s yours, Hayden.”

“Don’t worry…you’ll get this long, hard, dick when I’m ready.” He said. “But first…I want to spread that cute little girly ass of yours. Omigod…you’re so sexy, Seth. I have to kiss your ass. One cheek….and then the other. Wait, that’s not enough. I need to bite you down there. I want to suck a hickey up on your sexy ass.”

I humped the floor even harder, just thinking about it. “Yeah! Suck on my ass, you fucking hottie…”

“Every time I see you, this is all I can think about. Totally violating your virgin ass and taking it for my own. Oh God, can I taste you?” He breathed heavily.

I was already close to completion, so I had to stop humping the floor for fear that I’d explode before he was finished using me to fulfill his fantasies about being with another boy. “Yes. Please. Taste me. Taste all of me.”

He moaned, “I’m spreading your tight little cheeks apart. Your hole is so tight. I want to lick it. I want to put my tongue inside you. Ohhhh….your muscle is tightening up to fight me, but I’ll get you to relax eventually. Let me in. Let me love you. Let me tongue fuck you, Seth…”

I was DIZZY with lust at this point. I found it hard to breathe, picturing Hayden’s pretty face pressed up against my bubbled cheeks as his tongue reached out to penetrate my most intimate spot. Even without humping the floor, I felt my erection swelling and throbbing as it tried its best to hold off one of the biggest climaxes that I’ve ever experienced in my thirteen year old life!

“Feels so fucking good…” I sighed. “Fuck me, Hayden. Please? Put your dick in me! Take me and make me feel good!”

“Are you sure, baby boy? I might hurt you. You’re soooooo tight down here…”

“YES!!! Hurt me! Oh God, please hurt me! I love you! I fucking love you so much!” I didn’t mean to use the ‘L’ word, but I was so wrapped up in the moment that I let a few of my intimate feeling slip past the lewd sexual veil that we had put up between us to protect his…sense of self, I guess.

Luckily, my admission didn’t scare him off or take him out of the moment. “Roll over on your back, baby. I want to make out with you while I fuck you. Deep. Soooo deep.” I rolled over in the closet, and actually put my feet up on the closet door, exposing my quivering asshole and wishing that he was here to do all of this to me for real. “Are you ready?”

I sucked my middle finger into my mouth to get it nice and wet, and then I reached down to slowly insert it into my tight hole. Slowly at first, just a little bit at a time…and then, letting it sink in all the way to the knuckle…the warmth and wetness of my inner muscles sucking at the extended digit like a baby calf, hungry for its mother’s milk. I loved having my finger filling me up…but I’d much rather have Hayden’s thick, hard, shaft pushing its way into me instead. “I’m so ready.”

“Yeah….mmmm, baby, spread that ass for me…” He said. “Your boy pussy feels so good…”

“Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me hard!” I said, stroking myself again.

“So tight! Damn, boy! Suck on my tongue!”

“Mmmmm…yeah! Kiss me! Fuck me!” I gasped. I wasn’t going to be able to hold it much longer. Shit. I always cum first!

“Put your legs on my shoulders. Yeah. Just like that. Shit! You make me so crazy, babe…” He said, and I could hear his breath getting short as the slapping noises on his end of the phone got faster and faster. “I fucking LOVE you, Seth!!!” He grunted, surprising me to no end. And then, with a strained whimper, his hips bucked and his body thrashed as he came hard all over his belly. I could hear him writhing around helplessly, struggling for breath as hot splashes of his teen semen covered his chest and flat stomach…making soft noises to broadcast his orgasmic pleasure to me over the phone so I could be a witness to every breathless moment of it.

My shaft began to thump and throb uncontrollably when I heard Hayden cum for me. My toes curled, my ass cheeks tightened up, and I closed my eyes as the furious pounding of my young erection caused me to explode so ferociously in that closet that the first jet of warm seed flew up and hit my lips and chin, with the remaining squirts hitting my neck and chest with its sweet and sticky volume, my young body shuddering from the bliss of knowing that this is the best it’s going to feel all day.

I licked my lips, tasting the tang of the salty but sweet flavor of my own juices. And then had to take a moment to catch my breath, just as Hayden did.

God, I wish he would fuck me for real. I can’t even imagine how hard I would cum if he did.


Always silence.

I mean, I know that Hayden loves it when I give him some serious ‘phone’, because he always comes back for more. But…I think he feels guilty afterward. I can’t understand why he would, but…he clearly hasn’t come to terms with his feelings just yet. Especially when it comes to me. Because I have a feeling that they run much deeper than he’s comfortable to admitting to.

I tried to get him to talk, and maybe distract him for a few seconds, by saying, “Omigod, that was hot. I’m totally spent right now. Hehehe! Thanks.”

Hayden said, “Yeah. Me too. That was…that was cool.” Adding, “Thanks, Seth.”

That’s when things were suddenly brought back to that fragile, that very delicate, balance again. I was a bit nervous to say anything, but I asked him, “Say…you know, my mom is going to be out of the house for most of the day on Saturday. I’ll have the house to myself. I mean, instead of just sitting here, being lonely…maybe you’d want to come over or something. Just to hang out for a while?” I was trying to be subtle, but I don’t think my imature voice could hide the fact that I really wanted Hayden to come over and fuck me senseless! Let’s just drop the charade of doing this over the phone, and let him come over here and get naughty with me. You know? It would be a huge relief for him to finally give up the act and just get what he wants. And God KNOWS that I would love to lose my virginity to the biggest crush that I’ve ever had in my life! What could go wrong?

“Oh. Ummm…I’m actually…I’m going to be busy this weekend.” He said.

“You don’t have to stay all day, or anything. Just stop by for a little bit. It’ll be fun.” I pleaded. I wanted him here. Alone. I could suck his hot cock. I could let him eat my ass. I could let him fuck me so hard that he’d never ever find a better sex partner in his life! Ugh! I’d make him soooo happy if he’d just let me try!

“Nah. I’ve got…stuff to take care of. Sorry.” He said. Pretty much breaking my heart again and ruining the brightness of my sexual afterglow.

“Oh. Ok then.” I said, sadly. “Maybe some other time.

“Yeah. Maybe.” Hayden replied. “Look, I’ve gotta run. But I’ll talk to you later, k?”

“Yeah. Sure.” I said, trying my hardest not to pout so much that he could hear it in my voice.

“Talk to you later, Seth.”

“Bye, Hayden…”

And with that…he was gone.

He likes me, right? Am I imagining that? What is he so ashamed of? It’s not like I’m asking him to come out to his friends and family or anything. I’d totally be down for having a secret relationship with one of the cutest boys that I’ve ever known if it allowed us to be together. We don’t have to tell anybody. Who cares about secrets. Our ‘phone’ sessions are already a secret! So how much worse would it be if we were doing it for real?

I just…I want him, you know? Maybe I’m too young for him or something. But I don’t care about any of that stuff. We ‘fit’. We could be so much more if he could just get over himself and let it happen like it’s supposed to.


I need to clean up. I’m, legit, covered in wasted boy semen right now, and I don’t want it to dry and get all crusty and stuff.

Maybe one day, Hayden will see the light and start thinking about me instead of stupid Jenny Hooper buying bras at the mall. And that would be awesome. My heart would burst into pieces if that would happen. But…for now…

…At least we’ve got ‘phone’.

And until he comes to embrace and accept his true feelings…I suppose that’s all that I can ask for.

And things remain…’complicated’.

Lucky me.

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