Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 14

Once we were ready, we went back to the office we started in. Kelly went in with Katie and Gabe. I went with Ken and Agent Washburn.

“Okay Duncan, in your own words please tell us what occurred at the hospital and the events that led to you being here now.” I began to speak but the agent typed like a caveman.

“Would it be okay if I typed it out, then you can read it. If you’re happy with it I’ll sign a copy of it and we can all get out of here,” I finally offered.

The agent considered my proposal and said it wasn’t usually done but they didn’t hire him for his clerical skills. We traded places while Ken smiled mirthfully. We were done in half an hour, I had to do a little editing because I left out a couple things but it was finally complete. The agent printed it, I signed it and then Ken signed as my attorney. We all agreed it had been a long day.

I found Dan on the couch in the break room. He was just having a chat with Aunt Cheryl and catching up with things at home. He told her we might have a couple days in Utah yet but he hoped to be home by the weekend. He signed off with her and turned his attention to me.

Kelly and Gabe walked in and we chatted a bit. “I’ll see you boys at the hospital; Duncan don’t forget to stop and see Michael, he’s been worried for you since you disappeared this morning,” Gabe nudged.

I felt guilty, I hadn’t even asked about Lyka and the memory of his beautiful eyes made me tear up a little.

“I will Gabe, I’m sorry I didn’t call him or something.”

She gave me a smile like Dan’s and said, “I’m sure he’ll understand that you’ve been a little preoccupied today.”

I still felt crappy about not calling him but I would see him in a little while.

Katie joined us and we ambled out towards the parking lot. I handed the wool socks to a deputy and asked him to return them to the guy who loaned them to me with my thanks. He said he would and walked toward the locker room.

“It looks like we need to go shopping in the morning; all that stuff looks a size too small including your shoes,” Dan assessed.

I didn’t answer right away; Mom and I were supposed to go shopping for new clothes and shoes for me when she was killed. I had to work really hard not to cry.

“Sure, Uncle Dan, that sounds good.”

Max had to be rolled out of a bunk in the barracks so Dan drove the State Patrol car to the hospital. We parked at the Emergency room side lot and walked in.

The guard didn’t even blink, he knew Max and Dan by sight.

We had Dr. Chandler paged and she met us. I introduced Kelly. I had told Kelly that she was a great person and he would really like her and that she would help him put himself back together.

I asked if she had a moment to talk before they went upstairs.

“What’s up Duncan?” she asked when we were alone.

“A couple things; please don’t let Kelly be by himself tonight. He’s been through a lot and really needs to have another kid in the room. Second, can I talk to you about what happened to me today when we come back tomorrow, I know I’m not really your patient anymore but it would help a lot. And then, can I get a visitor’s pass to go up and see Lyka? His Mom says he’s been worried about me all day.”

“Duncan, I’ll talk about anything you need to, and you can call me if you need to talk as well, anytime. I’d like to know how you’re doing in your new home. I already have Kelly sharing a room with Scott, and I think I can pull off the pass so you can go up to Lyka’s floor.”

She spoke to a lady at the counter and she burned an access card that would get me anywhere but the psych ward.

She came back and handed me the card. “You know when Sarah called me and said you left your things in the office I started to worry so I called security and they confirmed that a corrections officer had picked you up. I’m afraid I wasn’t very nice to the guard but you had been released and the man had the right paperwork. So I had to apologize to him later.”

“Sarah was very worried so be sure you stop and see her tomorrow. I called her and told her you were okay though. You’ve made quite a few friends here, Duncan,” she cooed.

I must have been smiling widely. I reached out and hugged her and we walked over to the others.

I told Kelly to get some sleep and that I would see him in the morning and also that Dr. Chandler had a roommate all set up for him.

I walked over, hugged Max, and told him to go home to his wife and I would see him tomorrow if he were here. I thanked him for everything he had done and hugged him a little tighter to emphasize the point.

He hugged me in return, and shook hands with Dan, Ken, Gabe, Kelly and Dr. Chandler and walked out to his truck.

Dan officially handed Kelly off to Dr. Chandler and Kelly hugged Dan and then me.

“See you in the morning, right?” he asked.

“You bet,” I chirped.

He and Dr. Chandler headed off toward the elevator and Ken announced that he was going back to his hotel and that his Uber driver would be there soon.

I thanked Ken and Gabe for helping get Kelly what he needed.

Ken asked, “What made you think of getting him legal help aside from that big brain in there?”

I tried to figure out how to say it. “I needed an attorney for him to make sure he got the best care that was available. Dr. Chandler is the best around here.

“Kelly’s a good guy and he deserves to be treated well and get the help he needs to heal. He’s really committed to making sure all these guys go to jail, but if he doesn’t get help, the hate will eat him alive. So that’s why I guess.”

Ken shook my hand, “I think we’ll get along just fine, Duncan. Anything you need just ask.”

“Well there is one thing, his Dad died suddenly but Kelly never got any of his own stuff and he doesn’t know what happened with their house. He lost his dog, too. Can you find out what happened?” I asked.

“Absolutely, I’ll get his info from Gabe and see what we can dig up.” Just then, his phone booped to tell him his driver had arrived. Off he went and that left just Dan, Gabe and me.

Gabe and I went up to see Lyka and Dan went in search of coffee.



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