Part 7

I couldn’t put my shoes on fast enough. Oh wow…I was soooo HARD! Am I really doing this? I’m going over to Ricky’s house to kiss him some more! Like…REALLY kiss him! I would have thought that I’d have to get a cutie like this to drink himself nearly unconscious to perv on him and maybe steal a few smooches while was asleep. Hehehe! But he actually wants to kiss me! Like…he wants to hook up! He SAID so! How is this my life right now???

How am I going to walk down the block and get across the street with my boner poking out like this? I mean, I can’t exactly get it to go down. Not with Ricky Sweeten standing right there in front of me! I turned my back to Ricky and tried to secretly reach my hand down the front of my pants to ‘fix’ my current situation. Now, I don’t have any real hang ups about my size down there…but, even at full length and at the height of arousal…I’m not quite big enough to claim that I could reach up to the waistband of my undies and use it to hold me in place. I wish I could lie and say that it was possible, but…yeah…I’m poking out in front like some kind of corndog vendor at the county fair. If only my tie dyed T-shirt had a longer tail on it.

“Jamie? What are you doing?” Ricky asked.

“HUH???” I gasped. “Oh…oh nothing. I’m just…yeah, it’s not like…it’s nothing…” I stammered.

“Are you ready?”

“Sure. I’m ready. Ok. Let’s go.” I smiled over my shoulder, wishing that I could find something to cover myself up with. “Let’s, ummm…go over to your house.” I grinned. Oh God, it left me so damn breathless to say that out loud.

My heart was pounding so hard. My legs felt weak as headed to the front door. I don’t know why, but my eyes were focused on the back of Ricky’s neck as he walked outside. The curve of it, the soft skin…the gentle shine of the silky fuzz on it. Not hair, but this tiny dusting of fuzz…like a baby duckling or something. Hehehe, I wanted to reach out and rub it with my fingertips. Is that weird?

Just as I closed and locked the door behind me with my house key, I saw my mom suddenly turning into the driveway with the car, and I froze! Oh wow…thank God we stopped making out when we did. That might have been hard to explain, me having a cute boy up in my room, laying on top of me and making out while we grinded our boners together. ‘Gee, Mom…it’s not what it looks like!’ Yeah, right.

Thank goodness for teen instincts.

I was worried that I might still be sticking out a bit in front, and Ricky might be too. His shorts were a lot thinner than mine were. We both sort of walked around to the other side of the car as she parked and started to climb out of the driver’s seat. I leaned against the car, but the pressure on my erection only made it harder than it was before. I hope I’m not blushing. She can’t see me, right?

“Hello.” She said, grabbing a few bags and closing the car.

“Hey!” I said, trying to appear as normal and non-suspicious as humanly possible. “This is…ummm…this is Ricky. He lives down the street.”

“Hi, Ricky. I’m Mrs. Flint.” She smiled. “You guys just moved in not long ago, didn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. We still have some boxes to unpack, but we got the basics in order.” He smiled, that sexy little dimple of his displaying itself and making me all the more anxious to escape this conversation and maybe get back to what we started upstairs.

Plus…is it me, or is it really hot having Ricky Sweeten call my mom ‘ma’am’? Hehehe! God, he’s so CUTE!

“Well, welcome to the neighborhood, Ricky. It’s good to hear that you’re making yourself at home.” Then my mom lifted up one of the bags she was holding, and I saw the Portillo’s logo on the side of it. One of my favorites. The paper bag was already well decorated with yummy grease stains in the most exquisite way. “I got your favorite. Italian beef sandwich with hot peppers. Dipped, just the way you like it.”

She definitely knows my weakness for a heavy lunch, but I had more important things to tend to at the moment. Like these rock hard inches in my pants…which STILL won’t calm down long enough for me to stop hiding behind the side of my mom’s car! “Yeah. That’s awesome. Uhhh…can you put it in the oven for me? Just to keep it warm?” I asked.

“Well, where are you guys off to?” She asked.

“I was just gonna go over to Ricky’s place for a bit. Just to hang out.” I said, trembling a little, but trying to hold myself still.

I’m soooooo close to the most erotic moment of my teenage life! Please just let me go!

“Ok. Well, for how long?” She asked.

“I…well…I mean…” I looked over at Ricky, and he looked back at me, both of us feeling too awkward to be the one to answer first. How long does it take to make out with the hottest boy on Earth? Ten minutes? Fifteen? Twelve hours straight? I didn’t really think about it. “…Well…not…not too long, right?” I said, making eye contact with Ricky to see if I could gauge his reaction.

He bashfully answered, “It probably…well, it all depends, I guess. Not too long. It’s cool if you want to eat lunch first. And you can come over later…if…if you wanted to stay for a bit…longer.”

Longer? He wants me to stay longer? Ok, that’s a good sign. Fuck my lunch! I’m going to Ricky’s house and coming back whenever I feel like it. My Portillo’s treat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. “No, that’s cool. I can stay for a bit. Like…you know…a while, if that’s cool.”

“It’s cool with me if it’s cool with you.” I think Ricky and I kind of forgot that my mom was even standing there for a moment. We had gotten a bit involved with one another for an extended moment there. “Or…if it’s cool with your mom.” He said, saving us from looking like we were planning something that wasn’t necessarily ‘parent friendly’.

My mom sort of gave me a strange look, and it began to make me extremely nervous. First of all…she has never seen me turn down a freshly made, piping hot, Italian beef sandwich with all the proper fixings. And, while it was tempting to just dive right in and gobble it down…damn it smelled good…I didn’t want to make out with Ricky tasting like peppers and cheese. So…that’s a no. But what really worried me is the fact that she took a closer look at Ricky…and I mean, he’s gorgeous. He’s SO gorgeous! She has to notice how undeniably beautiful he is. And she already knows that I’m gay, so she’s going to know that I notice it too. It wouldn’t be more than a few seconds before she put two and two together and figured out where this sudden radical change in my behavior is coming from.

Her eyes met mine, and maybe I was silently pleading with her to not think too much about this. To just beg her to make the right choice and not question this any further. Please, Mom. Please???

Finally, she said, “Alright. I guess it’ll keep warm in the oven for a while.” YES!!! “You boys have fun.”

It would be a huge sigh of relief for me to think that I had actually pulled one over on her, and that she didn’t suspect a thing…but I’m not that delusional. I mean, I’m sure that she doesn’t know anything about us making out or anything, but she’s not crazy enough to ignore the fact that I’m ditching my lunch to hang out with a boy that looks like a freakin’ fashion model and lives down the street from us. Parents can tell. Always.

But…I’ll just have to find a way to deal with that some other time.

I still had a bit of a bulge in front of my pants, and it was getting harder as we hurried towards Ricky’s front door. My hands were shaking. My oxygen intake was just barely enough to keep me from losing consciousness. And I began to blush and look around for any nosy neighbors that might be watching. Ricky dug into his pocket to fish his house keys out, and I let my eyes roam over the firm curves of his tight ass while he wasn’t looking. Oh GOD did it ever look delicious! Please, please, please hurry up and get that door open.

As soon as he closed the door, he smiled at me. He sort of brushed his fingers through his hair in the cutest way. I didn’t know what to say to him, so I was just like, “Hey…”

WHAT?!?! I’m new at this sort of thing! Cut me some slack!

He giggled in the cutest way! Saying, “C’mon. My room’s upstairs.” So I followed him, and when I walked in I noticed how bare his walls were. Just like he said they were. “Dude, you weren’t kidding. How can you live in this room with nothing on the walls? That’s crazy. I’d think it’d be uncomfortable.”

“It’s not. At least, not for me, it isn’t.” He grinned.

I was still excited, and a little bit scared, but I was trying to see if I could figure out a cool transition to start rebuilding the momentum that we had at my house about ten minutes ago. I mean…I didn’t want to just attack him like some kind of gay rapist! I was trying to be ‘cool’ about this. Butterfly stomach and all.

Ricky had a little workout bench in his room. And some single handed dumbbells on the floor next to it. Nothing super heavy or anything. A few ten pound weights, some fifteens, and a pair of twenties. I guess that’s how he keeps his arms looking so sexy. “Hey, nice.” I said. “So…this is where you work out, huh?”

“Uh huh…” Ricky said as he moved forward, and then he put his hands on my waist and just moved in to start kissing me on the lips again. Oh! Oh my…so we’re just jumping right back in where we left off then, huh? Hehehe, ok!!! I’m cool with that!

I moaned out loud as our tongues touched, and I swooned the moment that I lowered my hands to touch Ricky Sweeten’s ass through those light blue silky shorts of his. It’s difficult for me to put it into words, but his ass was softer than I thought it would be…and yet, also harder and tighter than I thought it would be at the same time. Maybe I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I had only taken short peeks at it in the past. I never got to actually hold it in my hands before. It was…ummm…hehehe, it was really cool.

I felt a bit of a push from Ricky as I got fully hard again, and I stepped back a few steps with him as we moved over to his bed. I felt the back of my legs touch the side, and Ricky stopped kissing me to make sure that I was comfortable with all of this, and he smiled before gently laying me down…soon climbing on top of me and positioning himself between my open legs to start making ut all over again.

It almost felt as though my heart was having trouble dealing with the intense rush of hyped up endorphins racing through it at that moment. I mean, I could actually hear me and Ricky kissing! Little kissing and sucking noises, all while having him push his hips into me and softly moaning from the overwhelming pleasure of it all. I really liked having him on top of me like this. The friction between his hardness and mine was causing me to feel faint…and yet, it only made me want him more.

I’m pretty sure that we kept kissing for about five to ten minutes longer before…our yearning for something more increased beyond what we were already engaged in. Like…it wasn’t enough. You know? I wanted more. And the way that Ricky was gyrating on top of me, I could tell that he wanted some more too.

I broke our passionate liplock for a second, and he raised himself up on his elbows to smile down at me. Oh wow…dimples! Hehehe, sexy, SEXY, dimples! “Hehehe, you taste like minty mouthwash.” He said. “Did you brush your teeth before coming over here?”

Yikes! “What? Heh…no, that’s crazy. My…ummm…my mouth always tastes like minty mouthwash.”

Ricky giggled, “Hehehe! You might want to see a doctor about that. I’m not quite sure that’s normal.”

I craned my neck up to kiss those sweet lips of his again, my deepest gay boy emotions still trying to make sense of this whole thing. Still trying to find reasons to deny that this could possibly be real. But as Ricky sort of rolled to the side and stood up next to the bed, his erection sticking out in front of him, proudly…I just surrendered to the moment completely. If this was some kind of psychological break or a hysterical delusion…I might as well enjoy it before it comes to an end and my sense of sanity returns. Right?

That’s when I saw Ricky reach down to take a hold of the bottom of his glaring white T-shirt…and I held my breath as he lifted it up and took it off completely, tossing it onto his clothes hamper across the room. Holy SHIT! Look at his abs! I mean…not like rock hard, cement, abs, but…clearly visible. And a cutely shaped, oval belly button, with two small brown nipples on his flat chest. Slim hips. The sight of him without a shirt on was so…sooooo…alluring! It took my breath away. I was so lost in my trance that I found myself being frozen on the bed. Oh shit! I should probably take my shirt off too, shouldn’t I? I mean…my body wasn’t going to be as impressive as his was, but…I don’t play any sports that I can’t find on my Playstation, so I’m sure he’s not expecting much.

Oh God…I hope he’s not expecting much!

I quickly sat up and snatched my T-shirt off so fast that I was scared that I might have stretched it or ripped a sleeve or something. And that’s when Ricky actually pulled his shorts down, revealing a pair of snugly fitting red boxer briefs…his manhood showing itself through the fabric, angled upward, with a small dark spot of liquid at the very tip of it. I had to shuffle a bit more to get my pants off, but I yanked them off of my ankles, one at a time, and I was wearing boxers with an open slit in the front. Black, no button. Cotton. I was wondering if I should take those off too, but Ricky was already giving me that dreamy look and climbing back onto the bed. So I just let him take the lead and submitted to having him get back on top of me again.

Our lips connected with an even more obsessive hunger than they had before…and this time, I could feel the smooth texture of his flawless skin as I wrapped my arms and legs around him…his erection poking itself into my groin with a fever that forced me to use whatever focus I had to keep from cumming all over him without warning. It was like he knew how to rub me just right. Kiss me just the way I always dreamed about being kissed. Hold me the way I always wanted another boy to hold me. And he took charge of making me feel good, which was…you know…hot. Hehehe!

My hands wandered down again to his lower back, and took a firm grip of his incredibly well sculpted ass. I loved the way it felt as he flexed it with every grind. Not only pushing up against my pulsing boner…but tongue kissing me at the same time. Wow…does his ASS have dimples too? I was feeling it on the sides, and I think his bubbled cheeks actually did have dimples in the side! I didn’t know that was a ‘thing’! Oh God, that’s even hotter than everything else about him! I’m so in love right now! Hahaha!

We were making out so hard at that moment. I mean, Ricky was really into it, which only turned me on even more…and I was worried that after only a few minutes of sliding our bare skin up against each other like this…that I was about to have an ‘accident’. I mean, I think that I’ve definitely surpassed my experience with Lucas in his uncle’s garage before we were interrupted. I know that I told Ricky that we got to third base, but I might have embellished a little bit. I mean…well…let’s be honest, it was mostly just a lot of kissing and touching and dry humping with our clothes on. But this??? Yeah…this was definitely blowing my virgin mind right now!

My hands were all over Ricky’s ass, squeezing and rubbing and clutching his thrusting hips to me the whole time. And, at one point, my hand seemed to get involuntarily bold and slide up to reach beneath the waistband of his boxer briefs to grip his bare cheek. I heard him groan with an acceptance of my actions, and my left hand got just as brave, sliding into his underwear to tightly squeeze the other cheek too. With both of my hands in there, the undies began to slide down, and it occurred to me that he was almost naked now. Oh god! Oh wow! Ok…I need to calm down! I need to…I’m gonna cum! Fuck! Hold it! Come on, Jamie…HOLD it! Don’t let this just be a quickie! We might never get an opportunity like this ever again!

Oh God…it feels so good! His hips…his tight ass…his wet tongue…

Hold it!

Come on, Jamie….fucking HOLD it!!!

That’s when Ricky detached his succulent lips from my own…and with a very subtle blush, he asked, “Jamie?”

“Yeah?” I whispered breathlessly.

“Do you mind if…I mean, like…” He hesitated for a moment, and then asked, “…Can I try something?”



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