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Hi Everyone!

Yeah, I know! I forgot to do my letters section this month. Seriously! Thanks for the 18 (I didn’t count) emails reminding me. That was totally my fault and I will go to my room and punish myself for about a half hour. <grin> Maybe again later on tonight… :X

So, this month has been a little bit of a letdown. I mean, I get it. Even though it seems like most of the country thinks they are immune to the Corona virus so “THEY” don’t have anything to worry about. The rest of us respect the loss of public… anything and keep ourselves and others safe. That includes Independence Day fireworks displays. So this month, I rode a rocket for the cover. Yup. Well not really… ACFan is really able to do a lot with that computer. LOL! So if you want to avoid people who think they don’t need to social distance, wash their hands, or wear a mask (Seriously, put it on. I don’t care if you don’t care about your own safety but in case you hadn’t noticed, the death toll here in the US is still climbing wildly out of control!), jump on a rocket. Or strap mister carrier to one. Hey, there’s an idea…

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Tonya Writes: Why do you have to be gay?

Matt’s Reply: Hmmm… I’m hoping that you are asking because you think I’m cute. Not to sound self absorbed or anything but you know, like the statement “all the cute ones are gay” which I think is kinda flattering. Otherwise, the question is a little insulting. Why do I have to be: gay, blond, male, young… Why do I have to be me? I am the person I was born to be and to pretend to be anything else would be an insult to everyone in my life who cares about me.


A Curious Reader Writes: Are Comicality, Jeff, and ACFan making you work during your Summer Vacation? Does ACFan still want you to wear a dress? What colour of mask are you wearing? How is your best friend Gary doing, and are we going to see more of him?

Matt’s Reply: (1) Yeah, some summer vacation. All this work that they have been throwing at me is really cutting into my “hiking through the back yard” time. (2) Did ACFan want me to wear a dress? I mean I have before in fun, I’ve got no hang ups 🙂 (3) Right now I have a mask that is designed to look like a blue bandana. I had another that made it look like I had a cat nose and whiskers but it was only disposable. Oh, I even had one that had rainbow colors in June. My mom found them online which was really cool of her! (4) My “Best Friend” Gary? Are you new here?!? Yeah, you’ll probably see him again in some form, here at home I’m constantly picking turkey feathers out of stuff in my room. Stupid thing molts all over the house, and smells worse than a wet dog!


“My Full Inbox” Writes: Hey Matt! Did you go on strike? Did you decide to protest the magazine? Did Jeff lose your article? Did you forget to do something this month?…

Matt’s Reply: Thanks to everyone who let me know that I forgot to finish this article. I always start it ahead of time and add to it as the month goes on. Looks like this month I got wrapped up in everything else. Sorry. And hey! How come all you guys realized I forgot to post this but never give me an upvote? I have your email addresses now. Expect a strongly worded email. Hehehe… Just kidding, Thanks for your help 🙂

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