You know, it’s weird…

As much as I hated every single minute that I spent wearing braces when I was kid…I have a serious weakness for them whenever I see them attached to a cute smile! Hehehe! Can’t help it! It gets me every time!

And somewhere in the amazingly beautiful landscape of Malaga in Southern Spain, is one of the prettiest, shiniest, smiles around! Fourteen year old, Mika Boms (Born ‘Mykhaylo’), is an upcoming and wildly popular model, Youtube influencer, and star on Tik Tok. And is it really all that hard to see why?

Over the past few years, Mika has been creating videos with his little sister, Sofi…and their fanbase exploded. Hehehe, if you’ve never seen their videos, whether you speak Spanish or not, you should check them out. They just make you feel good inside! Seriously, the two of them are soooo lively and energetic and full of giggles that you can’t help but to laugh along with their antics online!

Mika describes their channel as a place for teens to find entertainment, fun and useful ideas, sibling jokes, and internet challenges. And even some magic every now and then. They’re fun to watch! They both have such a sweet and bubbly personality, and they just radiate this ‘feel good’ vibe that is contagious and inescapable.

Since then, seeing as his physical beauty shines just as bright as his personality, Mika has been doing a great deal of modeling as well. And it seems to be turning out to be another great success for him.

What can I say? Hehehe, he’s pretty!

I can’t really tell if he enjoys it as much, but he has modeled a variety of styles from different clothing lines, including Calvin Klein. And even in a still photo, a touch of that addictive personality still comes across. Which is always a plus.

“Don’t ask me why I am so sad, I am posing for the photos. What photos do you like the most: when I am serious or when I smile?” Mika asks his followers. A rapidly growing army of Instagram fans that is well on its way to reach 100,000 subscribers, and probably won’t stop there. The Youtube channel continues to grow, as well as his Tik Tok account.

You can even find some of his self made merchandise, Mika and Sofi’s logo being a big heart with a bomb’s fuse coming out of the top. Awwww, cute! Hehehe!

At the moment, like the rest of us, the Boms siblings are dealing with the recent Covid-19 outbreak and corresponding quarantine. But he has never once lost his smile. And (attached to a recent pic of him enjoying some of the warm surf outside), he says, “My first full day on the beach after confinement. And besides, I love jumping in the giant waves, and today there was a lot! Super phenomenal!” So, he’s still having fun! And that’s awesome!

Check out a few of the ‘MikaBomsSofi’ videos down below! Smile for a while! 🙂

By the way…is it just me…or is their house and their view friggin’ AMAZING??? Look at that! Jesus! That’s breathtakingly beautiful!

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Stay beautiful, Mika! Keep up with the passion and the energy! And remember to stay away from the bad things, dude! Can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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