Rain Showers Bring Meadows of Wildflowers.

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” – Stanley Kubrick

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It was a dark rainy day, so dreary that I sat there and couldn’t decide what to do; I tried to write, but the words wouldn’t come. I decided to try and let the soft pattering of the rain lull me to sleep. However, for once that failed. I lay there thinking that things were terrible and never going to get better. If only I could go out and mingle with people and share their warmth and joy. Alas, that wasn’t to be as I was forbidden to leave my home for the good of all and myself as well. I finally realized that sitting here contemplating all the things that I couldn’t do wasn’t helping. In fact, it was compounding the depressing day, and my feelings as well. With the help of the Apple & Cinnamon scented Candle that I lit, the light of its flame and the wonderful scent; I finally realized that I should be thankful for all the things that I could do. So, I considered what I had; the roof over my head, the comfort of my cats, even the overly vocal Tiger, the filled pantry, my filled physical and virtual bookshelves.

I then realized that even with the rain outside and the forced confinement that things really weren’t that bad. I had it far better than a lot of folks. While I don’t like forced confinement, it is far better than lying in a hospital bed hooked up to who knows how many machines and monitors.

Whenever during the day my spirit began to dip, I just looked into the light of the candle and inhaled its calming and spirit-lifting scent. The scent of apples and cinnamon always reminds me of the happier times of my childhood, baking with my Aunt Ginger and my Grandmother (Short Legs) Sadie. A vision of Jonah’s badgering Cook for ‘Cinmon Crumbles’ brought tears of joy to my eyes, and thoughts of joy and peace.

While looking into the depths of the candle flame, the thought that without showers of rain we would have no meadows of multi-coloured wildflowers to delight our senses. Without the rain, there would be no Roses with their amazing varied colours and beautiful scents wafting on the summer breeze. There would be no spring grass for the young calves, foals, and bunnies. So, while rain may be cold and wet and make the world a dreary place; without rain, we would have no green grasses, no multicoloured flowers and a lot less food.

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I also realized that the rain, and the enforced confinement would give me the time and opportunity to do my laundry, do some minor repairs around my RV, rearrange the furniture to give me more room to walk around in. I also had the time to do meal prep and freeze prepared meals. I could also spend more time playing with and driving my cats crazier. Keeping them awake during the day is so much fun and revenge for them trying to wake me up during the night or my afternoon naps. I remembered that I still need to organize all my paperwork just shoved into my filing cabinet, and finally use the file folders I bought months ago. I also now had no excuse not to grind my own hamburger and Chili meat with my electric meat grinder that has been just sitting on the kitchen counter gathering dust.

So, instead of sitting around wasting the day moping, I now have a lot of things that can be accomplished and look forward to the sense of accomplishment when those things have been completed.

All thanks to the light of a single small candle! Remember always let the light in, and remember rain brings good things in the future.

Author’s Comments

I wrote this today as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, due to the poor weather, and things going on in the world around me. I am feeling a lot better now.



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Editor’s Notes:

I have to admit that I, too have been feeling sorry for myself.

Your essay reminded me that I need to think about all the good things that are actually happening to me as well as around me.

We have a wonderful neighbour who has volunteered to mow our lawn. In return, we have suggested that she use our fence row to plant various plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and other veggies. She will be happy to share the bounty of the little garden with us so we will have fresh strawberries and other nice growing things to eat. We all win.

We also provide her with some CDs of Rod Stewart. She is a total fan of his music.

She was tickled pink to get more of his music for her collection.

Thanks for the uplifting words.


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Art’s Comments

I really liked this. Monday and Tuesday when we had three inches of rain, I felt the same way. I had something to look forward to with the rain bringing renewed life to my plants that had been withering in the hot, hot sun for months. I felt so good about that, that I sat down at the computer and with renewed enthusiasm started again on one of my new stories. Less than two sentences later all the electricity went out for the next several hours so the electric company could replace the transformer that lightning had struck. By then the rain had lulled me back asleep for the second time that morning.


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