Disclaimer: This is typically where our team of lawyers shake their heads in disbelief over the blatant disregard for the actual quotes of such handsome young men within the confines of this magazine. They hold their heads in their hands and mutter something under their breath just low enough to not be heard. Then they start writing down notes while eating four or five antacid tablets and chasing them with (I think) vodka. So for my concern for their health and receding hairlines, I will state that no one at Imagine Magazine has any clue what Dylan does in private. None. I’m not saying the situation is out of the question though. I mean he is really cute, right? Totally deserving of a good time and we would hope that protection would be on the menu should such a happening happen. Just not a fictional brand because, yeah that’s another issue entirely. Just laugh and move on, unless you want to stare at him for a little while. Totally understandable.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: JeffsFort
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