Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 15

We found Lyka in his room stretched out on his bed dozing with a book in his hands. Gabe told me to get him talking and she was going to check with the nursing staff.

She walked towards the nurse’s station and I stood alongside of his bed and kissed his beautiful lips. I didn’t realize Weezer was awake and watching. “So how was your day?” I asked. He grinned up at me and said, “Not bad, yours?”

I grinned as I stifled a laugh and told him, “Oh just the usual; got kidnapped and sold into child prostitution, ran for my life, you know just regular biz.”

His face got serious and he said, “I was so worried about you, I wished I had given you my number. Dan has it, but you were pretty busy with the FBI and stuff I suppose. The news said you rescued that other boy and I saw you running from the plane. They showed the agents standing on top of a suburban with their M4’s pointed at the pilots. It was awesome and scary to know you were in that mess,” he said excitedly.

“Oh God, they didn’t show me puking up my shoes did they?”

Lyka’s laugh tinkled, “I don’t think so; they went to a shot of the dog trying to eat one of the bad guys.” Lyka’s face darkened a bit, “I’m really glad you weren’t hurt, it was that GPS thing you were wearing wasn’t it, that’s how they knew you were being taken and where to find you?”

I squeezed his hand, “Yeah it was, but Kelly has it now. They don’t want to let anything happen to him. He’s going to live here at the hospital until he’s better and then they’ll put him somewhere safe with a family. I bent down and kissed him again in full view of Weezer and I didn’t care.

I heard footsteps approaching, stood up and winked at Weezer. He looked as though someone had just presented him a large brightly wrapped live fish. On the positive side, he wasn’t talking about Legos.

Gabe walked in and got all mushy on Lyka and he suffered it with good humor. She apologized for not being there earlier.

“It’s okay Mom, you were needed there, Duncan was telling me a bit about his day.”

She hugged and kissed him and let me know the nurses were going to be by soon to get him to bed. “Do you need to go potty, dear?” she asked.

Lyka turned the most interesting shade of crimson. “If I did I would ask Duncan to help, but I don’t need help with the new cast, just my cane.”

Gabe cooed at him, “Settle down dear, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Lyka smiled up at her, “It’s okay Mom.”

I patted Lyka’s good leg and said goodnight, I crossed the hall and had a quick pee. When I emerged, Gabe was chatting quite genially with a nurse. I joined her and we made our way to the cafeteria where we found Dan relaxing in one of the easy chairs.

“How’s Michael doing?” he asked. We both paused to let the other answer; I paused longer so Gabe told him. He‘s her son after all. I added he was happy with the walking cast and he’s able to get around on his own safely.

We chatted a bit but both Gabe and Dan looked tired. We all headed out to the parking lot and walked Gabe to her Range Rover.

We walked to the car and headed for his hotel. I saw an Electronics store open and asked if we could get a charging cord for my phone.

He grinned at me and handed me a bag. The bag held a brand new Samsung S6.

“That’s yours, I had some idle time so I put Cheryl and my numbers along with Trev and Michael, oh and Max is in there too. He wants to hear how you’re doing so keep him informed okay, please?”

I stared at the phone; it was beautiful. I’ve never been really phone conscious, I didn’t hunger for an I-phone or a Me phone as Mom called it. Status symbols for me equated to ram and hard drive size and how fast my processor was and not what phone I had. I had upgraded my laptop to the limits of what the processor could do. It did everything I needed so I had no complaints. I could wait until tomorrow to get a charger for it. I even had the money to pay for it. I was surprised to find that my wallet still had the sixty-eight bucks I had the day they took it away from me.

We arrived at the hotel and Dan grabbed his overnight bag and I grabbed my pack, he led me to the elevator and we went to his room. Plop your stuff down over there. Go ahead and get comfortable while I get a shower. Then we can order some room service and see what’s on TV.

Sitting there on the bed my mind began going over the events of the day. A part of my brain said this is a bad idea, but I kept going over it and what those men wanted to do to me. I would probably be being raped at this moment if they waited that long.

Horror filled me along with terror and a few other party guests. Dan found me in the fetal position on the floor, crying and shaking.

He picked me up and held me in his arms, cradling me like a large infant. He said soothing things that I can’t remember now. Whatever it was it worked. I returned to a normal state slowly. I remembered that Dan had held me like this before when I was very small. I had fallen or something and he got me calmed down and I was able to carry on as normal.

When that was over with and we had talked about what would or could have happened if I didn’t have him in my life, we ordered dinner. We both ordered bacon cheeseburgers and fries and man, they were generous with the fries. After that, we were both pretty tired. Dan shut off the heat since it was getting stuffy and we crawled into the bed. I shut off like I had a switch. I woke up about two-thirty with Dan’s arms around me I must have gravitated to his side of the bed. I gently untangled myself and had a pee.

The room was cold now but I had to stop and look at the snow falling outside. It’s funny how snow makes everything look better.

I slipped back under the covers and Dan said, “I think I better do that too.” He walked between me and the bathroom door and I saw him in silhouette; he was sporting a huge pee boner that tented his boxer briefs quite a way out. He slid back into bed and reached out and pulled me back to him.

“This is how Trev likes to sleep when we’re using the same bed.”

His warmth and presence made me feel secure and it didn’t take me long to conk out again.

He roused me early; he was already dressed. He said we needed to get moving if we were going to get everything done before we hit the hospital.

He asked if I was hungry but I wasn’t.

“Well we can eat at the hospital cafeteria, they make a pretty good breakfast buffet as you no doubt have discovered,” he smiled.

I agreed, I thought maybe I could get Lyka and Kelly to join us.

“Okay, our first stop is going to be “The Werks Clothing,” it’s a store that carries Carhart, Dickey and that sort of stuff plus they sell boots and you need a pair.

“We can get you more trainers when we’re home but this weather calls for boots. Plus they cater to farmers and trade guys so they open early.

“We can hit Target or some place later for incidentals. When we’re done there most of the other stores will be open so we can do some more shopping after we hit the hospital.

“I still need to submit the papers to the administrators so you are legally free to go.”

“The Werks” was amazing! They had everything to keep you warm and the sales people insist you try everything on for fit so it took a while. I ended up with socks, underwear, long johns and t-shirts plus a pair of Carhart bib overalls with cargo pockets and zippered pockets on the front. Forgive my excitement, but I thought they were cool. I got a couple pair of Levis, a canvas shirt and two flannel ones. We topped it off with a flannel-lined Carhart work coat that keeps you warm and toasty even in Utah winters.

Then it was boots and gloves and I walked out fully equipped to deal with winter. A little stiff but a roll down an embankment helped limber up all that canvas. Fortunately, I didn’t hit any rocks.

We parked out front and walked to the door and Dan pushed the intercom button. A voice inquired our business and Dan identified himself plus one. We walked to Security to check in and ask where we could find Dr. Chandler.

The man behind the desk looked at me and suddenly started apologizing. He said he didn’t know, and their paperwork had all the right stamps and things.

I stopped him and explained, “It’s okay. You followed the procedures and if you had interfered, the guys that took me might have gotten away. So please don’t feel bad.”

He looked a little less stressed. “I’m never releasing anyone like that again until I verify the paperwork with the court that issues it. I think that it’s the least we can do to keep something like that from happening again.”

I smiled at him and told him, “That sounds good to me.”

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