That’s when he kissed me deeply again, our heavy breathing turning into whimpers of an eager yearning that I had never felt before in real time. A hunger. An itch that was driving me wild as I crushed his gyrating body against me and waited to see what could possibly come next.

Ricky moved his kisses down to the side of my neck again, and sucked tenderly at the flesh on one side…then moving to the other. I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy as his sexy lips moved further down to suck on my nipples, my body squirming beneath him, my hardness pushing itself up into his chest as his tiny nibbles and licks caused a sensual shock to race from my erect nipple straight down to my balls. And then…he traveled further South…

I felt my hardness jump and throb with anticipation as he got closer to my belly button. I was already sticking up out of the slit in my boxer shorts, completely exposed and soaked at the tip of my shaft. Wet, sticky…slimy. But I didn’t have much time to worry about how it looked or what he thought of it, because he reached up with his hand and took a hold of it for the first time.

I’ve never had anybody really touch me down there before. Certainly not while I was this hot and horny. He just wrapped his fingers around it, and I felt my fingers grip the sheets in a duo of tightly clenched fists. My length throbbed so hard that I was surprised it didn’t pull itself right out of his clutching grip. My legs stiffened, and my toes stretched out…I thought I was going to cum right away, but I clenched my ass cheeks and closed my eyes to keep from squirting too soon. I wanted this. I needed it!

Ricky’s kisses went below my belly button, and he moved over a little to land a few on the insides of my right and left thighs. I was doing my best not to wiggle, but it was difficult for me to stay still. And when he licked my balls and gently sucked one of them into his mouth, I heard my voice squeak in a high pitch, cracking weakly as I twisted my body and bent both legs at the knees…trying to maintain some level of ‘cool’ as bolts of sensual lightning shot through me from head to toe. Oh God….his tongue feels so good! I can’t believe that Ricky Sweeten is licking me right now! This is so crazy!

That’s when I felt his nose and lips detach from my heated erection for a moment, and he rose up on his elbows again. I opened my eyes to see his sexy face staring back at me. My expanded slit was leaking sooooo much excessive fluid. Crystal clear, but to the point where it was sliding over the side of my expanded helmet and running down to cover his fingers. Ricky giggled to himself for a moment, and reached over to the side of the bed to grab his shirt and wipe some of the sticky nectar off of my blushed tip.

Feeling a bit embarrassed by how ‘excited’ I was down there, I mumbled, “Heh…sorry…”

“It’s cool. Honestly.” He moaned in response, and gave it an extra stroke or two, bringing even more of my seed to the surface. “If you ask me…it’s kinda hot.” He stuck out his tongue to experiment with the taste while I held my breath. He didn’t make a face, so I guess it tasted alright. He even moved his head forward to lick it again, and clean it off for me. And then…he allowed his lips to spread over the swelled tip, and I felt the whole world drop out from beneath me as I experienced the weightless, slippery, sensation of Ricky lowering his mouth down on me. First, he just went a third of the way, his tender lips kissing the top of the fist he was holding me with. But then, he went to just two or three fingers and took me in more than halfway. At this point, I clenched my ass cheeks tight, and I couldn’t find the appropriate bodily commands to get them to react. I was just…soooo overwhelmed.

Why was I breathing so hard now? It’s not like I was running around the school race track. I don’t know, but I was too excited to get my body to calm the hell down. I’m going to lose it so early. I just know I am.

I never knew that an actual, physical contact, blowjob could ever feel so freakin’ awesome! You’d think that you’d have a pretty good handle on figuring out the best ways to make your body feel like it’s soaring waaaay up above the clouds once you get the whole masturbation thing worked out. I mean…who knows my body better than me, right? But this? This was on a whole other level. The loss of any type of measured control made all of the difference. I couldn’t speed up, or slow down, or hold off to let those familiar orgasmic tremors die down a bit before starting up again. But…I think that I kind of LIKED that part! Just…giving myself over to Ricky’s pleasures and letting him take me on a roller coaster ride like I’ve never known before.

Omigod…that tongue, though! What is he doing to me right now?

“Mmmm…Ricky…” I moaned.

“Yeah?” He asked, taking me out of his sucking lips and looking up into my eyes to see if I was actually talking to him, or simply moaning his name.


“You said my name…”

“Oh. No. I was just…ummm…nevermind.” I blushed.

“M’kay…” He said, and he went back down on me again. In fact, he shifted a little bit to get further up between my trembling legs so that he could suck me from a better angle. I could feel his tongue, like…inside his mouth…sliding all around the under side of my shaft, and licking at the ridge of my circumsised tip, causing me to pulse, throb, and wiggle, constantly while I just tried my best to keep from sliding right out of my own skin. It was the hottest, wettest, thing that I’ve ever felt before. All of my senses were going wild with feelings that I didn’t even know existed within me until this very moment. Does this mean that Ricky Sweeten is going to be my first time??? Omigod!!! What a fucking story I’m going to have to tell one day!

I looked down to see his sensuous lips sliding up and down my shaft…slow, but steady, and I just had to take a moment to appreciate and admire what I was looking at. I was feeling so good that I almost forgot to, like…you know…’participate’. I was a little bit shy about it at first. This is definitely a lot heavier than just having us roll around kissing. But I reached down with one of my hands to touch his hair. Heh…I always wanted to touch Ricky’s hair. Soft and brown and perfect…with just a few loose strands that would occasionally sweep across his forehead whenever he smiled. It was like it had a mind of its own. I used to dream about running my fingers through it the same way that he did whenever he was feeling bashful. And now…I had a chance to do so without feeling like a total weirdo for walking up and touching some other boy’s hair like a freakin’ serial killer with a fetish.

And you know what? It was even better than I thought it would be. I swear…his chestnut brown locks were more like a liquid than a solid. And he moaned softly when he felt my hand on the back of his head. I swear, he tried to take in another half inch of my hardness when I did that. It made me wonder what else I could do while he was blowing my mind with his oral pleasures. I just…I looked at his shoulders, and his arms…and I sighed to myself. They weren’t like my arms, or Silas’ arms. They had curves, and subtle bumps, and tender muscles on them. His shoulders too. I don’t know what it was about the look of him that turned me on so much more than I had already been turned on at that moment…but when I reached down to lay my hands on his strong, broad, shoulders…feeling him suck me even harder as my loving touch aroused him even further…but I simply couldn’t take anymore. No way! It was too much for my virgin body to handle!

“Whoah…ummm…Ricky?” I said, breathlessly. But this time, he just kept sucking. His rhythmically bobbing head taking as much of my teen inches into his vacuum as he could possibly receive. “Wait…Ricky???” I said a bit louder. I was reaching the point of explosion. The whole of my body’s biological functions began to shut down, one by one, all focusing on the massive eruption that was rapidly reaching its inevitable boiling point. I think he thought I was merely calling out his name in an involuntary moments of ecstasy again…but I really wasn’t. This was quickly becoming an emergency! And I didn’t want my first sexual encounter to be totally ruined by giving my partner an unexpected mouthful of hot cum without warning. “Dude…!”

Ricky took a hold of my shaft and lifted his head. “Is this ok? Is it my teeth? I tried not to do that. I heard that…”

But it was already too late. Just the sound of Ricky’s voice and the sight of his eyes connected to mine was an intense aphrodisiac in itself. So…despite my best efforts to hold it in…I felt my scrotum drawing up tight underneath my erection as the shaft began to thump and swell with the threat of one of the biggest orgasms that I’ve ever had.

My knees drew up, almost to my chest, and my body twisted as those wildly vigorous contractions began to produce a volume of sticky seed that I might have actually been ashamed of if it didn’t feel so FUCKING GOOD!!!

However, I was slightly humiliated as the first jet of warm seed squirted all the way up the right side of Ricky’s cheek, nearly hitting him in the corner of his eye! More fluids burst forth, covering his face, lips, the side of his nose, and one even was left dripping from his earlobe. It wasn’t like I could ‘stop’ once I got started. And even if I could…my body was too wracked with unfathomable levels of bliss and boyish euphoria to control myself. All I could do was stretch and gasp and wriggle my thin body on his bed sheets until I rode this lightning bolt all the way to the ground.

Oh God….


It took me a moment for me to even open my eyes again, my body tingling from head to toe, my brain spinning in circles as it tried to comprehend what the hell just happened to me. Running a ‘human diagnostic report’ to double check to see if any actual damage was done. Christ…did any of that just happen? Or is this the part where I wake up in my bed at home and have to find a sneaky way to do my laundry before my mom and dad think it’s weird?

“Oh wow…” I sighed. “Ricky. That was, like…that was…” It was then that I felt him moving from in between my legs, and reaching over to the side of the bed again for his T-shirt on the floor. I gasped out loud, doing everything that I could to shake myself free from my blissful state of mind and get the wheels of my common sense grinding again. “Oh NO! Rick! Dude…I’m SO sorry!!! I didn’t…I mean, I really really didn’t mean to just…!”

Ricky just giggled to himself in the cutest way. “It’s ok. Hehehe! Technically…you did try to warn me.”

Nooooo! He had my hot cum plastered all over his cute and sexy face! I tried to hold it. I swear, I did. Oh man, he was smiling as he started wiping his face off with his T-shirt, and I felt so embarrassed. Ugh! I got some in his dimple too. Well, actually…that was kind of hot. Hehehe! But, the rest of it was not how I planned on this whole thing going today.

“I…I didn’t mean to do that. Ok? It kinda surprised me too. You were just…soooo good at what you were…’doing’ down there…”

Ricky blushed as he finished cleaning himself up, some of it getting into his lovely hair. I made such a freakin’ mess. “I’m flattered. Really.” Ricky said. Then he saw some more of my warm liquid arousal sliding down the side of my shaft, my erection still rock hard as it pulsed in time with my highly infatuated heartbeat. He leaned in to catch the thick droplet before it could puddle in the few sparse pubic hairs that I had developed at this point in my life, and he licked it all the way back up to the very tip of my eager boyhood…and he wrapped his lips around it again for a quick suck…squeezing it from the base to the tip to taste whatever dribblings I had left within my hypersensitive tube. It tickled something awful, but I held myself together as he got his last little taste, and he said, “Mmmm, not bad. I like it.” And he flashed me one of those adorable smiles as he stood up and took his sticky shirt with him as he began walking to bathroom to clean up.

I couldn’t help but to notice his erection poking out in front of him. So proud. Probably a full inch and a half bigger than mine from the looks of it. But he’s one of those athletic cuties that I wouldn’t expect anything less from, you know? Not to mention…Ricky’s sweet SWEET ass looks absolutely mouthwatering in a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs! Oh WOW, do I wish I could smash my face up against that ass!

I’m seriously starting to sound like Silas right now. But…everything about it feels so right in this moment. Hehehe, it really does!

I was feeling a bit lazy at the moment. My body had been wrecked by that surprise orgasm, and it left me feeling weak all over. I, honestly, couldn’t think of anything more comfortable than just…drifting off to sleep for a while. But as I looked down at myself, I noticed that I was still sprawled out, butt naked, on Ricky Sweeten’s sheets. And I still had some sticky residue on my stomach and in my hairs. You’d be surprised how quickly that stuff turns cold. And I mean, like…ICE cold! I didn’t want to just be laying here all…knocked out and stuff when Ricky came back in. That would be rude, wouldn’t it?

I didn’t want to wipe myself off on my shirt, because my mom was home, and she’d be sure to see it the second that I walked in the door. But…considering the fact that I totally unloaded most of it on Ricky’s face…there wasn’t that much to clean up. So I rolled over a bit, but not all the way on my stomach, trying not to have this ‘boy glaze’ rub off all over his sheets, and I reached my hand out to grab one of my socks instead. I cleaned myself up as best as I could, but when Ricky walked back in the room again…I don’t know…I felt a little bit shy again.

I know it’s crazy, but…we just had SEX! Well, for the most part. Right? And when you’re with somebody that you really really like…the difference of ‘before sex’ and ‘after sex’ can be a completely different dynamic. Right? I mean, I wouldn’t know from experience, but I would imagine that it would matter in some way. Maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing. Who knows?

“Hey…” I said. Not knowing what else to say. It was like we were strangers all over again.

I noticed that Ricky’s hair was wet, which meant that he had to probably lightly scrub some of my mess out of it before coming back into the room. He said, “I liked this. This was cool.” And he giggled in the sweetest way. I took a look at his body again, and was amazed by the way it just…looked to me. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to have a body like his. I definitely wanted more, but…

…Ugh! That stupid word! ‘But…’

I started getting really nervous again. To the point where it was hard for me to even breathe. And I wanted to move forward and keep going, but…dammit, I just didn’t know how!

Ricky was still super hard. I could see it. And I wanted it. I wanted it so badly that it was like I could taste it already.

It was as if the oxygen in my lungs had been frozen into a solid block of ice when I finally got the nerve to ask, “Do you want me to do you now?”

His face turned red, that adorably cherished smile of his turning sideways as he timidly hid his boyish grin from me. “You don’t have to, Jamie. Honestly. I just…I wanted to try it out. And you were really cute, so I thought…I’d want you to be my first.”

He giggled again, and I felt myself getting more and more breathless as I tried to keep from staring at the obvious boner sticking out right in front of him. I’m kind of glad that he was a bit nervous about all of this too. It made it easier for me to take a hold of his hand, kiss him briefly, and sit him down on the bed as I got down on my knees in front of him and lightly pressed my face against his hardness, rubbing my nose and lips back and forth against it through the thin fabric of his underwear.

He had this really passionate scent about him down there. And it got to be slightly more potent as I traveled down to his balls and inhaled deeply…allowing his straight boy fragrance to intoxicate me to the point of feeling faint. It was the sexiest aroma that I have ever been exposed to…and I couldn’t stand to be away from the taste of him for a moment longer.

Ricky seemed to tense up as I reached for the waistband of his boxer briefs, asking, “Are you sure?” And I nodded, causing him to relax a bit and lift his hips so I could pull his underwear all the way off of him.

I was right. Ricky was definitely bigger than me. Probably by more than I than had previously expected. Damn! Hello, friend! Hehehe!

I rubbed my hands over both of his thighs, and took a hold of his balls before slithering my tongue all over them, dizzy with the feel of my overzealous tastebuds swiping across their wrinkled surface. A few hairs were strategically placed on his tender sack, a contrast to the darker patch that he had collected at his base. Honestly, I could have licked Ricky’s balls all day and probably would have cum again all over his bedroom carpet. But I wanted more. If I end up only getting one chance at this…I want to enjoy it. Who knows if Ricky is going to wake up tomorrow morning and regret experimenting with the neighborhood’s ‘gay kid’, you know?

I can’t describe the addictive taste of him. Naughty, but nice. Warm and soft. Pheromones displayed in their most potent form as I fought off the urge to move away from his tasty nuggets and slide my tongue up to suck on the premature offerings of boy honey that I had always wished to have at my disposal…day and night. Ricky’s thighs were strong, and firm…and yet soft at the same time. His abdominal muscles were tight…but were heaving as he gave way to a more submissive form of pleasure, the same way that I had done for him just moments ago. The whole experience was one that I knew I’d never forget. Not for as long as I lived.

“Whoah…ok…I’m gonna shoot now…” He sighed, but I didn’t pull off. I refused. I wanted Ricky Sweeten’s first ‘gay’ load to shower my throat with his essence and forever remind him that…gay boys always do it better.

He actually tried to scoot his pretty little ass back on the bed, but I chased him by crawling right up there with him, and when I felt him convulsing with a turbulent orgasm of his own, his first thick blast of semen covering the outside of my lips…I was quick to get his spasming shaft back into my mouth so he could let the rest of his highly aroused offering splash heavily across the surface of my tongue, filling me up with his hot boy flavor and driving my most erotic motions into a total frenzy.

The only thing than made me happier than swallowing his seed…was the idea that he let me do it. Willingly. He even asked me to do it. Wow….I can’t believe that I made him cum. He must have been so hot to try this out for the first time.

His breath was short, his flat stomach heaving as I continued to nurse at his overly responsive length, feeling it twitch and jump until he, literally, had to put both hands on the top of my head to push me off of him with a sweet giggle to let me know that he couldn’t take anymore. Hehehe! God, he’s so cute!

Panting heavily, Ricky said, “Oh man…you really do think about this all the time, don’t you?”

“Hehehe, maybe.” I replied, swallowing more of his flavor with a smile. “There certainly isn’t anything gross about that. At least..not for me.”

It took Ricky a few seconds to recover, but when he did, he pulled me up on the bed and had me lie on top of him again while we made out like crazy. Both of us tasting the remnants of our own explosions as our tongues mated intimately between our sucking lips. And it was at that moment, that everything felt right with the world, you know? This is the day when I can honestly say that…

I don’t want anything more.

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