Born in Miami, Florida…this young cutie has very quickly become one of the modeling industry’s favorite boys! Kayler Raez didn’t take long at all to rise up in the ranks of the many gorgeous boy models that came before him. With his charisma and attitude on the runway, many big names have recognized him as one of the the ‘next big things’ to hit the male modeling world.

And once Kayler hit the runway at the Industry Fashion Show in Tampa Bay back in 2019…I guess you could say that it was pretty much a done deal from that point on.

Also a social media celebrity, actor, voice actor for animation, dancer, and self taught piano player…Kayler has proven himself to be the kind of superstar that most people drool over, just trying to get him to be a part of their roster. With over 10,000 loyal viewers on his Instagram accounts, Kayler is getting more and more popular by the day. Which is awesome! Because he definitely deserves it.

He started out when he was just a toddler, and worked hard to get to the level that he’s at now. Even creating a certain trademark ‘walk’ that he uses to model clothes in front of industry higher ups…who go crazy for it each and every time that he does it.

Now working for the MMG (Model Management Group), Kayler Raez is expanding his brand and increasing his success with ever new project with every job that he nails down. And with his new found celebrity, he seems to be truly dedicated to using it to do good things and help others as much as he can with his socially conscious awareness, speaking out and doing all that he can to educate others by setting a good example.

To be so young, it’s amazing to see how intelligent he is when it comes to the current pandemic. He definitely WANTS to go out and play and have fun with his friends, but understands the reality of the situation at hand. “I miss days out…” He says. “Everything will improve for us shortly…we need to continue being safe, patient, and optimistic.”

He also adds, “Safety is always first. I never go outside without my N95 and my funny gloves! I hope all of this is over soon! Don’t risk your life (Or the lives of others)…it’s not worth it!”

Amen to that! Hehehe, God bless you, cutie pie!!! 🙂

However, Kayler seems rather anxious to get back to normal, regardless. And I don’t lame him. “I miss my hairstyle! Guys, this is my quarantine hair!!! I’m getting ready to get my hair cut and styled as usual…” I know the feeling. Hehehe, I finally got my own hair cut not long ago, and I had to inspect that place from top to bottom beforehand! LOL! So good, luck Kayler! 😛

On top of that, Kayler Raez has been a huge supporter of the current protests in America and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Saying, “So this is now the most important cause I’ve ever taken up in my ten years here in Miami. I feel so encouraged about everything going on in the USA and worldwide…” And he has taken a variety of pics with his protests signs and also of him wearing designer masks in an attempt to get others to do the same. He may be young, but his world view is more mature than some people twice his age. And that is something worthy of awe and admiration.

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Best of luck, and good wishes to you, Kayler Raez! Keep working hard! And we hope to only see good things for you in the future! Stay safe! And stay beautiful! We’ll be watching!

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Kayler Raez – Sweet Boy Swagger

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