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Hi Everyone!

Incase you didn’t know it, I wasn’t on the cover this month. I wasn’t able to leave the house because Preston got sick and he was showing the signs of COVID-19. He had that nose swab test thing done and we can’t go in his room unless we have on a mask and wear gloves and stuff when we handle his clothes and dirty dishes and stuff. So that means we have to isolate for two weeks or until we are given the ok to go back to normal isolation. The little guy is miserable but his turkey is keeping him company all day every day. I guess the bird isn’t all bad, still weird though. So I wasn’t able to do the shoot for the magazine this month. I just got to see the cover that Jeff made for August and I swear that guy can predict the future. I feel JUST like that kid right now.

I also got an email from Comicality that he has been sick and isolating as well. I don’t get how some people can see how sick this stuff makes people but they still ignore the rules to keep your distance. Other places in the world have just about stopped it’s spread but here people are in the streets protesting their rights to not have to isolate, social distance or even wear a mask. Where does that kind of messed up reasoning come from anyway? Oh yeah… leadership. I can’t wait til I can vote!

I’ll be in my room if you need me. Be smart, wear a mask. Please. Get well soon Comsie!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Who4m1 Writes: Hello, I have a question: Have you ever needed to gather your confidence for modeling or sharing parts of your life online? Did you even need to think about those two things at all? I mean, I know that the start of your modeling was more or less spontaneous, but that does not mean that you never thought about it a bit deeper about it later?

I know, that I would really need to gather my confidence for both. But then again, I’m usually a pretty shy person and just not have that much self confidence. You seem at first sight like a pretty confident person, are you? (I mean overall, everybody has insecure moments.)

Matt’s Reply: OMG yes. I’ll be honest, even though I know what’s expected during a photo shoot, I still get nervous as the shoot date gets closer. Sharing parts of my life online is actually a lot easier because I have this alter ego to kinda hide behind. So, it’s me but it kinda isn’t. So, I just don’t think about the fact that I have no idea how many people will read anything I type and write it as i think it. If that makes any sense. <giggle> There have been times I’ve looked up in a store or something and saw someone reading a newspaper or something that I did an underwear ad for and just want to hide. That’s when I realize that random strangers can see me in my underwear and, that just about all of them can look at those pics and not realize it’s me in those shots. One lady in the waiting room at my dentist’s looked at me and then back at the ad I was in and actually said something. “This is crazy, this kid in this add looks a lot like you.” She smiled and showed it to me and I laughed. “A little I guess.” I replied and she went back to reading.

As for being confident, I need to appear that way to get jobs. I can act like exposing part of myself isn’t a big deal and even control what I expose. But I never put it all out there and I do cringe when work tried to cut into my life. But then I remember that people see what they want to. One kid i worked with said he pretends he’s just a mannequin (thank you spell check) that poses itself. So the pics aren’t him in the end. I kinda like that thought too. 


A Fan Writes: Matt I think your image on the magazine is really cute especially on the pride cover last year. Do you think I’m cute? Please don’t show anyone my pic tho.

Matt’s Reply: Awww…. You really are cute, is your hair really that blue? That’s sick! Don’t worry, I won’t post the image you sent. Man of my word! I had to look back at that issue cause I forgot what shirt I had on. To be honest, the design on the shirt was put on in post (or whatever you call what ACFan does to my shots. LOL!) but I would love to find a real one. Pretty sure my Mom wouldn’t let me out of the house wearing it though. <giggle>


nunyahbiz Writes: so, im confusd you pic is a drawing who are you really?????? show youre real face!!!!!!!!

Matt’s Reply: You got me bro, I’m actually Jeff P the magazine editor cause, I didn’t have enough work to do already and needed to create a better looking me to be more active for you all. (I’m so dead, sorry Jeff LOL!) Or, I’m actually the little old lady that lives down the street from the real Matt and I stole his identity to write for a virtual magazine. Or… I’m that guy on TV that goes door to door giving away prize checks and now I won’t come to your house. Now you don’t know where i’m coming from at all! Hehehe… Seriously, I’m the mascot for the magazine. Real or fictional, I play a part here and to be honest, it’s all to entertain the community that helped me not feel so all alone. If you can’t take the fact that I literally could be anyone or just me then, you may want to start criticizing actors on TV and in the movies for pretending to be someone else just to entertain people. If you think I’m putting my real identity out there, think again. Both for safety and for entertainment. So, thanks for your email, maybe enable spell check next time. Just sayin.

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