The Adventures of Kyle Duron

The ships exiting hyperspace were one MC40 cruiser followed by five Assault frigates and five gunships. As soon as the cruiser enters it starts sending out its X-Wings.

Booster, “Where the heck did that force come from?”

Corrin, “Whistler open a coms to the star destroyer”

On board the star destroyer sir one of the X-wings that just entered wants to talk to you.

Corrin, “Booster, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t put a torpedo up your ships ass for capturing the ship with the Solo twins on it.”

Booster, “So the solo twins are really on the shuttle pity I heard from a good source that the shuttle had just left Dantooine, and two of the people on it had come from the crystal cave.”

Corrin, “So you were going to raid the shuttle and then what?”

Booster, “While head to Yavin IV and turn over the stuff to Luke.”

Corrin, “I see well can you disengage your tractor beam on the shuttle and the X-Wing then?”

Booster, “Sure thing. Also where is Tycho?”

Corrin, “He is back on the Liberty.

After the shuttle carrying the solo twins and their party is disengage from the tractor beam, Corrin orders the Rogues to back to the cruiser and the New Republic force jumps out the system.

Coms, sir we are receiving a transmission from the shuttle.

Booster put it through

Jason, “Booster do you think you have room on your ship for our shuttle and escort?”

Booster, “Sure thing come on board.”

Through the force

Kyle, “Jason what the hell he is a smuggler!”

Jason, “Relax he now knows who we are. Also, now we you do not have to be cramped in your X-wing for the hyperspace jump back to Yavin IV.”

Kyle, “I guess you are right.”

End of force thought

As the two ship enter the hanger Booster goes down to meet them. As he is coming to meet them, the X-wing canopy opens very fast and a pissed off Kyle Duron activates his two lightsabers.

Booster, “Why don’t you put that thing away before you hurt someone.”
Kyle, “Tell your goons to lower their weapons.”

Booster notices his guards have their weapons trained on the Jedi. Stand down all of you if you know what good. As the guards lower their weapons, the solo twins exit the shuttle along with lump and see Kyle very pissed with his lightsaber activated.

Jason, “Wow Booster I think this is the first time you pissed off a Jedi.”

Booster, “Jason Solo, if you had said it was you, we could have avoided having my ass chewed by my son-in-law.”
Jason, “Kyle, lower your lightsaber please? He will not hurt us now.”
Kyle deactivates both light sabers and puts them back in his belt

Booster, “Kid you have spunk let me tell you how would you feel being part of my crew?”
Kyle, “Nah why would I want to join some smugglers.”

Booster, “Well it’s an open offer.”

Jaina, “If you boys are done comparing who has the bigger gun, can we go to get something to eat please?”

Booster follow me.

As the four Jedi, are following booster, Kyle is a little weary about the whole thing and wondering who spilled the beans back on Dantooine.

After eating the group of Jedi where shown to where they were to be quarter for the trip back to Yavin IV.

Jason, “Do you think Ural was the one spilled the beans?”

Kyle, “I do not think so how would he know who Booster was since he has been living in the enclave for so long.”

Jaina, “I have hunch is when we landed we asked someone about the cave and knowing how only force sensitive people can get the crystal, they may have put a tracker on the ship and when we were near Booster fired up his gravity well on his ship and pulled us out.”

Jason, “Yea, you right good think Corrin and the group showed up.”

Kyle, “That was my doing, I had told Master Skywalker where I was going and I guess he asked Corrin to follow me and boom the force is pulled and boy did you see Booster face when Corrine nailed him.”

As the four jedi start sleeping the Errant Venture, jumps into hyper space. Five hours later as the group of Jedi wake up, they hear an announcement we are entering the Yavin system.

As the Errant Venture, comes out of hyperspace it sees a New Republic Battle group in orbit around Yavin IV.

Booster, “Sheese all those ships to guard one planet?”

As Booster is talking Kyle comes up beside him.

Kyle, “Yep it because, we have been attacked in the past and have the kids of Han and Leia Solo training there as well as Luke Skywalker.

Booster cracks a smile and says “Yea I just hope we do not get blown up when we get near.”

Kyle, “Why you worried there is no red star destroyers in the remnants of the Empire.”

Booster, “Your right, I have something I want to give you follow me.”

Kyle follows Booster to his quarters

Booster, “I went digging and remember I found this on one of my many trips.”

Booster opens the trunk and inside is a double-bladed lightsaber along with the crystal Stygium, which aided a jedi who used stealth, as well as map to give permafrost crystal on the planet hoth which gives a lightsaber an icy blue color.

Kyle has a shocked face

Kyle, “Where you get that?

Booster, “Found it on a planet called dxun”

Kyle activates the blade and two colors shoot out a silver and cyan.

Kyle, “Thank you Booster, but why give this to me after the way I acted.”

Booster, “You showed you had spunk and I like that.”

Kyle, “Well I need to return to the surface and inform Master Skywalker what I found.”

As the two craft exited the Star Destroyers it jumped back into hyper space. The two craft head down to Yavin IV after transmitting the right codes, as the ships are landing Master Skywalker is there to greet them.

Luke, “You four have a good time. Also, from what I heard from Master Horn you ran into trouble”

Kyle, “You mean the run in with Booster, yea we did I am glad Corrin, showed up when he did.”

Luke, “That was my doing I asked Tycho to send a few ships to help you out. Also, what you find?”

Jason, “20 color crystal and several other crystals which we found out can modify a lightsaber according to the holocorn we found in the cave.”

Luke, “Kyle you find that we were looking for?”

Kyle, “Yes Master, I found the trunks and there were full.”

Luke, “Well now that you four have been debrief go hang out.”

As the three leave the meeting, Jason and Jaina head off to training, while Kyle heads off to his room to upgrade his light sabers. He thinks about how he wants to build them. Realizing that wilding two single blades would be more effective he takes his uncle lightsaber he found in the ruins and adds the Eralam and Etaan crystal to it as well as the superior discharge energy cell, expert deflection emitter, and the enhanced byrothis lens. Since he found his first one, he is now building one which will define him as a Jedi. For his second lightsaber he decides to go with the Cyan color crystal, with changing it to the permafrost color later after he finds it, he also adds the Jenruax and Opila modifying crystals, ultimate diatium energy cell, expert fencing emitter, as well as the improved beam gen lens. He activates both lightsaber and feel the power he has. He puts the reaming compoents into the trunks as well as the double-bladed light saber booster gave him and the one, he found on Dantooine and seals it up. After completing both lightsabers, he goes to the training room to see if anyone would spare with him. As Kyle is walking down the halls, he sees Master Corrin Horn and Master Kyle Katarn. They notice him coming toward them.

Katarn, “Corrin here was just telling me how you faced down Booster, is that true?”

Kyle, “Yep, I did. I think he will think twice about messing with us Jedi.”
Corrin, “I see you are carrying two lightsabers duel welding now?”

Kyle, “Yes I found some good stuff in the trunks my relative left for me crafted these two new light sabers.”

Corrin, “let’s see how good they are.”

As the three enter the training room Corrin orders everyone out of the circle so he can face Kyle. Kyle activates his new lightsabers, at once everyone in the room can feel the power they are giving off. Corrin readies his attack he moves in. For 30 minutes both Kyle and Corrin spare with neither giving an inch till finally Kyle spins jumps off the floor and lands behind Corrin and force pushes him against the wall. Corrin hits the padded wall with a thud. Katarn, Kyle is the winner. Suddenly several target droids appear they begin firing laser bolts at Kyle. Kyle easily deflects the bolts due to the enhancements of his light sabers. Seeing enough Luke calls a halt to the training.

Luke, “Well Kyle it seems you have some very powerful lightsabers.”

Kyle, “I know I am happy only I have access trunks.”

Luke, “I would like to know what type of crystal and other components you have?”

Kyle explains to Luke the message left by Kypt and the jedi artifacts left to him.

Luke, “I see well keep all that stuff, falling into the wrong hands could be deadly.”

Kyle, “I will master.”

After the sparing match Kyle decides he needs to cool down and heads out on speeder bike exploring more the planet. As he is exploring, he senses something, like a calling. He follows the feeling and this leads him back to the ruins where he found the medallion and other stuff. As he nears it a figure is standing at the entranced way.

Kypt, “I am very pleased you found my stuff and built two beautiful lightsabers.”

Kyle, “Thank you master, so how are we related?”

Kypt, “I am your uncle, your dad was my brother, both of us where force sensitive, but your dad decided not to become a jedi, and instead became, what you knew him as, when the jedi where being hunted down he hid his powers so as not to be discovered.”

Kyle, “Dad did talk about a Jedi in the family once the empire was gone.”

Kypt, “Yep I was him I am glad you found the stuff I left, also I take it you saw what happened and how I died?”

Kyle, “Yes I did the day you died both my dad and I knew something had happened.”

Kypt, “I must go now remember the I will be with you always”

As Kypt fades away, Kyle looks on the ground and sees a new lightsaber color crystal it matches the color of the forest. Thinking how this colored combined with the emerald one would like a nice-looking lightsaber. Thinking he needs to let his dad know about what happened. He hops back onto the speeder and heads back to the temple, after getting back he goes to rooms. Once he enters his room, he starts building the double-bladed light saber. For the two colors he chooses the emerald and forest green for color, he chooses the Rubat, Dragite, Stygium, and Ruusan modifying crystals. He uses the fencing and deflection emitters. For the energy cell he uses the ultimate diatium energy cell and the telgorn jolt mark III cell, to finish off his light saber he chooses the byothsis lens and improved beam gem lens. After putting all the comments together, he activates the blades. A brilliant light saber is made. Kyle deactivates it and puts it down. After building the light saber he heads to the refresher aka a shower to get cleaned up. Exiting the refresher, he changes into his flight suits, backs a bag with winter clothing and woodland pattern clothing, he puts all the remaining crystal and components back from the other trunks and combines the stuff down to two trunks, put the trunks on a dolly, locks his room and heads to the hanger bay. As Kyle is loading supplies, his cloths bag and the trunks into cargo hold of his X-Wing. Master Skywalker comes over.

Luke, “So where are you off now?”
Kyle, “Onderon need to go home and tell dad how his brother died, then on to Hoth.”

Luke, “I see, besides seeing your family what’s on Hoth beside the old rebel base and ice?

Kyle, “The permafrost crystal”

Luke, “I see well good luck and may the force be with you.”

The X-Wing lifts off and after clearing the planet jumps into hyperspace for the journey to onderon than the journey Hoth to find the permafrost crystal.

What could be waiting for Kyle on onderon as well as Hoth? Last time he saw his parents was 10 years ago when he said goodbye after being found by Luke Skywalker. I love cliff hangers, but I am not the master of the cliff hanger that belongs to someone else. Also let me know what you think of the story at and

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