Chapter 35

May 30, Continued

After Marie kissed me, she was pretty much attached to me at the hip for the rest of the evening. She tried every trick in the book to get me to go back with her into one of the bedrooms or back rooms or bathrooms or closets or . . . whatever room! Didn’t work.

I now know what ‘on the make’ means. Marie is now the best example I have for that set of words put together in that way. I should be the luckiest boy in town having a girl *that* beautiful wanting to drag me off somewhere and practically rape me standing up! I wanted to! I really did, but I just. . . couldn’t. I don’t know. It felt wrong to me, but not, really, from a morality way because I basically feel, right now, that I go to Church mainly to make my Dad happy and because it’s just sort of an expected tradition. If I felt any other way about it I’d feel so guilty all the time I’d probably just go into my room and find a way to cut my thing off.

Wow, Brandon! That was dark!

Anyways, it felt wrong because it felt wrong to *me*! Like it was something that, kind of, deep down, didn’t feel right for me. Sex with Marie just . . . it doesn’t feel right! I feel it would be weird. It feels like I would be doing something my body is telling me isn’t what it wants. I don’t *know*! It’s so confusing!

Here’s more confusing and weird: After peeing I opened the bathroom door and CHANDLER was standing there waiting! I looked at him and he smiled at me and I know he’s old like twenty, but . . . oh my *gawd* is he so GORGEOUS! I must have nearly tripped over my own feet screeching to a halt before running into him because Chandler actually had to grab my shoulders so I wouldn’t fall down. He played it off smoothly enough, though, even if there was something there in his eyes that made me wiggly inside when he looked into my eyes with his bright blue ones.

“Whoa, there, Bright Eyes! Didn’t mean to scare ya or nothing. Just had to whiz too! Heh!” With Chandler’s dark strawberry reddish and slightly wavy hair, his bright blue eyes, his blushing cheeks, his stronger features, his strong hands . . . I immediately got hard with him just touching and looking at me! What was worse, my voice froze in my throat completely! I tried to make words come out, but they just wouldn’t!

“Aww! My gosh you’re such a cutie! Look at those cheeks blush!” He smiled wider and my heart beat faster!

“ 🎶 You sure are shy! Don’t know why. I cannot lie I think you make all the young girls sig-gh! 🎶 ” Chandler SANG at me! I don’t think I breathed for a whole minute after that!

“Oookies. You run along now and play, BranBran. I DO have to whiz. I think that little friend of yours was looking for you. The *boy* one from PE as opposed to Ms. Marie 13-goin’-on-31-cougar-girl over there. Hehehehe!” He squeezed my shoulders and let me go and then softly closed the door behind him. Embarrassingly, I was so stunned I couldn’t move. The places on my shoulders where he squeezed were still tingling and I thought I managed to make a mess in my pants just by him touching me. Thankfully, that last part was just my imagination.

But, here again, the truth comes out! I’m so fucking GAY I don’t think I can hide it much longer! Where Marie’s CONSTANT badgering me to ‘give it up’ fails my lust for Chandler would definitely not have failed. I would have TOTALLY done it with *him* right there in that bathroom! Laws and rules, whatever! I’m glad he had more sense that I had and locked the door to the bathroom behind him! It would have gotten him in big trouble. But, for me, it might have just been worth it! Next, to Billy, this guy is the most delicious flavor of man-candy I think I could ever have imagined! Chandler is just beautiful!

So, for the rest of the night, I felt caught between two desires: 1) to please Marie and let her ‘do’ me in the back bedroom and make my Dad proud or 2) grab Chandler and push him into the back bedroom and do *him* which probably would NOT make my Dad proud!

I figured I’d do neither.

So I went with the safer option . . . looking for Stevie: my nonthreatening classmate and new friend. I found him easily enough. The poor guy was trying to become part of the corner of the wall as far away from Jamie’s goon squad as possible. Who invited poor Stevie to this? He’s TERRIFIED of these Jock bullies and with good reason. I figure they’d pick on him as much as they do Jimmy LaPlane, given half a chance. Stevie is small, younger, and . . . pretty ‘girley.’ A perfect target.

So, glad for the distraction from my two ‘hunters,’ I went to Stevie’s rescue. It was cute seeing how much his face brightened up when he saw me. He said, “BRANDON! Cool! You came! I was worried I’d be stuck in here with these gorillas all by myself! I got an invitation note in my locker yesterday! I could not BELIEVE I’d been invited to a Jamie Cross Party! But, like, to be honest, I almost didn’t come ‘cause I didn’t know why they wanted me here and ‘cause, like, maybe you wouldn’t be here.” Stevie smiled shyly and gave me a sweet hug. Ok, that was TOTALLY Gay! The Universe must be testing me or showing me something or something. I seem to have been SURROUNDED by Gay temptations today!

“Yup. Jamie and Marie kind of ‘kidnapped’ me and dragged me here. Hehehe.” I said, trying to avoid the weirdness of having Stevie being *that* happy to see me. He snickered and covered his mouth a bit and his giant blue eyes twinkled under his black bangs as he looked up at me shyly. I guess I stared for too long because he started to blush and wiggle uncomfortably.

“Um, like, you want a coke or something? I think they are in the kitchen.” Stevie said as he tried to break the tension a bit. It was weird that there was this tension between us. There was just something . . . different about Stevie at the party. Something extra . . . cute! His delicate features kind of got prettier and stuff. I don’t know.

Wow. First Chandler and now Stevie! I must be getting desperately horny lately. Just about every boy I see now I want to, you know, . . . BE with or whatever. I’m kind of glad Billy wasn’t there. I think I would have totally come on to him tonight. Since he’s straight that would have been the end of my life in High School. I still have to be careful even with Stevie. He acts one way, but he may be the other way and just be a little, I guess, *precious* is the word.

“Yeah. A soda sounds pretty good. Haven’t had one in a while. My Dad only buys bottled water and milk.” I told Stevie as we went to the kitchen. Unfortunately, in order to get there, we had to pass ‘The Goon Squad.’

“~Kiss, Kiss, Kiss~ Look! It’s ‘BranBran’ and his little prom date! Do you guys mind if we watch while you guys buttfuck one another on the counter in there? I want a video for, you know, later.” It was Karl, the most vicious of Jamie’s posse. The one that keeps at poor Jimmy all the time. The very guy both Stevie and I most tried to avoid at Jamie’s party. He had only two of the other assholes with him. They laughed like they were ‘supposed’ to. I looked around for Jamie or Marie, but no one had been there to rescue us that time, so I just, kind of, smiled at Karl’s ‘joke’ and pushed the petrified Stevie through the swinging kitchen door.

That didn’t work. Karl must have smelled blood because he came after us. I was scared that I’d have to fight him and even with training, Karl was a lot bigger than me. Heavier. He’s a Receiver on the team and a Senior at seventeen. A full grown man! Stevie and I are just boys next to him. I think we act more mature, though, to be honest.

“HEY! I was TALKIN’ to you two! It’s bad fuckin’ manners just to walk away when someone starts a nice friendly conversation with you!” Karl bellowed into the kitchen. His blood was up and I wondered if he and his fellow goons might not have gotten into Mr. Cross’s booze stash somewhere.

Karl started toward us and I kept Stevie behind me.

“HEY, ASSWIPE! LEAVE ‘EM ALONE!” I heard a louder voice shout into the kitchen behind Karl, who was, like, standing over us getting ready to ‘play,’ I suppose. His eyes narrowed and he slowly turned to face the person who’d interrupted him.

I looked around Karl (hard to do) and saw Chandler standing there looking REALLY fierce! That red hair’s no lie! He looked ‘fiery!’ Karl being a TOTAL ginger also got his temper up.

“WHY? You want your piece first, ‘ChanChan?’ I suppose it’s only fair being that it’s your fucking birthday!” Karl sassed.

“Don’t you SASS *ME*, boy! Actually, you know what? GET THE FUCK OUT! I don’t want your shit-ass at my party! You always ruin shit, Karl!” Chandler growled at Karl! COOL!

“I go where I fucking WANT, Faggot! I also DO what I want! Who says YOU can fucking order *me* around?” Karl charged Chandler in an attempt to beat him up on his Birthday, but there was a reason why I thought Chandler was extra sexy: he has muscles!

Chandler quickly stepped aside and let the swinging door he’d been holding open hit Karl right in the face! HAHAHAHA! Chandler then grabbed the struggling Karl by his ugly-assed nappy orange hair and dragged him to the front door, opened it up and THREW him with one hand out onto the porch.

Karl got up and tried to charge the door, but Chandler slammed it in his fucking face!

“YOU LET ME THE FUCK BACK IN YOU FAGGOT MUTHERFUCKER! I’ll FUCKING TEAR YOUR FUDGEPACKING ASS UP!” Bang-bang-bang, Karl hammered on the door. Chandler just stared the closed door down, which was shaking with Karl’s blows! Stevie and I were staring at the whole scene, peeking out from around the kitchen door. I looked over and saw Jamie standing there with his mouth hanging open totally horrified!

“Karl! You BITCH ASSED CLOSET-CASE! If you do NOT vacate these premises in ten seconds I’m calling the cops to throw your tight little ass in lockup! I’m sure you can find a whole BUNCH of ‘fudgepacking mutherfuckers’ to tear YOUR ass up in there! GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!” Chandler’s voice rang angrily in the house! Marie came to stand next to me with her arms crossed with the most satisfied grin on her face.


“THIS IS MY HOUSE, THAT’S WHAT! WHEN MOM AND DAD ARE OUT, I’M IN CHARGE! GET ME? SO . . . ONE. TWO. . . ” Wow! Now I get it! Chandler is Jamie’s big brother!

“YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKING LIVE HERE ANYMORE! ~BangBangBang~” Karl really DOESN’T know when to quit!

“THREE! FOUR! GETTING THE PHONE OUT! FIVE!” Chandler’s countdown to Karl’s tight ass’s doom continued! Hehehe!

“Oh FUCK ALL Y’ALL! SEE IF I EVER COME BACK TO ANY OF YOUR LAME-ASSED PARTIES AGAIN, JAMIE! You fucking Faggots have fun!” The pounding stopped and we heard the slow shuffling of tennis shoes walking away and then a car peel off angrily followed by the sound of police sirens! HAHAHAHAHA! Tickets, please!

Chandler continued to stare at the door, not laughing and hardly moving. I saw he was flushed red from head to toe! WOW! A redhead on our side for a change! After a second, he straightened himself up, brushed his hands together in a gesture of ‘good riddance,’ and turned with the biggest sparkling grin on his face. He cocked his hip like a ‘fashion model’ and said with a flourish of his hands like a girl: “Ok. So, who wants pizzzzz-aaa!” There was a moment of silence from all the shocked faces in the room, but then Marie broke the silence and ran up to hug Chandler around the middle.

“God I love you, Big Bro! I’ve been waiting for Karl to get his ass tossed for, like, FOREVER!” Chandler kissed her on the head and turned to Jamie, who was still frozen in horror.

“Jamie, Dumplin’, order four pizzas for delivery: Pepperoni, two Meatlovers, and one veggie for me and, I suspect, Stevie too. K, Tiger?” Chandler said it so sweetly that Jamie just nodded and scurried out to place the order. The other guys followed him, I guess to get away from the other crazy redhead they knew before he went off on them too. LOL!

He turned to look at us and cocked his head in sympathy: “Awwww! Come on you guyyyys! This is supposed to be a PARTY! Let’s go down to the game room! I just got four Subscriptions to Overwatch for my birthday that I need help with.” OVERWATCH? I was totally in!

Marie actually squealed at that, Stevie and I looked at each other like we’d just won $1 million.

We all rushed down into the Cross’s ‘Fabulous Game Room’, as Chandler called it, and he got busy hooking Marie, Stevie, and me up to our latest video gaming addiction!

We spent the whole time down there! Jamie included. His friends finally left after getting bored! Hehehehe! This was quality time with Big Brother. No one was going to get in the way with that, I guess.

By the end of the evening, I felt like I had a new big brother too!

A big brother I continue to have very naughty dreams about!

Ahhhh . . . Chandler!

This is Brandon . . . The ChanChan Addict!

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