Disclaimer: From the Department of Gratuitous Legalese & Research Department: It has been claimed that the Celebrity above didn’t and never would have said the words that are attributed to him. We spent hours and hours researching this claim. [Yeah right, we asked the cat!] After that rigorous research we came to the foregone conclusion that those words were a complete and total fabrication. [That means they were made up] So, therefore, we totally disclaim that the above statements were not exclaimed by the above Celebrity. [That means that he didn’t say them!] However, Commonsenseicality reminds everyone that before you dip your personal joystick in a strange place make sure that it is wrapped in a prophylactic device. [sheath, prophylactic, safe (US, Canadian, slang), rubber (slang), scumbag (US, slang), Frenchie (slang), French letter (slang), jimmy hat (slang), rubber johnny (British, slang, rare), French tickler (slang)] We understand that Piña Colada is the hot Fall Flavour, along with Pumpkin Spice. So, remember always play safe and keep your, willy, johnny, etc. covered. This ends this Public Service Announcement brought to you by the Department of Gratuitous Legalese & Research Department.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story Lover
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