#1 – The movie, “Escape From New York”…was not shot in New York! Hehehe, like, at all! All of the buildings were filmed as a small scale model that could fit on a single tabletop. The live scenes were actually shot in St. Louis, Missouri. That same model was repainted, and given a futuristic look to film the building in the original cut of “Blade Runner”.

#2 – September is the only month of the year that has the same number of letters in its name as its placing during the year. Ninth month, nine letters. Even though it was originally named from the Latin word ‘Septem’, which means ‘Seven’. This was back on the old Roman calendar where September was the seventh moth of the year instead.

#3 – In the first few minutes of the movie, “A Quiet Place”…you’ll notice that the family is looking for food and supplies in an almost desolate grocery store. In a world where people are being devoured by creatures who attack any kind of sound they hear, any noise is a threat to you and your family. Which is why…if you look closer…all of the food shelves are empty…EXCEPT for a completely full isle of potato chips, Fritos, Doritoes, and the like! Good choice, avoiding those.

#4 – One of the biggest mysteries of 9/11/2001 has still ever been explained. It involves a reporter who was broadcasting live from the scene, who said that ‘Tower 3′ had just collapsed and talked about the tragedy in great detail. However…while she was on camera…’Tower 3’ was clearly visible over her left shoulder throughout the entire report, and was seemingly unaffected at all. The building was demolished nearly twenty minutes after the report. Strange…

#5 – On average, more babies are born in the month of September in the USA than any other month of the year! Hehehe, you guys were ‘getting busy’ during the holidays, weren’t you! I know you were! Hehehe! Frisky dingos!

#6 – Your heart pumps a minimum of 2000 gallons of blood through your body every single day. Which means you need to breathe 2000 gallons’ worth of air every day in order to keep it going strong.

#7 – In the first “Matrix” movie, many theories keep popping up as to why the all-knowing Oracle told Neo that he wasn’t ‘The One’. But watch that scene again. She never said that. He did. The scene starts with a sign above the door saying ‘Know Thyself’, and she even says, “No one can tell you that you’re the one.” So when she looks him over, he asks what it means, and she says, “You already know what I’m going to tell you.” Trying to prod him towards the right answer. And he gets it wrong, saying he’s not the one. And she says, “Sorry, kid. But it sounds like you’re waiting for something.” So lay those theories to rest. Neo just had to learn for himself. Philosophically speaking.

#8 – The reason the taste of artificial banana flavoring doesn’t taste like actual bananas is because it was based on a type of banana that was completely wiped out by a plague back in the 1950’s. It doesn’t exist anymore.

#9 – The continent of Australia has over 10,000 beaches surrounding it! You could visit a brand new beach every single day for over 27 years in a row! (Do you have any IDEA how many cute, soaking wet, Australian boys you can see in their speedos and surfer gear in 27 years??? Wow!)

#10 – While legally, the offspring of identical twins are considered cousins…genetically, they are actually direct ‘siblings’. Due to the higher percentage of DNA shared between them.

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