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We all have them growing up, right? I mean, they start at a pretty young age, whether other people think they’re rational, reasonable, or even possible. We’re talking about DREAMS this time around! 🙂

When you were younger (Or, if you’re one of our teen Shackers now)…what kind of dreams did you have, going forward in your life? Don’t be shy! Hehehe! Share them with us! Maybe you wanted to sing. Maybe you wanted to wanted to be a famous artist. Maybe you were into science, or wanted to explore the mysteries of space, or wanted to make movies! Maybe you love cars, or video games, or photography. Or maybe you just wanted a significant other and white picket fence, with a dog named ‘cuddles’ and a pool table in the basement! We all have big dreams at one time or another in our lives. The question is…how close did you come to reaching those dreams?

Did you go for it and succeed? Go for it and maybe it wasn’t what you thought it would be? Did you let someone else discourage you from giving it a try at all? Maybe you changed your mind and are much happier doing what you’re doing today. Or…maybe there’s this little splinter in the back of your mind that’s still asking you…’What if?’

For this issue, we’re talking about ‘dreams’, and what we did (or didn’t do) to chase them down. Give us your thoughts when you get a chance! And I’ll seezya soon!

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“I always wanted to be an author or a chef. I started “writing” stories in 5th Grade, and researched books on writer’s “craft”, to polish my skills. In high school, I took classes in Creative writing and library science. I also began cooking in the kitchen around the same time I started writing. Small stuff at first, like hot dogs, scrambled eggs, or boxed mac and cheese. Then I started making pancakes from scratch, or baking my own bread. I have so many recipes for mac and cheese, it’s not even funny! Now, I make my own pizza dough and sauce at home, but I still use “recipes” to tell how much of this or that ingredient needs to go in the pan. I even worked as a dishwasher/prep cook at a restaurant before the whole Covid thing put me on furlough! I tried going to college for a Creative Writing degree, but couldn’t cut it. Maybe someday soon, I’ll go back to school and study cooking to polish my skills a little more, or try for a business degree and open my own restaurant!” – Page Scrawler

“Most of my dreams were pure fantasy (being able to fly, having my own TARDIS to time travel, perform real magic, sex with my crushes, or get back at people I disliked at certain times, like embarrass teachers who were on my back by hypnotizing them to do something humiliating.) Or I’d have X-ray vision to check out other boys, haha.

Oh, and being rich and buying my own private island, and building a castle on it.

Or owning my own yacht and living in it travelling the oceans on my own.

They were worlds I went to, to escape real life drama. I still imagine being able to do that, sometimes.

For a while I’d dream about forming a band (which we did actually do but wasn’t any good XD) and being successful. Though not for the fame and fortune that comes with it, but just to make good music.

I can’t remember if I ever gave my future enough thought to have any serious dreams about what I was going to do with my life. I guess I did dream about the family life and the Leave It To Beaver White Picket Fence thing, but didn’t delve too deeply because I didn’t find it interesting to ‘dream’ about. It’s safe and content, but also mundane and routine.” – Mike

“I had a few…

But sadly never seemed to find a way to make them happen. Being a quiet kid made me rarely stand out in the crown or give me the confidence to pursue them.

I wanted to live in America (still do). Thought about acting as a career as I seemed to suck at academia. Thought about going into motor racing and while I am a good driver and like it a lot.

Truth be told I think it comes down to the fact I have never been a risk taker.” – Dom

“Sooooo many dreams! Hehehe, I’m surprised that I was even able to balance them all in my head all at once, to be honest. But, one thing that I can be proud of is the fact that I really did pursue almost all of them. Some, I was good at. Some…not so much. But I always took a shot.

I think my biggest shot was an acting career. I went all out for that one. Had some successes too, but that whole business is full of rejection. Which, I was a ‘tween’ at the time, and dealing with stuff at home and that…it was difficult. It’s hard not to take it personally. I had an agent, but it wasn’t like a Hollywood agent. Her name was Mrs. Hooper, and she was with a modeling agency. And…errr…hehehe I hated modeling! I really did. The clothes and the poses and just…everything about it was boring to me. I wanted to make movies and stuff, you know? So she got me some ‘extra’ work in a few movies, but that was about it. (Although…Mmmm Thomas Ian Nicholas in “Rookie Of The Year”! Hehehe, I was on that set. And he was so damn CUTE with the squeaky voice! ::Faints::)

I also wanted to be a comic book artist at one time, so I was drawing stuff non-stop. And I wanted to make music too, which I actually was pretty good at for a while, but don’t ask. 😛 And I went to college for film and television because I wanted to make my own movies too and bring my stories to the big screen. So, yes…I do have some student films out there as well. Hehehe! But, because of scheduling restrictions where I needed certain prerequisites for my film classes before I could move forward…I decided to take a creative writing class to fill up my schedule.

That TERRIFIED me! I mean, I took it becase it was available, it was good for college credit, and after the comic books and the movie ideas and the acting scripts I had read and performed…I figured it would be an easy ‘A’ and keep up my GPA. But, once I got there, I was so nervous. These were people who wanted to write stories for a living, you know? How am I going to add up?

Long story short, the stuff I read out loud in class and shared with them was met with looks of…um….shock, I guess. Like, “You wrote that YESTERDAY???” And my teacher submitted some of my works to the college’s annual collection of prized works. So, I dodged a bullet, I guess? 😛

I tried writing online for a short while after that, but I found that so-called ‘professional’ writers could be really dismissive. Granted, I was still learning, but they could be so elitist. I didn’t like that at all. So I stopped for a while.

Then…came Nifty. And hot stories about cute boys falling in love. Then came “New Kid In School” and ‘Comicality’….the end! Hehehe!

So, I’ve had more dreams than I could possibly list here in this one little space…but I definitely chased them! And I don’t regret it at all. I’ve had some amazing experiences, looking back. With my artwork, with my acting, with my music, with my film work, and now with my writing. If you’ve got a dream, you’ve ot to go for it, right? Better to fail than to not try.” – Comicality

“No offense, but, I wanted to be a Jedi. Yup. Until I was 14 a Jedi Knight was what I wanted to become. As I got older I wanted to be someone creative. A chef perhaps until I realized just how good at business I was and merchandising retail. Then, at 19 I grew my passion and started writing as well. But, yeah a JEDI! Dream big!” – Black Paper

I had tons of dreams and got lost in a few of them “escaping” my home when it was just too much to deal with. I remember loving the animals my Mother’s family had. My grandparents’ cats and dogs, their horses, the wild animals in the field. It was then that I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then as I got older, I got fascinated with the space shuttle program, and sci-fi, and space camp and wanted to become an astronaut. It was one dream following another. I’d learn just enough to understand what I was watching and be able to either engage in conversation about it or put that knowledge to work. I became a knowledge sponge. If something caught my interest, I wanted to either understand it or be able to do it. It started a learning behavior that shaped the mess that I am now. Ever hear the term “Jack of all trades, Master of none”? It’s me, without a doubt. To this day I get caught up in a fascination, learn about it, get to a point that I am satisfied with my ability or level of knowledge in the subject, get bored, then need to move on. This served me well enough to have done or tried just about anything that seemed cool at the time but not get good enough at anything to make a living out of. I have tons of hobbies that I could potentially turn into a career but, was never driven to focus on any one ability to bring it the distance, without getting bored with it and no longer wanting that unique ability to be what I do 5 days a week to pay the bills.

Sad, because I got pretty good and know a lot about quite a few things now… and hate my paying job. 😉 – JeffsFort

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If you guys ever want to add your two cents to any one of the ‘Q & A’ sessions for future issues of Imagine Magazine, we’d LOVE to hear your input and your personal stories on the forum! Feel free to attach your screen name, or do so anonymously! Drop by “The Shack Out Back” forum on the 1st of every month for a brand new topic of conversation! We look forward to hearing more from you! 🙂


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