This young actor, model, and aspiring singer, is coming to us from Queensland, Australia, this month! Jordy C may still be early on in his new career, but with those huge, ‘Disney-inspired’, green eyes of his…it won’t be long before he becomes another highly sought after boy model in the industry!

I mean…really? Look at those eyes! is that even fair??? Hehehe!

In the short amount of time that hes been acting, he has already nabbed himself a flurry of short film credits. Films like, “Curious Boy”, “The Watchmaker”, “Louder Than Words”, and “Remus and Ron”. And he even has a small role as an extra in the “Aquaman” movie that was released in 2017! So he’s taking it one step at a time, but it’s always a step forward.

Now playing the role of ‘Benji’ in the Brisbane, Australia musical, “Priscilla Queen Of The Desert”, it looks like Jordy’s number one passion is taking off and leading him in the right direction! Towards all things good and awesome! Hehehe! Who can argue with that?

With a few music videos under his belt, and growing opportunities for him to show off his special brand of ‘pretty’ to the eyes of beholders all over the fashion industry, I expect that Jordy C will be making a lot of noise out there in the near future!

He is now auditioning for roles in the international market, which means…probably in a place near you! So, if you’re just walking around town one day and find yourself locked in a hypnotic gaze with a tantalizing blond boy with bright green eyes…don’t be surprised! Hehehe! Just smile, nod…and move on!

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Go for the gold, Jordy! Stay beautiful, and we’ll all be keeping an eye out for you to see what you’ve got in store for us next! He’s only going to get more gorgeous from here, you guys! So stay alert! Jordy C may just surprise us all!

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