Hehehe, writing and drawing…

Those have always been my ‘thing’. That’s sort of my pocket when it comes to being exceptionally creative, and that’s exactly where I stay. When it comes to singing or (God forbid) dancing with any level of grace and born talent…NOPE! Hehehe! I can’t even fake it. So I have always had a great deal of respect for people who could somehow gain that level of control over their bodies and do the kinds of things that a truly great dancer needs to do in order to even be noticed by the industry that they’re fans of, much less successful.

And that’s where our cutie, Ryan, comes into play.

Ryan Michael Buggle was born in New Jersey, and found his love for dancing at a very young age, getting support from his family as he set out to pursue his passion when he was still in the single digits as far as his age was concerned. And it shows. Who else could ever possibly hope to be that friggin’ flexible and agile past the age of 10 without a few years’ head start? I mean, look at this? What the…?

Yeah…I can’t do any of that. Never could. Wouldn’t even pretend to. Hehehe!

Ryan Buggle has really surprised a lot of his fans with his amazing skills as a dancer. Mostly because he’s mostly known for his acting work on stage and TV. His resume is actually pretty impressive considering his age. Including appearances on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” and “Saturday Night Live”, but also with roles in “The Reliant”, “Person Of Interest”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Master Of None”, and “Alterscape”. And he even debuted on Broadway at the age of nine in “Inheritance Play”! This youngster has done a lot in a very short amount of time!

Catching the acting bug when he was only three years old by appearing in a ‘Toys R Us’ commercial, Ryan hasn’t stopped going out on auditions since. Now, he is most well known for his role as ‘Noah’ on the hit TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”…which has (I think) like 21 seasons under its belt or something like that. Almost double his age. That’s insane! Ryan said in an interview, “Noah is so much fun to play. This past season we really got to see him grow up. Noah was being made fun of at school this season so it was exciting to be a part of more dramatic scenes. Working with this cast is amazing. They are nicest in the whole world!” But when asked what show he’d really love to be a part of, he grinned, “I love “The Flash”. I literally wrote a letter to the director begging to be cast as the Baby Flash. I haven’t heard back yet, haha!” Awwww, hed make an awesome Baby Flash! Ummm…if there is such a thing. LOL!

But his true dream would be to balance both his acting and dancing talents out and create a successful career with both. Or, even better, being able to combine them in the same production. I don’t have any doubts that he could pull that off without breaking a sweat. After rocking the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the legendary Rockettes at the age of 7…I’d say he’s pretty much capable of anything at this point.

Here is another one of his performances with his dance partner, Sadie O’Sullivan. How do they make that look so easy?

“I started dance at 5 years old and I haven’t stopped. It’s another way to tell a story, just like acting. If I’m not on set you can find me dancing in the studio.” Well said. I get it.

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has gotten poor Ryan all locked up and restless these days. Hehehe! But hang in there, champ. We’ll get ourselves back on track eventually. Promise.

He tweets, “Trying to stay creative at home! Wrote this short film this morning. (Forced) My family are the stars! ” I don’t know if that means he was forced to write the film or forced his family to be the stars…but whichever one it is…good job! Random creativity will save us when it comes to boredom! 😛

So, my applause and well wishes go out to Ryan Buggle this month! Best of luck, both with the acting and the dancing! There’s always another dance movie just around the corner! And who knows? They’re bound to reboot ‘Glee’ within the next year or two! So be ready! Stay beautiful!

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