Auburn Ski Camp / Brian’s Embers



It is times like this that I wish my mastery of English was better or if I could speak Italian with better fluency. Finnish does not have words enough to express these feelings.

I find if frustrating. Greatly frustrating!

I wanted to take Brian with me to my residential cabin on site. I wanted to share sleep with him. After our sex in the baths and the sauna, I was sated in that appetite, but I wanted more closeness. I wanted to cup Brian with my body and allow my strength to pass into him by some means. I wanted to take on his knee pain and put it in my knee. But I could not!

Yes, I know that makes me sound like a fool or insane, but . . . I wanted to melt with him in sleep!

So, I was disappointed when he rather go to the bar. It was early for bars, in my estimation, but I know too that they can offer a kind of rest a bed cannot.

These last two days have been exceedingly overwrought with emotions I do not know what to do with. What is happening? Why do I not have control of myself or what is happening with Brian? It is like there is a force stronger than either of us irresistibly drawing us together. I do not like it, but I love it! I love him. I love Brian. I LOVE him! I don’t know why. I don’t!

How can I love someone I hardly know? It makes no sense at all. This is the sort of infatuation only young school boys have and yet . . . here I am!

I’m sighing continuously as I’m walking to the front of the lodge. One might think that I have a lung disease because of how hard I am breathing. I must even be flushed because I feel the heat pricking my face. I am numb to all around me, but I centre on some movement on my right as I pass the concierge desk. It draws my attention for some reason that transcends my internal whinging.

Jimmy sits looking at his computer screen. His face is made blue by it. His green eyes seem to glow like fireflies as he glances from his screen to me and back at the screen again. The movement I saw was him playing with his tousled shiny dark-brown hair in a slow and absent-minded way. It is strange, but he also looks twenty years older than his age. Seeing him I suddenly forget my own plight. I am wondering if Jimmy is ill! I become instantly concerned over my young friend! He had been in a bad way this morning, but so had I been and for the same reason: Brian!

I glance around and do not see Sabrina anywhere, which makes me feel a bit cross at her. She must know that Jimmy is not ok. She is far more intuitive than I will ever be, yet, she is not here! I approach him and Jimmy straightens and sits stiffly in his chair in an uncomfortable way. He is reacting like I might be a stalking wolf: frightened! It saddens me.

“H-heeyy, Snowflake. I was just, uh, just checking tomorrow’s, uh . . . schedule.” Jimmy clicked his mouse a couple of times to change the screen. He had not been looking at the schedule. He had been on the Internet. Such things are considered ok here. The managers do not care so long as people are checked-in and checked-out on time.

“It is ok, but you look distressed Jimmy! I am very sorry about this morning. It was very wrong of me to barge in on you and Brian like I did. I think I must have had too much vodka the night before.” I try to smile and, even though I am not good at such things, it does seem to make Jimmy relax a little bit.

Jimmy shifts in his seat as he attempts to avoid my gaze, though he seems compelled to look up and hold my stare.

I force myself to look away so he can settle down more. I forget about staring. It is not uncomfortable for me to do it so I forget other people find it, what is the word? Creepy! Americans can be very strange, at times!

“It’s no problem, really, Snowflake. You didn’t know he had, um . . . company so . . .” I could tell Jimmy was struck by a pang of hurt as he remembers. He is so young and so open to things. He really opened himself up totally to Brian with almost reckless abandon! It has often concerned me about my young friend. Yet, am I not in the same boat? But, Jimmy has such a sweet disposition. He is so easy to convince and to lead into things.

It is like Brian is a sorcerer! His mere coming is his seduction! He rides in and conquers just with a look! Was there such a thing as a male Valkyrie in the old myths? Certainly, if not, then he would be the first. Look, here I am speaking poetically about him again.

When I think of Brian, I think of Bald’ir! Bald’ir is the younger half-brother to Thor. He was considered the ‘most beautiful of all gods and goddesses ever to have lived’!  Though Christianised, up to a point, our family has long held a fascination with Bald’ir The Brave!  It is known that in the Viking times our ‘Strange People of the Northern most North’ were considered, by the Danish Vikings, as being divine ‘descendants’ of Bald’ir! They coveted our women and our men and would often try to raid our settlements to ‘partake of that divine blood’. Not by murder, but by marriage/sex – willingly or otherwise! At least, this is what my Grandfather always said. He used it as a way to give me confidence by saying, like my father before me, I was fair because I represented Bald’ir the Brave!

Yet, by far, it is Brian that makes me think more of our old divine patron than I! Brian fits the description of Bald’ir much better!

I realise that these thoughts have caused an already uncomfortable situation to become even more so for poor sweet Jimmy. In the pause caused by my Bald’ir musings about Brian, he seems to read me like a book, picking up on my divine opinion of Brian. Jimmy is not unintelligent. He is merely inexperienced and too unguarded. He is perceptive and sensitive in ways I, probably, will never be. I think sometimes my head is as hard as a block of blue heart-ice at the centre of a glacier!

“You like Brian, don’t ya Snowflake?” Jimmy asks so simply, sweetly, and sadly.

I am a man of physical action. Talking in this way exhausts me and my slowly thawing heart seems to give me new impulses that I did not have before. I find myself walking around behind Jimmy’s chair, slowly, as if thinking of a response. He turns, slightly, to track my movements and stiffens a little as my hands softly grip his burgeoning traps and hardening shoulder muscles. He is growing so strong! Unconsciously, my hands begin their work. Jimmy cannot help but melt as I massage his strains away.

It is something we do after our workout sessions together. I taught him many of these things about reflexology and deep tissue massage. Through our mutual massage we learned to communicate best. This was especially true when I was just first learning to speak better english. Sometimes, I only had my touch skills to ‘say’ thank you or ‘affectionately yours’ or some such.

My thumbs slowly work his upper spine and neck and the two pressure points just under the skull. Jimmy moans and melts further into my touch.

“I do like Brian. I will not lie to you. I do not understand why. We have barely met, but there is this . . .” Jimmy rolls his head on his shoulders and then looks up at me with those piercing green eyes of his.

“. . . connection.” He finishes my sentence for me. I press deep into the nerve nodes on the inner edges of his shoulder blades. An affirmative reward for getting me. Jimmy closes his eyes and shivers and smiles that sweet smile of his.

“Please do not be mad at me, Jimmy! I am very confused by all this. I do not know what is happening. I haven’t english words to express it and there really is not anything in Finnish to express it either.” Jimmy reaches up and gently grasps the sides of my face and pulls me into a kiss on my cheek.

It confuses me even more!

“ ‘Love comes quickly. Whatever you do, you can’t stop falling.’ ” Jimmy sings to me a verse from an old Pet Shop Boys song that he taught me to dance to. It is so insightful that my eyes go wide and my mouth slackens as I look at Jimmy who is now chuckling at my reaction.

“How on earth could I EVAH get mad at that face?” Jimmy’s slight southern lilt and lisp are things I have always enjoyed hearing.

“It’s no loss if I lost that boy to you, Snowmuffin. I know, now, that Brian is a playa’. I let my emotions and the heat of the moment take me down that silly road I get down sometimes.”

Jimmy refers to his excesses when it comes to feelings and relationships. He has admitted in the past that he would let his dreams run off with him many times. When he was younger, it used to be dangerous because he would hurt himself. But, with counselling he had learned how to control himself so that he would not get that upset again.

But, that control only extended as far as him not hurting himself physically. He still tends to invest too much too early into things, I have seen. It often leaves him hurting in his heart!

That is what scares me about this situation with Brian and me. Am I investing too much too early? Am I in danger of losing myself to feelings as Jimmy tends to do? This is not something for which I am prepared. I fear for my sanity should this end badly . . . which, as experience has already taught me, these things often do!

Jimmy turns toward me in his chair and he pulls me down into a squat in front of him as if I were a child in need of a talking to.

“Now, ya look here, Snowmuffin’,” the timber of Jimmy’s voice deepens and softens as he talks to me this way.

“My Meemaw used to say somethin’ to me that didn’t make too much sense at the time, but it did later. When I went out there with her after I had my . . . problem, she’d tell me, she’d say:

“ ‘Jimmyboy, Chil’e, They’s a time and they’s a place for all things ta’ come in they season. The mulberry tree only done puts up its mulberries onceta year and only for a few weeks at the bestest. You come too early, they ain’t none! You come too late and they all gone! So’s, you gotsta know when to look and when to pick em or ya miss em. So, always look for the signs of mulberry pickin’ time, Baby!'” Jimmy’s mimicking of his grandmother’s way of speaking is very amusing. I cannot help but smile.

“She’d then go shuffle off and make toast with homemade mulberry jam for us with some iced tea, makin’ the point hit home.” Jimmy finishes looking back through time and his beautiful green eyes sparkle with fondness. Those eyes shift down to fix on mine and his smile brightens. A single tear falls down his cheek.

“Its mulberry pickin’ time, Snowmuffin’! Don’t miss em’! They taste . . . mighty good!” He winks at me and then wraps me in a big hug. I hug him back rather stiffly. Open displays of emotion still make me feel awkward.

“Uh-hem.” We both look over to regard a man in a suit standing there. He is looking at us rather uncomfortably. Jimmy turns in his chair away from me and his genuine yet professional smile greets the man. The man, for his part, cannot help but smile back a little in a charmingly bashful way. Jimmy’s sweet disposition is infectious!

“Um, sorry to interrupt. I need to check-out,” the man says shyly. I can detect a little blush on his cheeks as he speaks with Jimmy.

His suit is a fine cut. Possibly, French or Italian make. He looks up at me and his mouth opens agape as he sees me rise from my crouch behind Jimmy’s chair. I find it a strange expression until I remember how bizarre I appear to normal people.

“I . . . I shall talk to you later, Jimmy.” I pat him on the shoulder and go to move away, trying to escape the awkward stare.

“Wait!” The man says reaching for me in an effort to stop me from going. I stop or rather freeze in my tracks.

“You are Jusse ‘Snowflake’ Halla aren’t you?” the man asked and his rather sharp features transform into an excited smile far too excessive for meeting me, in my opinion.

“Yes.” I answer tersely.

This does not give my new acquaintance any pause. He takes hold of my hand and shakes it vigorously. I attempt to retrieve my hand, but it is useless. The man has a very strong grip. A skier’s grip!

“YOU, Sir! You are a God among men! I can’t believe this!” This man is nearly bouncing up and down with exuberance as a boy might! I feel the trickling sensation of embarrassment creep down my back.

“I hardly think so, Mister . . . ?” I feel it only polite to inquire after his name, though I may learn to regret it later.

“Victor! Vic! Vic Camarata!” another volley of vigorous handshakes hits me. Mr. Camarata is alive with enthusiasm. I have no idea why.

He is not unattractive, Mr. Camarata. He has classically Roman features for an Italian American. He is not swarthy as a Sicilian. His hair can be described as a soft curly mass of dark blonde and brown hair. His eyes are hazel as opposed to brown and his jawline is extraordinary as is his sculpted ‘Roman’ nose. His smile displays a set of perfect teeth. White and naturally so by birth, not by cosmetics. This is not to say that I find Sicilians unattractive. I have met many who are heartbreakers. It is just unusual, in my limited experience, to meet an Italian of an older strain. Vic looks like an ancient Roman bust made flesh.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Camarata. I trust you had a fun ski trip here at Boreal Resort?” I put on my professional smile. It is not as good or as genuine as Jimmy’s, but it seems to make Vic’s own smile wider and deeper.

“It was just ‘ok’ until I met you! Now it’s out of this world! I’ve followed your career since you won the two Golden Snowflakes at the FIS Championship in Lahti!” Vic exclaims with enthusiasm. His bright hazel eyes are positively glowing and his gently curled hair continues to bounce with every movement.

I blush a bit which must look particularly awkward with my pale complexion. The Lahti FIS Championship was my first major event and my taking home the gold in cross-country and Nordic combined floored the media in all of Scandinavia. Norway was assured the victory and I was a dark-horse nobody. But, I pulled it off and I did so in my homeland! Finland is famous for the Salpausselkä or Ski Jump of Lahti by which it is also known. It is famous as is the cross-country skiing circuit. I went on to win gold in the following Winter Olympiad and earned the title of Triple Crown Champion when I conquered Holmenkollen in Norway.

“Wow! You’re even bashful about it! Are you for real?” Vic laughed rather loudly, drawing attention to himself and me which makes me even more uncomfortable.

“Forgive me, Mr. Camarata. I am . . . not so easy with compliments. I never have been. Are you on your way home?” I try not to sound too hopeful with my question, but I hope it is enough to deflect him from pulling out my history for all to hear. The pictures and gold medals in the case in the hall are bad enough, but management insists they are needed to prove the fact that a multi-gold medalist trains at the Auburn Ski Camp.

Vic, for his part, is not a rock. He has no want of empathy and so he stands down and answers my question agreeably if more sedately.

“Yeah . . . unfortunately. I need to head back to San Francisco to work a deal I’m trying to land one with Hugo Boss. I own a custom suit shop downtown there. I’d like to sell Boss designs, but can’t without a franchise deal.” Vic cannot help but run his fingers up and down the silky lapels of his high fashion suit.

“So, y’all are checkin’ out today, Mr. Camarata?” Jimmy’s sweet voice rings like the bell that saves me. I wink at Jimmy as Vic turns away to face him.

“What’s your name, Cutie? Oh . . . I’m such a dumb sonovabitch. Ha! You got your name plate right here!” Vic picks it up to look at it with some theatrics I do not understand.

“Jimmy! Well, you look like a Jimmy! My gosh! You can’t be much more than seventeen! Total jailbait!” Vic has no shame it seems. Jimmy blushes, but also smiles one of his glowingly irresistible smiles. I cannot help but smile with him. It is obvious Vic is an insufferable flirt on top of being an ardent ski fan.  His pretence at bashfulness from before seems out of place now!

“Truth be told, Mr. Cam . . .” Jimmy is interrupted rather abruptly.

“Call me Vic, please! If you are gonna be ‘Jimmy’ then I’m gonna have to be Vic. Not Vicky. I don’t much care for Vicky.” Vic’s infectious humour and smile make Jimmy visibly shiver.

“We-eell, truth be told, Mr., er, Vic, I am currently no less than twenty-two years of age,” now Jimmy flashes that come hither look with his eyes. His Southern American accent, ‘twang’ as they call it, deepens somewhat. It seems to be his own form of seduction.

“Really! Well, you look good for a man of your advanced years, Jimmy!” Vic leans in a little closer to Jimmy and Jimmy literally giggles. It is obvious now that Vic is gay and this is his mating dance. I seem to be totally forgotten. Thank God! I endeavour to make my escape, but I am not fast enough.

“Oh! Mr. Snowflake! Before you run off, here . . . ” Vic spins a turn on his heel and I have a sharply designed card in my hand that looks like a tuxedo top with silver for the shirt part.

“Next time you’re in the City drop by! We’ll do lunch-dinner! Open invitation to you for anything you want and I’m payin’! Any time! Any place!” Vic’s Roman charm is bewitching and I smile and nod a silent thank you.

With that same dancer’s grace he spins back to Jimmy while they continue their mutual mating dance. I have a feeling Mr. Camarata will be spending an extra evening here tonight.

Ah Jimmy! You sweet sexy little devil! You have someone else to moon over for a while.

His words continue to haunt me, though: ‘Its mulberry pickin’ time, Snowmuffin’! Don’t miss em’! They taste . . . mighty good!’

How can someone so young and so sweetly silly have such wisdom to make what I thought complicated so very simple? I ponder this as I head for my short nap in my cabin.


My buttocks flexes ever so slightly as I continue my slow grind. My hardened sex buries deeper into my hot lover. His hips rise slightly to press the cheeks of his own bottom against my pelvis. In slow gyrations, I push down as he pushes up. There is not a sound but for our heavy breathing and the faint sound of skin slipping against skin.

My leg encircles and isolates Brian’s bad knee so he is not tempted to move it. A couple of times, as his passions rose, he tried to move it and it hurt. I tense my leg muscles around his each time he moves too much.

Yet, as slowly and methodically as we both make love to each other, the moment arises where neither of us have much control and the slow mounting passion only intensifies the climbing orgasms.

I feel his tight anus grip and release me as I continue my gentle pumping. The silk of his inner walls are of an exquisite texture and his enthusiastic counter thrusts increases his friction against me.

Before even he does, I begin to feel his climax coming. It starts as a small rhythmic pulsing that then expands to strong contractions.

“OH Fuck, Snowflake!! I’m cumming! OH UNN..mmmf!” Brian buries his head in his pillow as he moans loudly into it. His butt and hips grind up against me pulling me in deeper into his convulsing body. He tenses his muscles around me and pulls on my sex ravenously.

It is far too much stimulation for me and I bury my own head into Brian’s back. It does not afford the same muffling as his pillow does.

“Ahhhhhh! Uhhhhhh . . .!” I yell while my own hips convulse as I pump my semen hard into Brian’s body. My penis swells and jerks in rhythm with Brian’s own contractions.

The pleasure is almost unbearable as is the miraculous joy of our first intimacy in this way: this, the first full sharing of our bodies with one another.

Spent, I lay sweating and out of breath on top of him as my sex softens and pops itself from the confines of Brian’s body. Brian pants beneath me.

At some point, free of my boa like constriction on his bad leg, Brian manages to turn beneath me and lock me into a tight embrace. He pulls me into a deep hard kiss nearly as sensual as the sex we just had.

It is an amazing pleasure to feel your lover’s sex and your own sex wet and together with our pubic mounds pressed against one another’s.

I slip my weight down so that the weight of my pelvis now rests on the bed while Brian’s sex presses against my tummy. We fall asleep like this, wrapped up in each other’s arms.

More than this? There is nothing.

I awaken later. Brian’s rhythmic breathing under me lets me know that he is still asleep. But, despite that he has become aroused again and every now and then I feel his sex press hard against me. I know that this is the time for my first voluntary penetration. I have never been, what is the word? I have never been the willing ‘Bottom’ during sex before. Mostly, this is because Sabrina does not fancy sex as Sebastian and so insists on playing the female role during loving.

I begin to caress and massage Brian’s body as my own penis hardens against his nethers. I kiss him down his torso and lick at his pink nipples and then his belly button. He tastes so good to me: the richest of desserts.

Finally, I take him into my mouth and slowly glide my mouth and tongue up and down his magnificent staff of life. He moans and rolls his hips sensually in time with my light sucking.

“Ohhh . . . yeeeeeah.” Brian says in his half-sleep as he begins to waken. “Ohhh, yea*UH!” This last one comes out more like a whimper.

I taste the first droplets of his pre-seminal juices upon my tongue. I roll my mouth around him and then pull up and release with a pop.

“Don’t stop. Oh, fuck! Don’t stop!” Brian exhales dreamily.

But, I must stop, because he is fully ready now. I reach for the bottle of lubricating jelly and put it in my hands. I rub it together vigorously like Brian showed me so that it will warm up.

I then lovingly place it on his pulsing shaft in easy slow caresses. “Whazthat? Ooo. Lube?” Brian wakes up fully at that and looks up at me with a look of astonishment.

“Whaddya doin’, Snowballs?” A new term of affection. I rather like that one!

“What do you think I am doing, my Butt Blossom? I’m getting you ready!” I giggle at his look of near terror. I cannot tell if it is at my intentions or at my new name for him. It is pretty sickening, I agree.

“Re-ready for what, Babe? What are we gonna do?” He seems concerned, but that does not make the iron in his sex any less ridged. I have him well worked up now. There can be no turning back. He needs release. I will give it to him . . . and good!

I rub his shaft up and down to work the lube in well. This causes Brian to sigh and collapse back flat on his back. But this is not the position I want for my red hot lover.

I proceed to mount him, straddling his waist. I sit back on his rock hard erection and glide the length of my anal cleft against it. The sensation causes Brian to raise up on his elbows and strain against me with sexual excitement. He whimpers from the intensity of the feelings and his breath catches as I allow the glans of his penis to find my hole.

My movements are slow and precise. I know how to work my body and I use my core muscles to move my hips in slow circles as he begins to enter me. At that point, I feel the first pang of resistance. Brian is panting while I wince. He holds my hips to steady me and to help align my position, but I can’t get much more in.  Brian is, by no means, small!

“I . . . I think I am stuck, Brian!” I say with a little panic.

Brian relaxes and withdraws and I gasp with the sudden feeling of emptiness. He has sat up with me now and is holding me tight to his chest in a gentle bear hug.

He kisses me deeply and then sits me on his lap sans throbbing member. Breaking his kiss he looks deep into my eyes and at once I am lost in the depths of a deep blue sea. I sigh a shuddering sigh at the beauty I find there!

“You’re ok, Sweetie. You just aren’t relaxed enough yet. This is your first time isn’t it?” Brian’s voice is at once tender, sexy, and surprised. He didn’t know I was virgin there. Well . . . actually I am not virgin, but, that first and last time before this was not by my consent or will. Giving myself in this way is, indeed, a way of offering my true willing virginity to him.

So, I nod and blush a little. I look down because I suddenly feel the old shame of that rape. But, I feel two warm hands on either side of my face redirect my gaze and I’m caught in that blue world of Brian’s loving eyes.

“Hand me the lube, Snowflake.” He gently commands. I obey. The slight movement of my incredibly aroused sex against Brian’s stomach as I reach nearly makes me go over the edge. But, I manage to hold myself together.

He takes the lube and smothers his fingers with it. He is not shy about the amount. It drips onto the sheets and into my lap which gives me an exciting sting of cold.

He manages to pull my bulk closer to him so that his face is in my neck and our chests are pressed together. He begins to lick and kiss my shoulder and neck. I almost release at these feelings and I shiver. As he distracts me in this way, he begins probing my hole with his lubricated fingers.

First, he touches the bud of it and then he gently pushes his finger tip in and then applies steady pressure as my muscles give way.

I am alive with throbbing arousal as I feel his finger reach in and pump my insides. I cannot help but to pump my hips counter to his finger thrusts. Soon I feel the other finger and he works that one in. I feel the stretch, a slight pang, and then my muscles relax and his two fingers sink into me to the last knuckle.

It is here that I experience something I have never known before: a pleasant prostate massage! That makes a strained cry come from my throat and I find myself squeezing Brian deeper into my chest.

“What the fuck was that! Oh my god,” I exclaim, still dizzy from the feeling. I know I must have erupted all over Brian’s lap!

Pushing away to capture my look, Brian laughs a little:

“Oh yeah, Snowplow, you’re good and ready now!” Brian grins.

Encouraged, I eagerly slide down his abdomen and reposition myself so that Brian’s pulsing member presses against my nether lips. I slowly sit back and feel him enter me by inches.

Brian’s mouth comes agape and I feel him shiver a bit as my body consumes him. This time the resistance is much less and though I still feel the initial discomfort of the invasion, I do not feel the cramping sharpness inside slamming things shut.

In no time, I feel his genital girth stretch me in the most pleasing way and then his hard glans finds my ‘magic button’.

“Ahh!” An uncontrollable utterance of pure ecstasy comes from somewhere inside me that is pure sex. Now all I want is to reproduce that sensation again and again and again . . .

So, I begin to rock back and forth and grind from side to side instinctively to position Brian to reach me there . . . and his instrument does so perfectly.

“Voi Luoja!” I nearly yell as Brian begins thrusting to meet my movements. The sensations are so intense that it is like each rocking, thrusting motion makes me orgasm!

Brian’s look is riveting. His mouth is held agape and his eyes are hooded but intense and  they bore right into me. Blush pumps into his cheeks and his breathing comes in sharp pants with each movement.

His hands sensually massage my buttocks as we move. With another strangled moan I passionately reach forward and kiss Brian hard and sloppily. The emotions are beyond description. He is my entire world! My whole self. My whole life. My only pleasure. My only need.

Brian buries his face into my chest and begins a rhythmic grunting that becomes moaning. He holds me tighter and his thrusts become harder and deeper.

My arms and hands wrap his head and I fear I may suffocate him against my bosom. I cannot seem to get Brian into me any deeper than just his penis. I want his face and his hair and his beautifully sculptured neck. I want us to become one flesh somehow!

With a sudden violence, I am not quite prepared for, Brian pushes me away and I manage to sink him into myself deeper as I am suddenly caused to sit back. I yelp with the burst to my prostate and my pre-seminal juices start to leak freely from the hardest erection I have ever had! It should ache, but each thrusting pulse of Brian’s potency shatters all sensations into monumental pleasure!

He catches both my hands and I find myself balancing against them as he lightly, but tightly, grips them. He then begins an undulating movement beneath me that, at first, causes my breath to seize up, but then it starts again in great sighing surges from my lungs.

Brian matches my breaths and his eyes and mine connect unblinkingly. Suddenly, we are in a circuit of movement so perfectly reciprocating that I can seem to feel his pleasure at my surrounding him as he can feel my ecstasy at his penetration.

The movements do not speed up, but they become deeper and stronger as only two trained athletes can achieve. We both come to exist in a timeless tantric trance!

Then, the feelings inside begins to build stronger, stronger, and stronger! Our breathing becomes rapid pants and I begin to feel Brian’s deep thrusting sex begin to swell. His hands grip mine with almost painful tightness.

The feeling of his impending ejaculation and the increased girth of him inside of me reaches and touches me in the perfectly right place.

Together, our faces turn to the ceiling as an almighty straining groan comes from both of us at once.

Then . . . explosion!

Brian and I howl like pack wolves as the most incredible orgasm in the history of mankind takes us both on its long ride!

His thrusts become hard bouncing punches which in turn puts perfect pressure on my prostate. Without having to touch myself, the orgasm pulses out from my prostate and inside of me, up through my penis, and out and up toward onto both our chests!

As I climax, so does Brian.

He literally bellows into my chest, shaking and shivering, as I feel his sweet essence flood my insides. It is the warmest warmth I have ever known.

I shoot again and then he shoots and then I shoot and then we are shooting together the last of our man magic.

When the shockwaves of our sexual earthquake pass, Brian collapses back down onto his pillow and I slump down on top of him. We both are breathing very hard trying to catch our breaths. Both of us are doused with sweat not unlike someone who has just completed a full 6 K sprinting segment of a marathon.

After a few minutes like this, Brian’s erection fades sufficiently for it to ease out my body with a small pop. I feel wetness ooze down between my legs.

I already miss him inside me.

We gently kiss and Brian stares with tired joy. “You bottom better than you top, Snowballs. I can’t remember ever having it that good before . . . especially as a top.” I smile and resume kissing his face and neck.

For a moment, he pauses and pushes me up with his face and head so that he can stare into my eyes.

“I . . . I am in love with you, Jusse.” Brian says with a creak in his voice. It is such a vulnerable truth for this seemingly vain and prideful man that I cannot help but deeply believe it and yet . . .

“You are very special to me, too, Brian. I feel we will be together for a long time.” I rest my head on his chest and hear his heart pump. I literally melt all over him. I am so content.

We fall asleep together and I sleep the most peaceful sleep I have ever experienced.

Indeed, more than this? No, there is nothing!

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