#1 – Once, on March 3rd, 1876…in a small town called Rankin in the state of Kentucky…it actually rained raw meat from the sky for an entire hour in the middle of the day! Sent in for analysis, scientists found the small chunks to consist of beef, lamb, deer, bear, and horse…and while some of the chunks remained unidentified…there were pieces that were definitely ‘human’ in origin! Science has never been able to explain what happened or why, and don’t know if it will ever happen again.

#2 – The celebration of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is actually four thousand years older than Christianity!

#3 – To murder your wife or girlfriend is referred to ‘Uxoricide’, while murdering your husband or boyfriend is called ‘Mariticide’. Just in case you weren’t sure what you were being charged with when you go to court next week. ::Evil Grin::

#4 – Within the last 40 years of American voting, there have been 1,088 instances of voter fraud. That’s every election, every two years, over the last four decades…deliberately, by accident, or due to clerical errors. You are five times more likely to be randomly struck by lightning than you are to find a single count of illegal voter fraud in the United States.

#5 – When the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded, all of the residents within the area were given about fifteen minutes to pack up their stuff and leave the fallout area. However…they were not allowed to bring their pets with them. Not one. Fearing any further contamination, soldiers and riflemen were sent back in later with firearms to…’eliminate any and all threats’. Cats, dogs, puppies, kittens…all of them. Any pets that managed to survive and produce offspring were also not allowed to leave or to be adopted…until recently. Starting in 2018, any pets from the fallout zone can now be rescued (With extreme testing and lawful permission of course.)

#6 – The ancient Celtic tradition of dressing up as ghouls and ghosts and demons for Halloween was never meant to be something fun for the festivities. It was done to hide from the other deadly spirits roaming the streets, so they might be fooled into thinking you were one of them. So be careful of that person standing next to you when you’re trick or treating…they might just be the real thing.

#7 – It happens MUCH more often than you think…people actually seeing, walking past, or even taking pictures, with REAL dead bodies! Not on purpose…but because on Halloween, most people mistake them for gory decorations!

#8 – The Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago is known for its preserved look from the early 1900’s when it was built in order to make room for the vast amount of visitors who were coming to town for the first Chicago Fair. It is also known for being one of the most haunted hotels, not on in the city, but in the entire United States. With a very dark history behind many of its fancy walls and golden elevators, the hotel still remains in business…despite many MANY accounts of unexplained paranormal activity. From ice cold spots, to visible apparitions, to sensations of being pushed or brushed against. This is a place where serial killer, H.H. Holmes used to approach many of his victims. A place where Al Capone used to drink and party and occasionally take care of ‘business’ in the tunnels beneath the hotel. A place where a young woman threw her two children off of a balcony, only to kill herself shortly after. Some of the rooms in the hotel are SO haunted, in fact, that they are no longer in use. The doorknobs have been removed…deadbolts in their place. However, one particularly ‘active’ room is still open. Room 441. And if you’re ever visiting Chicago…you can stay in that room…if you like. ::Wicked Grin::

#9 – Many animal shelters around the world will NOT allow customers to adopt black cats during the Halloween season. Because of their perceived connection to the holiday, bad luck, or harboring dark forces…this is done to prevent them from being abused. Or worse…sacrificed.

#10 – Full moons almost NEVER occur on Halloween night…but it will this year in 2020!

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