They were, and still are, the ultimate ‘Kings Of Cool’! Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. It was my grandfather that introduced me to jazz and the suave crooners that used to take the stage back in the day, and I have always been a HUGE fan of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. (Well…The Summit, but Rat Pack was the nickname that stuck. Hehehe!) There was something about them when they were all performing together that nobody else had, and will probably never have again. It was the early 60’s, and each one of them was undeniable talented in their own way. Actors, dancers, comedians, singers…if you think about it, with them being a force to be reckoned with when going solo, bringing them all together on stage (I imagine) would be like seeing a live action “Avengers” movie! Hehehe! Which…you know, would be awesome!

Well, I had been writing my “Gone From Daylight” vampire series for a few years online, full of romance, action, horror, drama…and as the world began to expand and include many other elements to the world I was building that were ‘mentioned’ or ‘alluded to’ in passing, but I was really yearning for more opportunities to dive into those stories and add some depth and clarity to all of the things that were taking place outside of the main story. And somewhere between “GFD: The Beauty And The Darkness” and “GFD: Mask Of Shadows”…my love for the Rat Pack and the dark lore of my number one vampire story, collided. And once I began taking notes on what I wanted to do with it…the whole series seemed to write itself. The ideas were all over the place, and there were soooo many that I could barely write fast enough to keep up with what my brain was spewing out at that moment.

And before I knew it, I had a six book series all planned out and ready to start writing! Five books, one for each character and their own personal plight and struggles as members (or former members) of the vampire mob. A story where the Vampire Elders were basically ‘tying up loose ends’ and trying to have all the members of their former squad terminated, one by one, in order to hide the sinister secrets that they’ve all been a part of for so many years.

And from that blueprint…”GFD: PakRatz” was born!

Now, one of the things that I’ve always loved about the Rat Pack and their performances in the 60’s was the fact that it hardly ever looked like a planned concert, or any kind of performance at all. They didn’t come out and do their ‘set’, and then leave the stage for the next member to take over for a set of their own. They all came out together, and omigod…they just looked like they were having SO much fun! They joked around with each other, they danced, they had a big table full of drinks, poked fun at one another…it was always a party whenever they were together. There was something so unique about their particular brand of camaraderie that would shine whenever you watched them. You just wanted to jump into the TV and join the party. And while I was writing this series, I wanted to keep that strong bond and combination of mind-blowing talents in the forefront. Albeit on a much darker and action packed level, hehehe…but the bond between them was something that I wanted to focus on once I got them all together. That’s what always made them special to me as a kid, and I want that to make this series special to my readers as well.


So yeah…like…’that’. Except, instead of crooning and comedy…they’re all hardcore vampire ASSASSINS! LOL!

It took years and years of build up to reach the point where I could attach this to the main series and its spinoffs, and still have it make sense. But now we’re here, and I LOVE it! Basically, “GFD: PakRatz” tells the story of a group of individuals that were doing some very shady and underhanded things for the Vampire Elders in Chicago, and have all gotten tired of carrying the guilt and dealing with the aftermath of the things they’ve done in the past. Years of murder and violence have taken their toll, and they just want to walk away from it all to find themselves…living in darkness without being beholden to the monstrous tasks that the Elders have handed down to them, time and time again. And, naturally…the Vampire Elders don’t like that very much.

So when the actual “Gone From Daylight” series comes into play, and a true Vampire Mimic is born into darkness…the possibility of their most sinister secrets may come back to haunt them, and the Elders are in a rush to wipe the slate clean before they’re exposed for the loathsome things they’ve done. However…they’re going to find out, very quickly, that attempting to erase their own best hunters and killers to protect themselves is going to be a much harder task than any of them could have ever planned for. And the results won’t be pretty once they finally decide to join forces and strike back.

Hehehe, trust me…this series is going to be GREAT!

The “PakRatz” squad is a loosely based story on the real life events of the Rat Pack at the height of their fame, but translated into the modern day and twisted into the “GFD” mythology. They’re all younger versions of themselves, immortal, with extras and skills that will help them survive the onslaught of hunter coming to take them out. Their stories intertwined with many other characters like Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Lewis, Milton Berle, John F Kennedy (‘Mr. Fitzgerald’), J Edgar Hoover, Angie Dickinson, and many more. I just had a lot of fun warping reality for this series, and I think you guys will too once it’s all been released.

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Dean is the first book in the series, introducing you guys to the beginning of the storyline and setting up the stakes for the rest of the series. An ex-hitman who has decided to leave the world of being a Hunter behind, even though his old partner, Jerry, decided to stick around and continuing using his killer talents and massive arsenal of weapons to keep himself wealthy. Dean may miss the fortune and the rush of the game, but he’s beginning to realize the destruction he’s left in his wake. And his old demons are now coming back to haunt him. Not only that, but his former employers have now targeted him for termination. The only way out…is to fight. He’ll do whatever he has to, just to get away from the life he once lived as a killer for hire. Can he escape his past? Or will he end up falling even deeper in to the dark abyss while trying to redeem himself? (Available October 31st, 2020)

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It was a panicked call from his best friend and confidant, Marilyn, that brought Peter to her bedside that one fateful night. As a vampire psychic, she has been having terrifying nightmares of a giant war on the horizon. Daylight Wars…between humans and vampires…that will end up destroying a massive amount of the world’s population, and bringing murder and chaos to both sides. Peter tries to listen to her traumatic ramblings, but can’t believe that her interpretation of the sacred vampire scriptures might be wrong. It’s only when the Elders send out hit squads in an attempt to silence her that he is forced to rush out and save her life, and possibly get enough information to see if her predictions about this supposed ‘Vampire Mimic’ is going to cause as much of an uproar and world shattering transformation as she believes it will.

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It has been more than a few years since Sammy left the vampire mob and the Elders to fend for themselves. After being betrayed and disillusioned for so long, he decided that he was going to stop being their lackey and bring the fight right to their doorsteps instead. His main target being the despicable assaults made upon him by the vampire, James Crow, and his crew of human ‘white hoods’, Sammy has made his mission to hunt every single one of them down and bring an end to their corruption within the vampire order. A tortured soul, Sammy has abilities that make him one of the deadliest assassins that the Elders have ever encountered. And while he has to work hard to hold himself back from going so wild that he ends up bathing the entire city of Chicago in blood…he’s not in hiding. The Elders don’t have to worry about sending out squads to search for him. If they stand still long enough…he’ll come to them for sure!

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Working for the vampire mob has always been a dream of Joey’s ever since he first crossed over! He wanted to live the life of a vampire that didn’t have to reside in abandoned buildings, warehouses, and sewers. He wanted so much more. And working for Mr. Fitzgerald and the Elders has been both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, Joey and his partner, Milton, are known to be world class bumblers with every task they’ve been sent out to accomplish. Never getting much of anything right, Joey still tries to keep the hope that he can, someday, rise up in the ranks and truly make a name for himself. But when Joey accidentally stumbles over the secret plans being discussed by the Elders about his boss Mr. Fitzgerald with a deadly vampire who goes by the name, ‘Mr. Ruby’, and his accomplice, ‘Hoover’…he begins to realize that things might be falling apart here in Chicago. The truth is revealed, and the only choice he has now is whether he wants to hold on to his dream of becoming mob royalty…or if he needs to find a way to get this message out to the people who REALLY need to hear it. Be careful, Joey! Hoover’s got eyes everywhere!

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Old blue eyes, himself. Frank has been loyal to the Elders from the very beginning. Decades of slaughtering their enemies and enforcing their agendas on the vampire population has made him weary. He’s been watching. Listening. Bearing witness to the changes in the Elders’ attitudes and the unpredictable change in their attitudes, as well as their methods. Something is definitely going on behind the scenes. Something that he no longer wants to be a part of, as their wildly erratic orders are getting more and more out of hand. Frank never doubted the possible existence of a Vampire Mimic, because he was high enough in the vampire ranks to get access to information that most vampires don’t. And while it was always a ‘worst case scenario’ strategy before…he believes that the current rumors and psychic predictions of the age old prophecy might actually be coming true this time around. It’s time to let this ‘lie’ of a life go, and prepare for the Vampire Dawn. And, in order to do that, he’s going to have to defend himself. The only way to do that is with a strong offense. He’ll need help. He’ll need…a team!

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Now…I can’t tell you much about the final book in the series, “Showtime”! Hehehe! You’ll have to read the previous chapters to grasp it all at once! But secrets are revealed, plans are made, and the squad gets together to give these murderous assholes exactly what they deserve for having the audacity to come after the most experienced Hunters in the city! You definitely won’t want to miss this one! I have such wonderful things to show you! Hehehe! It’ll be worth the wait!

Now, I originally wanted to release one book a month, but I think every other month might be better, so I can take my time with everything and make sure that it’s all blending together the way I really want it to. You only get one shot at this kind of thing. But the first book, “PakRatz: Dean”, will be available on Halloween night in the Comicality Ebook Section to kick things off! So be sure to grab your copy! It’s an ebook exclusive, so this series won’t be on the site, but don’t worry…I always try to keep things as cheap as I possibly can! Promise! Hehehe!

BUT…just in case you needed a little more ‘visual provocation’ of what I’ve got in store for you all…maybe this will help! 😛
Enjoy the new spinoff series, you guys! I REALLY hope you have fun with it! It has been soooo many years in the making! It’ll be crazy, finally seeing my ideas come to life like this! It’s my newest challenge! And challenging myself has worked out pretty good for me so far, if I do say so myself! ::Giggles:: Have fun! And stay ‘COOL’!!!
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