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“Give It To Me Straight 10”

Silas really was in a big hurry to get out of that house, so when he came to ring my doorbell, I was still trying to pull my shirt over my head to finish getting dressed for the day. He seemed awfully eager today. As soon as I let him in, he started going on and on about me not answering his messages that he sent me. “There’s a formula to this, you know? I send you a text, and you answer me RIGHT away! And then I answer you right away! Talk in real time! What the fuck, man?”

“I told you, dude…I was ‘busy’ yesterday.” I grinned. Oh man, Silas would totally lose his shit if he knew what I was doing yesterday!

“Too busy to talk to me for a few minutes?”

“YES! Is it that hard to believe that I might have something going on in my life that doesn’t revolve around you and your needs specifically for a little while.”

Very hard, actually. I don’t play that, at all. Answer my texts, asshole! And be quick about it! Hehehe, I need my instant gratification, dammit!” He giggled. “If I wanted to ‘wait’ for some form of validation from you, I would have sent your dumbass a motherfuckin’ EMAIL!”

I laughed at his antics, seeing as they were almost always the highlights of my day. But I wasn’t about to give him the full dish on what went down with Ricky Sweeten. At least not yet. Hehehe, I think I’m going to just let his imagination run wild with this one for a little while.

“So..did talk to him?” Silas asked. I blushed almost instantly, but kept quiet. “You chickened out, didn’t you? You big ol’ bitch! Hehehe! I knew you were gonna chicken out.”

“Hey…for your information, I DIDN’T chicken out! I said good night to him before going into my house, and then…we kinda…” Hehehe, it made me smile to say it, but I wanted to see the look on his face. “…We kinda…hung out for a while. Yesterday, I mean. Not after the party.”

Oh yeah…that look! Hahaha! That was exactly the look that I was hoping to see! That look right there!

“Dude…no way!” Silas said, his jaw dropped as low as it could possibly go. “You’re fuckin’ with me, right?”

I didn’t want to give too much away, but I told him, “Nope. He was playing basketball outside by his garage, and I walked over there and said hello…and then we went out for ice cream. Just me and Ricky.”

Silas looked as though he was about to have a full blown stroke. “ICE CREAM??? What the…???”

“Yep. Those coupons you got from your sister’s ex-boyfriend did me a solid.” I smiled. “So…Ricky and I went out and spent the whole afternoon together. We had fun too.”

Pouting a little bit, Silas said, “I totally believe you, too. You have an extra glow of ‘happy’ floating around you today. How can you do all that and not let me be the first person to know what went down between you two?”

“Well…technically, you are.”

“I’m so jealous right now. I friggin’ hate you, dude.” He said, shaking his head. “I gave you those coupons, you know? That means you’ve gotta let me suck his dick! At least once!”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.” I giggled. “He’s cool though. I like him.”

Silas looked at me sideways for a moment. “What’s that supposed to mean? You ‘like’ him? And now you don’t want to share? Hmmm, I wonder…”

“It means what it means. Nothing more.” I smiled, and he gave me a bit of a shove as I walked past. “Hehehe, what are you doing?”

“You’re hiding something! What is it? Tell me!”

“What? That’s crazy. What makes you thing I’m hiding anything?” I giggled.

“See? That right there? You only laugh like that when you’re hiding something. Come on, spill it.” He demanded. “Did you get to see Ricky’s bulge or something? Did you grab his ass? Like, remember the thing I taught you? When he’s getting ready to sit down on the couch next to you or whatever…and you turn your hand, palm up, so he sits on it and you get a handful?”

“Silas, for crying out loud…”

“No, no, no, it’ll be cool. Just laugh it off. Straight boys do that kinda shit to each other all the time. It’ll be fun.”

“It’ll be sexual assault! Hehehe!”

“It’ll be SEXY sexual assault!” He said, and raised his hand for a high five.

“Unh unh! I refuse to be a part of that.” I snickered.

“Pussy.” He looked at me, and I’m not sure what he saw twinkling behind my eyes, he squinted slightly…as if he were examining me more closely. It made me wonder…could he see it? My joy? My infatuated heart, pounding in my chest? Could he see me avoiding eye contact while my voice strained to say Ricky’s name out loud without having it sound like I was swooning over him? I really should be careful about this sort of thing. We’re not dating or anything. We had some ‘fun’ together. And hopefully we can do it a couple more times before his ‘sexual orientation pendulum’ swings back the other way and I’m left here searching for my next big crush on some other cutie. “You’re really not going to tell me what happened with you two, are you?” Silas asked.

“Hehehe, there’s nothing to tell.” I said. “Just…rainbows and casual conversation.”

“I’m going to find out eventually. I can wait. You’ll slip up eventually.” He said. And boy, did he ever try to get me on record saying something incriminating. Hehehe, for the rest of the day, it was just one question after another. Trying to sound casual as he attempted to steer every other word that we spoke to each other back in the direction of me and Ricky spending time together. I was proud of myself for not breaking under pressure, though. I kept my cool, and by the time Silas left to go home, I was straining to let my guard back down again.

It’s not like I’m never going to tell my best friend that I got to swap orgasms with the dreamiest boy that I’ve ever laid eyes on. I just…I kind of want to savor it for a little bit longer. Just for myself. If I tell Silas now, he’ll be jumping up and down and screaming and setting up these huge expectations and…I want to enjoy a little romance for a while. Keep it sweet, you know? Does that make sense? I don’t know.

I tried to sleep on Friday night. No such luck.

Sure, I might have passed out a few times. An hour here. Forty five minutes there. But I was too excited to rest for much longer than that. My mind was unraveling itself with questions like, ‘did I misinterpret Ricky’s invitation to hang out tomorrow?’ I mean…was he being friendly and just wanted to talk some more? Or is it going to be an even longer, hotter, little session than the one we had before? He did say that his dad wasn’t going to be home, so I’m assuming it’s going to be the latter. But I didn’t want to walk through his front door and shove my tongue down his throat while he fights me off and says he just wanted to hang out for the day. How humiliating would that be?

Do I have an alibi to give my mom? I can’t just tell her I’m going back to the cute boy’s house again. She’ll get suspicious for sure if I did that twice in the same week. And what if Silas texts me in the morning wanting to do something tomorrow? What am I going to tell him? What if Ricky’s dad doesn’t leave after all? Or worse…what if he comes home early? Ugh!!! Why didn’t I start thinking about all of this days ago??? I might be able to get enough sleep tonight to not look like a zombie tomorrow.

Yeah, I worry sometimes.

But these little things are important. This is Ricky Sweeten here. The chances of me ever finding another boy like him before my life is half over are pretty slim to none. I’d better make this count for something.

I opened my eyes just in time to almost be blinded by the sunlight blasting in between the slats of my bedroom blinds. Awfully bright today. No matter, though. I’m glad that it’s still kind of early. I wanted to take a shower and start picking out what I’m going to wear over there and let my hair dry out some so I can fix it up without having it look weird. I don’t want to go to Ricky’s house looking like I need him to hide me from the doctors at the local mental institution.

Come on, Jamie…get it together, man.

Extra long, extra hot shower. Double lather. The sweetest smelling shampoo that I had. And this, like, sparkling mint bath and shower gel too. I have to admit…I was smelling pretty darn delicious as I was drying off with my towel. Hehehe! I mean, if we have sex again today…I think Ricky’s going to love it. Which would be awesome.

I went through my closet…hmmm…light blue undies…white jean shorts. Bright red pullover tee. Ankle high socks. I gave my sneakers a quick wipe down too. I’m sure that he didn’t care much about my shoes, but…why be a ‘half ass’ about it, right? I’m trying to impress here.

I dried my hair and let it rest for a bit before styling it just the way I wanted to. Luckily, my hair was on my side today. Teeth. Sweet, spearmint mouthwash. A little lotion to keep my skin soft. I spent a few minutes looking at myself in the mirror. A few subtle poses, a couple of shy smiles. “Hey, Ricky. Nice to see you again. Oh! Kisses already? Nice. Sure…I’ll be your boyfriend forever. Let’s get out of these clothes and celebrate our new agreement.” I thought to myself. “Whoah! A wedding ring? This is too much! But ok! Awww, I love you too, babe!”

Ok, so maybe that’s going a bit far. But it’s MY fantasy, and I’m sticking to it.

I finally got my stuff together and texted Ricky to see if he was awake yet. I didn’t want to just drop by unannounced. He was really quick to answer me back, saying, “Sweet! I’ll be here. Whenever you’re ready, come on over.” And he added a smiley face emoji and a little heart.

Ok, so now my heartbeat was speeding up again, and I felt myself starting to get hard again. And I hadn’t even left the house yet. The emoji and the heart was what did it for me. I know that I was getting my hopes up, but…dangit, I wanted my fairy tale to come true!

Still…I had to calm everything down in my pants before going downstairs. I still have to have an exchange with my mom before I can just walk out of the front door. It would be best if I did it without an obvious boner pushing out the front of my pants.

I was able to make it down the steps, hoping that she couldn’t see the extra glow surrounding me the way Silas could. “Hey, Mom? I’m…gonna go out for a while.” I said, hoping that it didn’t sound…mysterious.

“Ok, hon. Have fun.” She said, hardly batting an eye.

I stood there, nervously, for a moment. Then I added, “Yeah, well…I was thinking of going to the mall today. I dunno.”

I was waiting for her to say something, and then she spoke up, turning to look me in the eye. “Oh yeah? What’s at the mall?”


Quick message, kids! Do NOT answer questions that you weren’t asked! Just take the good fortune of a swift escape and be glad that you didn’t have to come up with some stupid lie on the spot.

I cringed slightly, trying to think of something decent. “I was…they’ve got a sale on…batteries.” That’s probably one of the dumbest things that I’ve ever said in my life. I swear, I’m going to screw up my very first ‘All Day Saturday’…

“Batteries?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, it might just be a rumor that I heard online. But, yeah. Cell phone batteries. You know, just to have an extra. I never know when the one I’ve got is gonna burn out, so…might as well get it while it’s cheap. Right?” I said.

She nodded slowly. “Alright. If you say so.”

Ok. She’s not asking anymore questions. She said it was alright. Now go! Go go GO!!! “Yep. I’ll see you…later.”

“Have a good time, Jamie.”

“I definitely will.” That was probably the most honest thing that I said to her this morning. And that’s when I made a beeline for the front door and hurried out into the sunshine. I did it! I made it out of the house without any interrogations about where I was going or what I was up to. Cool. Very very cool!

Alright, Ricky Sweeten…I’m on my way.

I felt myself getting more and more excited as I approached his driveway. The moment I saw that basketball hoop on his garage, I knew that I was probably just moments away from making out with him again. And maybe even more. It got me so hot and bothered that I had to pick up the pace with my walk so I didn’t end up sprouting a fully hard beanstalk in the middle of the damn street.

Alright…just…just ring the bell. Don’t be too eager. But don’t be too standoffish either. Be neutral. Or…you know…whatever. Just don’t scare him off, jackass.

I rang the doorbell, and felt myself shivering as I waited for him to hurry towards the door. Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm…

The door opened up, “Hey! What’s up?” Ricky said. He was wearing some saggy, black, white, and gray, camouflage shorts…and nothing else. Completely shirtless. Those scrumptious abdominal muscles just standing out with all the pride and grace of a super hero on film. “Come on in.”

Already, I found myself blushing…my whole strategy being tossed right out the window the moment I laid eyes on him. I was kind of relieved that I had some sort of plan in mind before I came over here…but that got all twisted and fucked up and now I can’t even remember my own name, much less the game plan that I had to possibly get Ricky to undress for me again.

“I uhhh…I’m not too early or anything, am I?” I asked.

“Nah. I didn’t sleep that much last night anyway.” He said. “I was thinking about the new story I might have to tell someday. Hehehe!”

Ok…so you guys heard that, right? I’m not making that up in my head?

Ricky gave me a hug around the waist, and my arms instinctively went up to his broad shoulders to hug him back. I started getting hard, just feeling my cheek against his, his soft hair lightly brushing against my face. Then, he let me go and said, “C’mon…” And he started going up the stairs to his bedroom. Omigod…are we going to do it again? PLEASE tell me that we’re going to do it again!

I followed him, my heart thump thump thumping out of control to the point where I could barely breathe. Staring at that perfect ass of his all the way up the steps didn’t help either. But, still…I tried to keep my cool. I can do this. Really, I can. I just need to think about baseball or something, right?

Oh wait…Ricky plays baseball. That’s how he got that sexy ass in the first place, isn’t it?

I wish everything about him wasn’t so cute and unexpected! I never know whether I’m coming or going with this boy.

We got to his room, and this time he didn’t bother to close the door. I don’t know what felt particularly naughty about that to me, hehehe, but it did. I don’t know…ever since I discovered masturbation at the age of eleven, I made it a habit to keep my bedroom door closed at all times. I feel kind of ‘exposed’ with it open. “Hey…” I smiled, a bad case of the wiggles invading me from every angle.

“Hey, yourself.” He smiled. And the second I saw that dimple come into view, he was already stepping closer to me. He ran his fingers through his hair briefly before lightly rubbing his nose against mine. Almost in a playful way. Ok…so that answers the question of what his intentions might be for today. Yay!

I reached out with both hands to touch his sexy stomach. I just…I loved the feel of it. I loved the soft little ridges of it, and the shallow navel, and slight curve of his hips. God, if I had abs like this, I could seduce the whole world. I actually got caught up in the feel of them for a moment before Ricky moved in to give me a kiss on the lips. It only lasted a second or two, but my whole biological structure started going crazy as he looked me in the eye to see what my reaction might be.

“This is ok, right?” He asked.

I smiled and nodded. “Uh huh…”

I know that I was blushing pretty hard. I could feel the heat in my face. And when I giggled softly, he giggled too, saying, “You are so cute…” And he kissed me again. Then again. And soon we were lost in another liplock that was even hungrier and more desperate than the one we shared before. He must have been waiting for this moment just as badly as I have, and that just drove me wild. I could feel his hardness against mine, I could hear our soft moans and the light smacking of our lips as the suction practically pulled one another’s tongue into our mouths. And we blindly made our way over to the bed, with Ricky collapsing on top of me and thrusting his hips against me as I held on to his back and shoulders with both hands. Every moment spent in his strong embrace was one of pure orgasmic sensation. I could literally feel the goosebumps being raised on my skin, feeling lightheaded as we wrestled on top of his bed sheets…with me happy to lose by having him pin me down for a count of infinity.

It still blows my mind how good he is at kissing. I hope that I’m even half as good for him as he is for me. I put more effort into it, just to make sure that I was keeping up. But as some of the springs in his mattress began to squeak, holding onto him with my arms alone simply wasn’t enough. I raised my legs up to wrap tightly around his waist, locking my ankles together and pushing my hips up to meet his downward humping motions, increasing the friction, and making him whimper in a higher tone than I’ve ever heard from him before. I didn’t think that anything that I could do today could top the heart pounding thrill of my virgin experience…but I’ starting to think that I haven’t seen anything yet.

I could practically feel Ricky’s abs tightening up against me as he hunched his back and continued to drive himself into my open legs. I became so breathless that I had to break our kiss and rest my chin on his shoulder just to keep from losing consciousness. I held his body so tight…his mouth now sucking lovingly on my earlobe as I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to be handled by this stunning example of teen boy perfection. Oh wow…he’s really hungry for me today. I can tell. But it’s ok…I’m hungry for him too.

Soon, the confinement of my clothes became almost too much for me to bear, and I wiggled slightly to signal Rick that I wanted to take my shirt off too. I mean, my skinny, undefined chest and abs weren’t made to impress, but I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I needed it so badly.

I was just going to take my shirt off, but Ricky actually rolled over and began taking his shorts and underwear off too. Ok!!! So, we’re going full naked this time! I’m down with that! I began to unbutton, unzip, and shimmy out of my pants and underwear just as fast. We pulled our socks off, and before I knew what hit me, we were both completely nude, and Rick was giving me a dreamy look as he rolled into me and we began kissing again. Skin on skin…soft and smooth. The slow and erotic slide of his sensual flesh against mine was a religious experience in itself. I found myself lost in the overwhelming sensation of lustful passions that I had only dreamed about up until that very moment.

Never have I been so utterly enchanted by a boy’s touch…

I was actually impressed with the way that my body reacted to him. It just…it felt so natural. Sex came so easily to me once I found myself engulfed in the experience. The kisses, the touches, the entanglement of arms and legs as our lips connected in the most intimate ways imaginable. I always worried that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself in situations like this…but I guess there’s just a natural instinct that takes over once you start feeling good. Go figure.

I kept feeling Ricky’s hardness rubbing up and down my leg, then against my leaking shaft, sometimes going lower to poke its head between my balls as his hips continued to gyrate on top of me…and I became obsessed with craving the taste of it again. So, I managed to roll to the side a bit, and Ricky followed my lead, laying on his back as I moved down between his splayed legs to give him a few tender strokes before eagerly sucking his length in between my lips and letting my moist tongue run circles around his flared tip…causing him to arch his back and close his eyes while moaning out loud.

I missed the boyish tang of his seductive flavor…more than I realized until I got the chance to put my mouth on him again. Sucking him made me dizzy with lewd ideas that I was so used to keeping hidden in the dark corners of my mind. But now that I get the chance to make this a reality…I was going to give him everything that I had to give. Omigod, he tastes soooo good!

“Jesus…” He sighed, trying to hold his body still as my head bobbed up and down on his thick inches, my fingers caressing the sack at the base of his shaft. The first time that we did this, everything seemed to go by so fast that I don’t feel like I really absorbed all of the tasty details and the exciting sensations that I was feeling at the time. I think a big part of me was in shock over the fact that the whole sexual experience was happening at all. But this time, I was going to savor every last deeply cherished second of our union. I wanted to remember this day forever.

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