Know it or not…James Cameron has always been one of all time favorite directors! I even did a full report and presentation on him for school. I own his book on film making. I mean, the pure genius that he can create on the big screen boggles the mind! And if the technology didn’t exist at the time that he was filming the movie…he would CREATE it! What the…? You’d be surprised how many cameras and movie tricks that he has a personal patent for! It’s insane! “Aliens”, “Terminator”, “Terminator 2”, “Titanic”, “True Lies”, “The Abyss”…my mind is blown!

And now? The follow ups to one of his biggest movies ever…”Avatar”…are finally on their way after years of wondering if they’d ever be a real thing or not! And it looks like the cinematic sorceror that once brought me a 90’s Eddie Furlong (…sighhhh….hi, Eddie! Hehehe!) is bringing another beauty to the screen in the form of Jack Champion!

I wonder who gets to paint Jack’s whole body blue every day. Hehehe! Just wondering…

Only 15 years old, Jack Champion began his career on camera with smaller, sometimes uncredited, roles in TV shows like “Evil Kin”, “Under The Dome”, and “Insurgent”. But his first leading role came with the indie horror film, “The Night Sitter”. I haven’t seen it yet, myself…but it’s on my list. Promise.

I’m not exactly sure what happened with this movie, but it unfortunately suffered a delayed release that lasted four years! And of course, Jack has grown quite a bit since then. So, he didn’t really get the chance to celebrate his first big movie while it was still fresh and new, but that never kept him from moving forward. A work ethic that is sure to pay off in the near future.

The young teen actor is now playing the role of ‘Spider’ in the soon to be released “Avatar” sequels. Apparently, he’s already done filming for “Avatar 2”, “Avatar 3”, and is now in the process of filming “Avatar 4”! Jesus! How much of a story does the planet of Pandora have to tell??? Jack has mentioned that there were a lot of physical scenes that he had to go through, including scenes underwater, and mentioned having to go through combat training, including learning how to use a bow and arrow. So…I haven’t seen a single reveal of the “Avatar” sequels, but that already sounds cool as shit! So, I’m in! Where do I buy my tickets?

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Starting off as young as he did, how he could not be an absolute natural when it comes to his craft. Sometimes, you’re just tapped in to your heart’s desire, and it never lets you go, you know?

“I think I’ve grown a lot. I think I’ve learned so much in the past four years, whether it’s on, you know, on “Avatar” or just on other projects that I’ve been on. You know, I think I’ve definitely grown…in a good way.” Jack says. “I never really took any classes, especially since I lived in the middle of nowhere. Umm…there never was any, like, acting classes but when I was young, I went to theater. You know, like, really really young I did theater stuff, so I think that kind of helped me get a base for acting lessons and stuff like that.” He says in an interview. “Then again, that’s theater so I guess film is pretty different. But, yeah, I think it was a pretty good base foundation for my first acting skills in general.”

The teen actor, or as he refers to himself…a ‘professional make believer’…seems to be enjoying his first major experience with filming for the big screen. And why wouldn’t he? Who wouldn’t have a blast getting the opportunity to do the things he’s doing now? However, the whole “Avatar” series is still very ‘hush-hush’ at the moment. He’s not allowed to talk about it, so don’t ask. He won’t spill the beans. Boys with secrets are cute! Hehehe! Still…my curiosity is killing me. James Cameron has a way of coming up with something that just completely revolutionizes everything that we’ve gotten used to. So…where the heck can he go with this?

“If there was a scene where there’s, like, some sort of monster in it or something…I would just breathe really hard before the scene. You know? Like…maybe you do a few laps around the room. Just to, like, get in the mindset of getting, like, you know…hyperventilating, and getting myself into a frantic mode and getting my body in it. So all I have to do is, like, be a character because at that point I’m just already naturally…you know…kind of hyperventilating and feeling on edge. So then, it will, you know…come across better on screen.”

I can’t wait to see what happens with Jack next! Upbeat and enthusiastic, he seems like he’s working towards being one of the potential greats in the new generation of young Hollywood actors. And I definitely wish him all the best in all of his future endeavors. He’s lined up to continue the legacy of one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all TIME! Not only that…but he even made a cameo in the newest number one blockbuster movie of all time, “Avengers: Endgame”, where he rides past Ant-Man on a bike and is asked what the hell happened to the rest of the world! So he’ll be two for two soon! Go get ’em, dude! And I’ll definitely be first in line to see the next, ummm…twenty “Avatar” movies, if that’s how many James Cameron wants to do! It’s cool with me! 🙂

Best of luck, Jack Champion!

Oh…did I mention he’s also in a short film called “Truck Slut” where he plays a gay teenager?

Yeah…that’s…that’s a real thing. Ahem…

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