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Hi Everyone!

It’s Halloween! Well, it will be soon…you know what I mean! I love getting dressed up and going out with my friends and getting more candy than I can eat in less than three sittings! You know, all the things that won’t be happening this year. Instead, we plan on grabbing some candy and snacks and doing a spooky movie marathon at home. Preston always gets freaked out by alien movies, I think we should start with Dark Skies. <grin> I hope next year we are back to normal, cause we aren’t bringing it in this year like we should be and Mom won’t buy that much candy. Oh well. Have a great Halloween!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

A’lexii Writes: Dear Matt, so, did that mean person AC try to make you wear a dress for Halloween? Are you still doing photoshoots? Is Gary going go Trick or Treating with you this year.

Thank you for joining the Imagine-Magazine Staff, you keep it fresh and interesting.

Matt’s Reply: Heh, I read a story that has a character with a name spelled exactly like yours. Sweet! No, ACFan had nothing to do with my costume this year. As you may or may not know, ACFan messed up one of his shoulders at work so, I cheated this month and used an old picture of me in costume and did the work myself to add it to the cover. Not what everyone is used to but, looks pretty cool on the cover Jeff created. We’ll go back to normal once he’s doing better. There isn’t going to be any trick-or-treating in my area this year so Gary isn’t going anywhere. He better watch it cause Thanksgiving is coming again. Hehehe! Thanks for the compliment! I do what I do when I can and it seems to work 🙂


Brian J. Writes: Hey Matt! Who chooses the stuff that gets put in the magazine? Is there like a meeting or something? Can someone like me send something in?

Matt’s Reply: No meeting. Comicality usually gets stuff sent to him and he reads it through. If it’s something that he gets excited about and he thinks would fit, he sends it to Jeff to add it. The rest of the team adds stuff too sometimes but Comicality is the chief in this house and he likes to include everyone when he can. If you are thinking about adding something, just email and he’ll get back to you. Go for it!


ViolatedHacker Writes: Why don’t you create stuff for the site? I mean, why are you even here? I don’t see where you do all that much other than pose for some pictures. Anyone can do that.

Matt’s Reply: Yeah, anyone could. But, I did. Then I started helping in other areas. So, I’m here to help. My question for you, why don’t you create stuff for the site? Like you said, anyone can do that. I’ll keep an eye out for your submission 🙂

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