The Adventures of Kyle Duron

After talking with his father and Guards Kyle heads to his old room and changes from his new republic flight suite into his jedi robs, hooks his two single blade lightsabers on his belt along with his DL-44 and then exits the palace. As he exits the palace, he goes to the motor pool and picks a speeder car and heads into the city to explore. As he enters the city, he can still see some remains of the battle of Onderon that took place during the reign of Queen Talia. After parking the speeder, many people are looking at him and some are even saying a Jedi is here, I thought they were all gone. After walking for about ten minutes, he sees a group of older boys chasing a younger kid about six. Kyle seeing the scene chases after the kids, As Kyle turns the corner, he sees the older kids have corned the younger boy and are about to hit him. Thinking about how to handle this, Kyle activates his forest green lightsaber and with a load voices says, “Hey you kids back away now.” The group of older kids turn around and see a figure holding a lightsaber and wearing Jedi robs

Older kid, “Crap it’s a Jedi, I thought they were all killed.” After the group of older kids leave Kyle deactivates his lightsaber and walks up to the kid, who seems to be crying.

Kyle “Hey there little fella my name is Kyle?”

Boy, “You going to hurt me?”

Kyle is taken back by the kids answers and replies

Kyle, “Hurt you why you say that?”

Boy, “I read that the Jedi were evil and was told that they kidnapped little boys like me.”

Rick, “Who told you that?”

Boy, “Several older kids, also my parents told me that a Jedi came several years ago, and when he came, he took my older brother with. Even though, my parents said it was his choice, several older kids said he used a Jedi Mind trick on them.”

Kyle, “Well now, I do not kidnapped kids, and no Jedi would use that trick, after all I was an eight-year-old boy when a Jedi came to take me away. also, my full title is Kyle Duron Jedi Weapon Master”

After hearing that the boy dries his tears with his hand and leaps into the arms of Kyle saying big bro.

Kyle, “Big Bro?

Boy, “My name is Rick Duron and you are my older brother, so the jedi did not force you do go?”

Kyle is taken back by the answer and realizes the kid does look like a younger version of himself and the kid does match the photo he saw in the palace.

Kyle, “it was my choice to go. Now how about we find a place to eat and them head back to the palace. Also, if you are my brother where your guards?”

As Rick was about to answer, several local police are heading over to see what was going on.

Lead cop, “You, in the Jedi robs do not think about touching your weapon and also hands in the air.”

Kyle “is there a problem officer?”

Lead cop, “Sure is we got a report that you were fighting some boys and we hate that here.” Kyle, smirks when he response “My name is Kyle Duron Jedi Weapon Master”

Lead cop, “Jedi Weapon Master…you wouldn’t be related to the governor, would you?

Kyle, “Yes, I am is that an issue?”

Lead cop, “Uhh have a good day Master Duron, let’s go men.”

Rick, “That was so cool.”

Kyle, “Do you know of a good place to eat because I am hunger?”

Rick. “Yes, Barbs cantina”

Kyle, “Lead the way.”

Several minutes later, Kyle and Rick come to local cantina. As they enter the cantina, people look at the pair and think what is a jedi doing here with a younger boy. As the two brothers sit

and order their food Kyle asked Rick again where his guards were.

Rick, “Oh I ditched them a while ago to be on my own.”

Kyle, “You know dad was attacked early today and if I was not with him, he would have been taken.”

Rick, “I know, I know. So where are you off to next?”

Kyle, “I am going to explore dxun.”

Rick “I would love to join you.”

Kyle, “We need to ask mom and dad first.”

Rick, “Shoot I know they will say no.” As the two brothers are eating a squad of palace guards enters the cantina. Guard, there is our missing charge, and it looks like older brother has found younger brother.

Guard two, “It was only a matter of time before they met.”

Guard, “Ok Rick time to come back to the palace, also we will have to report that you ditched us.”

Rick, “I do not want go I want to go with my brother to Dxun.”

Kyle, “How about we go talk to mom and dad now little brother?”

Rick, “Ok”

After paying the bill the group heads back to the palace. When the group arrive back at the palace, Kyle, heads to his X-Wing to grab his cloths bad, and heads into his old room to change into, woodland style cloths and robe. As Kyle exits his room, he sees Mary and Bruce are talking with the Lead guard about the recent trouble. As they are talking Rick rushes into the room.

Rick “Mom, dad can I go to Dxun with Kyle please please.”

Bruce, “so you met your older brother hu?”

Rick, “yep he is cool.” As Rick is talking Kyle enters the room wearing the woodland style clothing.

Mary, “I take it you went with that style to blend in if needed?”

Kyle, “I have several different clothing styles that I wear depending on the planet I am on.”

Rick “so can I please go.”

“Bruce, you can go but you must take four guards with you.”

Rick smiles, “let me go change really quick.”

Bruce tells the lead guard to form the men, so Kyle can pick out a four-man detail. Kyle, looks over the guard and chooses the four he spared with early.

Kyle so what are your names?

The four guards reply one at a time Guard one my name is Gram, guard two my name is Ezra, guard three my name is Saul, guard four my name is Cassian.

Kyle, “ok now that I know your names, I want you to change into woodland pattern clothing and if you have them a green colored light saber blade.” As the guards go to get changed,

Bruce asked his son, “Why green blades?”

Kyle, “we are going to a jungle planet and two silver blades will let people know they are guard if we encounter anyone, also Rick is not well-known right?”

Bruce, “he is known and I take it there was trouble early in town?”

Kyle, “If you mean him ditching his guards almost getting beat up. Also, if I had not shown up who knows what could have happened.”
Bruce, “You are right.”

Kyle, “Also why did you not tell me I had a brother when I landed.?

Bruce, “We wanted to surprise you but when you landed, he was getting ready to head out and was in a different part of the palace.”

Kyle, “ok then besides I am going to take my double-bladed light saber.” Ten minutes later Rick and the four guards reappear wearing, woodland style clothing. The party of six loads up on a transport ship and head to the moon of Dxun. They see a clearing in the jungle they put down there. As the group exits the shuttle they look around, following an old path they make their way down the path. The path leads them to the ruins of an old Mandalorian outpost. They come across a building that looks like an old storage shed. Kyle pulls out his lightsaber and begins making a hole in the door. Once the door has been cut open, Kyle enters the room and finds several old trunks. He cracks open one of the trunks and inside are 20 vibroswords as well as 20 vibroblades which look like they have already been upgrade, he moves to open another longer trunk and inside are 10 double vibroblades and ten single vibroblades He moves to the third trunk and opens it and inside are, 40  superior mullinine edge, along with twenty  superior neutronium edge as well as  40 superior ionite edge alongside these where a paper that said what each edge did the  Mullinine and Neutronium could improve the hacking power of a weapon as they were so sharp, while the ionite edge was used best against droids. Beside these edges where also 40 superior agrinium grips which mineral balanced the weapon towards the point, allowing for more a more powerful swing and thus, deeply penetrating injuries. As Kyle opens another trunk in the room it is filled with 40 enhanced energy cells mark IV, which smoothed the flow of power to the weapon that requires a power pack, making it less likely to produce unpredictable results, the mark IV version in turn allowed for a considerable increase in the potential for energy damage, as well as 40 ion cells mark IV which when used with the ionite edge created a deadly weapon against droids. As Kyle exits the room to tell the group what he finds, they are all in shocked, realizing what they have found where a bunch of vibro wepons and upgrades to them.

Kyle, “let’s get these trunks back into the shuttle before we explore more.”

The group moves the trunks back into the shuttle. Once locked up Kyle decides to have Gram and Ezra fly the shuttle back to the palace with the loot, while, him, his brother, Cassian and Saul explore some more. Returning to the camp the group of four explores some more buildings. As the near the last building the door is locked, Kyle opens the door with his lightsaber and inside the on the wall are 18 single bladed light sabers and 18 double bladed lightsabers.

Saul, “Will you look at this hall, man what a find.”

Kyle, “looks yep it is a nice hall indeed, but I wonder if they still work since, according the history last time jedi where hear was during the Jedi Civil war, in which a jedi got involved in?” The group puts the lightsabers into two trunks, after leaving the camp, the group moves further into the jungle. As the group nears the tomb of Freedon Nadd, they sense something, coming straight them is a person welding two red light sabers, who looks about 12. Kyle orders Cassian and Saul to guard Rick while he moves to meet the attacker. Kyle activates his double-bladed lightsaber and starts to fight the Sith, they two are evenly match till Kyle gets the upper hand, and use the force to push the attacker away. The attacker strikes back by having lightning bolts come from his fingers. Kyle blocks them with his lightsaber sensing his opponent is weakening he moves in, a flash he disarms the attacker and asked him who he was and what he was doing here.

Attacker “my name is Turtleboy, I am a descendent of the sith who were here during the jedi civil war and survived.”

Kyle, “well you are defeated and my prisoner now.” As the group is wondering what to do with the Sith, Gram and Ezra, come upon the group.

Ezra, “when we off loaded the stuff your dad was surprised by all the loot and had it moved to the vault and stationing additional guards around it”.

Kyle, “yea well we found another room loaded with thirty-six lightsabers.” As the, group is talking they suddenly sense something the move into a circle around Rick and all five activate two lightsabers each. Out of nowhere ten Mandalorian appear, and aim their laser at the group. Kyle, “so what’s a bunch of Mandalorian doing in this neck of the woods?”

Head Mandalorian, “my name is Kantiss Rodon, and we been following you since you landed with stealth”.

Kyle, “how come you show up now?”

Kantiss “You have the person we have been hunting.”

Kyle looks at turtleboy. “Why are you hunting him?”

Kantiss, “there is a bounty on sith, and we aim to collect.”

Kyle, “I was unaware of any bounty on Sith set up by the Jedi.”

Katniss, “the jedi, they been gone for a long time all I see here are five men with lightsabers, four palace guards and one boy meaning the person in the middle is very important on Onderon.” Kyle, “you have told me your name let me tell you mine. My name is Kyle Duron, Jedi Weapon Master, and so, if you want to tangle with us and have a New Republic battle group here along with troops fill free.”

Kantiss, “it seems, I have may have spoken too soon.”

Kyle, “also just to let you know this Sith is in the custody of Jedi order and as such is no longer able to be claimed as bounty. Also, I want the name of the person who put out this bounty.” Kantiss, “the man’s name is the called the Rev.”

Kyle, in an angry tone asked “what is his full name!”

Kantiss, “Imperial WarLord Matt the Reverend.”

Kyle, “I see, you go back and tell him the bounty is no more and I will be coming after him.” Kaniss, “very well let’s go men.” A Mandalorian shuttle arrives and hovers over the group and the ten bounty hunters use their rockets to fly into the shuttle and it takes off.

Kyle, “turtle boy, I can sense the good in you, turn your ways and become a Jedi.”

Turtleboy, “I will submit to the Jedi.”

Kyle repeat after me, there is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; There is serenity. There is no death; there is only the Force. A Jedi does not act for personal power or wealth but seeks knowledge and enlightenment. A Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear, or aggression but acts when calm and at peace with the Force. Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use the powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others. Jedi respect life, in any form. Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.”

Turtleboy, “repeats the Jedi Code” All of sudden Turtleboy glows and his skin becomes lighter and his hair turns a golden brown.

Kyle, “kneel Turtleboy.” Turtleboy kneels,

I Kyle, Jedi Weapon Master, dub thee Turtleboy Jedi Guardian. Turtleboy as your first assignment, you will be the personal body guard to my brother, as well as his friend”.

Turtleboy, “I accept.”

“Rick, I do not need a babysitter I am six years old.”

Kyle, “True my brother but one can always use a friend who is older and wiser”.

Rick, “I guess you are right.”

After spending five more hours on Dxun, and finding evidence of the battles that took place during the reign of Queen Talia, the group decides to head back to the palace. Once the group arrives back

Bruce, asked to speak to Kyle alone.

Bruce, “I see you brought back another person who is he?”

Kyle “he is Turtleboy, we found him on the Dxun he attacked us and I took him out without killing him.”

Bruce “why did he attacked you guys?”

Kyle, “he claimed to be a sith, but I sense in him the light side of the force. I was able to turn to the light side and he has pledged an oath to be to be Rick personal guard.”

Bruce, “I see. Also, there is the matter of the swords you found as well as the 36 lightsabers, what do you want to do with them?”

Kyle, “leave them locked up till I can return with a bigger ship to take the stuff back to Yavin. Master Skywalker will be pleased with the stuff.”

Bruce “so where are you off to next?”

Kyle, “I need to head to Hoth to search for the crystal I want.:

Bruce, “will you be back in the near future?”

Kyle, “I may return, after I am done on Hoth.”

Kyle, heads to his room changes out of the jungle cloths heads into the refresher. As he exits the refresher, he dresses in his New Republic flight suit, grabs his bag and heads to his X-Wing. As, Kyle is walking, to his X-Wing, he heres his name being called.

Rick, “you leaving big bro? “

Kyle, I have to go and find something.”

Rick, “what?”

Kyle “A permafrost crystal which will turn a lightsaber a blue color.”

Rick, “cool my saber color is yellow; I would love to have one like that.”

Kyle, “maybe when I return you can build your own lightsaber and have it in tuned with you.” Rick, “I would like that.”

Kyle, “little bro see you soon.” Kyle stows his bag into the cargo compartment, jumps into his X-Wing and lifts off as Rick is waving his hands good bye. As Kyle is leaving the planet, a Viscount-class_Star_Defender along with ten CR 90, four assault frigates mark 2, four MC-30 six Nebulon B Frigates alone with six MC-40 cruisers, as well four MC-80 exit hyperspace and as soon as they exit Kyle is receiving a transmission

this is “Captain Kirito Warren of the Star Defender Endor Master Duron do you copy over?” Kyle, this is “Master Duron, I read you Endor.”

Kirito, “we have been assigned by the New Republic high command as your personal ship.” “Kyle, why do I need my own capital ship?” Kirito, “I am just following orders, also with me our several cruisers and frigates.” As Kyle enter the hanger of the Endor he sees 13 Snow speeders in the hanger bay, as well as 60 X-Wings, 24 A-Wings, 24 B-Wings, 24 E-Wings 24 K-Wing, 36 Y-Wings, 48 V-Wing Airspeeders, for air cover when on the ground and eight V-Wing speeder transport cable of carrying six V-Wings each, and 60 U-55 orbital load lifters, with 30 modified to land the combat speeders and tanks, 100 sentinel class troop carriers, and 20 Lambda class shuttles. After landing his X-Wing Kyle gets out and meets Kirito. Kirito, “welcome aboard the Endor, Master Duron, these fighters you see are just what the Endor has on board. Three of the MC-40 carries an additional squadron of X-Wings while the other three carry six additional squadrons of Y-Wings. One of the MC-80 carries an additional ten squadrons of bombers five squadron of Y-Wings and K-Wings. One carries ten additional squadron of B-Wings. The last two carry more fighters. One carries five additional squadron of X-Wing and E-Wings, while the last one carries ten additional squadrons of A-Wing” So you have at your command a standard fleet”. Kyle “Wow, I am happy to be aboard, what’s with the snow speeders?” Kirito “we are heading to the planet Hoth, also, New Republic High command wants to make sure you are protected.”

Kirito, “At first the it was just going to be this star defender and nine CR-90, but someone decided a full fleet was needed, after all a Jedi Weapon Master needs a big fleet.”

Kyle, “I take it a certain Jedi Grandmaster has been talking?”

Kirito, “he did mention something to his sister who must have something to do with us being assigned to you.”

Kyle, “well I am glad to have this bigger ship so I can arrive comfortable when we enter the Hoth System. Also, what’s with the other X-Wings and other StarCraft?”

Kirito, “oh they are the fighter wings assigned to this ship. They are led by Captain Max Magcargo, and they are called Heat Wing, he also commands his own squadron of 12 X-Wings called Heat Squadron.”

Kyle, “Also what’s with the 13 snow speeders?”

Kirito “oh those 12 are under the command of captain Ako San winter squadron, also the 13th one is for you. Also, on board we have a detachment of 3000 New Republic assault troops from the 50th assault group trained in jungle, winter, and desert warfare. Also, we have on board 100 combat speeder and 100 AAC-1 tanks.”

Kyle “So, you are telling me a command a small fleet as well as small army?”

Kirito, “why yes General Duron.”

Kyle, “great I am a general just like during the clone war.”

Kirito, “I also have this personal message from Master Skywalker”. Kyle reads the message. Message, Greetings Kyle,

I hope you are liking the gifts I have for you. Also, since we are rebuilding the Jedi Order, you need to take on a padawan.

Kyle, “Kirito”.

Kirito, “Yes general?”

Kyle, “I want 50 men to report to the hanger deck at once we are taking a lifter down to Onderon.”

Kirito, “At once General.” As the 50 men appear, they load up in the lifter along with Kyle who has changed into his Jedi Weapon Master rob. As the lifter is descending into the palace grounds, the guards of the palace come out with lightsaber at the ready, to defend the palace. As the shuttle lands the guards notice Kyle exiting the ramp being followed by 50 men in wearing the uniform of New Republic assault troops.

Lead guard, “back so soon Kyle?”

Kyle, “I was on my out when I got a message from a ship went on board found out I command a small army.” As they are talking Rick runs out and hugs his big bro you back already Rick asked?

Kyle “I never left where is mom and dad we need to talk.” Kyle has 25 men to stay with the ship and has the other 25 follow him. As they enter the grand room Bruce and Mary are shocked to see Kyle back.

“Bruce, I take it you did not get far?”

Kyle, “turns out I am in command of a small fleet a small land army.”

Bruce, “I see. So, what brings you back?”

Kyle, “Two things one the weapons I found. So, can you have someone lead these 25 men to the vault so they can pick up the vibweapons.”

Bruce, “Soas lead these men to the area.” Soas, “at once, Governor.” “Bruce, what’s number two?”

Kyle. “you may not like this but I been tasked my Master Skywalker to take on a padawan.” “Bruce, if you want to take your brother as a padawan there are two stipulations.”

Kyle “what are?”

Bruce, “one you take Gram, Saul, Ezra, and Cassian as well as Turleboy with you. Second, you maintain contact with us, not having word from you in 10 years was worrying.”

Kyle, “I agree to those stipulations.”

Bruce “we will miss him but it is his destiny.” Rick overhearing the good news jumps for joy and starts packing. As Kyle and his parents are talking one of his troops shows up.

Trooper, “General all the vib weapons have been loaded up as well as the lightsabers,”

Kyle “very well, let’s head out”.

Kyle, “mom dad goodbye and see you after our adventure.” As orbital lifter takes off Bruce and Mary remember this scene from ten years ago when Luke came to take their boy away. On board the Endor, “Kyle well boys welcome to your new home.”

Kyle, “Trooper what’s your name?”

Trooper “Austin Smith sir.”

Kyle, “Well Smith take these weapons to my personal quarters, also you are second in command of this detail.”

Austin, “at once sir, thank you sir.”

Kyle, “I want you to pick out 49 men and train them with these weapons and make them my personal guard.”

Kyle walks to the bridge, Captain Kirito, set course for the Hoth System.

Kirito, “at once sir.”  The Duron battle group jumps into hyperspace on a course for Hoth . As the ships are traveling through hyperspace, Kyle heads to the training room. Upon entering the room, he sees his brother, training against a laser droid. Kyle sits down next to Gram.
Kyle “how’s he doing?”

Gram “he has talent that’s for sure but the only person close in age to him is Turtleboy who is a good 3 feet taller than him so in sparing it may not be a fair fight.”

Kyle, “what you are saying is we need another six-year-old jedi on board this ship?”

Gram, “well maybe.”

Kyle, “you know we could swing by Yavin IV to see if we can pick up two more kids. Kyle to Captain Kirito. Kirito, exit hyperspace and reset course to Yavin IV.”

Kirito, “copy that.” As the force comes out of hyperspace its right by the planet Yavin IV. Kyle, well know I guess we timed it right. On board the Liberty, Tycho is on the bridge along with Corrin Horn looking at expanse of space when he sees the small fleet. Corrin “Shithswpan where did they come from.” Tycho, “can anyone identify those ships.” Corrin, “looks like a Star Defender as well as several new republic ships.” Tycho, “did you say star defender man that’s one of the biggest ships in the New Republic, open a transmission channel to the defender.” Coms, “channel open.”

“This is Captain Tycho Clechu of the New Republic cruiser Liberty, who are you?”

On board the Endor, Kyle coms accept. An image of Tycho appears.

Kyle “hey Tycho what’s going?”

Tycho taken back by who he sees, Kyle what in the heck are you doing. Kyle, “I am now a general now and this is my fleet given to me by the New Republic high command.”

Tycho, “what brings you back to Yavin?”

Kyle, “I need to ask Master Skywalker for two students a six year and a 12-year-old.” As the two people are talking another image appears.

Luke, “Kyle so nice to see you back, I had a feeling you would be here, I have the two-perfect people for you. A six-year youngling name Kenta Kong and his brother Jeff Kong.”

Kyle, “brothers?”

Luke “yep, they will be perfect the older one will perfect to help train Turtleboy.”

Kyle, “how you know about that?”

Luke, “I have my ways. Also I am sending up another Jedi Master.”

Kyle, “Who is it?”

Luke, Jedi Master Neo Gardner.”

Kyle, “Sounds good send them up.”

As the shuttle comes into the hanger bay Kyle, Rick, Turtleboy as well as the four guards greet the two new young jedi as well as the other Jedi Master.

Jeff, ‘”so this is our new home for now.”

Kenta, “its big.”

Kyle, “Kenta, Jeff welcome to the Endor, your new home. The reason you are here is I needed someone to spare against Rick who is his own age and someone to spare against Turtleboy who was his age. Jedi Master Gardner is here to help us.”

Jeff, “will we be building our own lightsabers, since Kenta and I have not built one yet?”

Kyle, “yes that is part of being a jedi is finding your own crystal and making your own lightsaber. The crystal that we are looking for here is the permafrost crystal.”

Jeff, “that would be cool but I am more into a double-bladed lightsaber with a silver color and an emerald color”.

Kyle, “I guess we will have to go to Tatoonie and then Sarka.”

Kyle, “Kenta, what colors do you like?”

Kenta, “I would like the one we are looking for on Hoth I love the color blue.”

Kyle, “Rick, what color would you like?”

Rick, “the color on Hoth.”

Kyle, “how about you Turleboy?”

Turtleboy, “I would like a sapphire blue, since I am a jedi guardian.”

Kyle, well its settled. Hoth, Tatoonie than Sarka. Kyle, to Captain Kirito, set course for the Hoth system.

Next time on the Adventures of Kyle exploring Hoth Tatoonie, and Sarka.

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