Sometimes you find yourself in the presence of a boy that just radiates so much enthusiasm and incorruptible joy…that you can’t help but to give in and let it spread to every part of you right along with him! You just can’t help it! Hehehe! And why would would you want to?

Tyler Dryden is definitely in one of those youngsters that exists as boyish happiness personified, and there’s just something about him that never ceases to make you feel good in his presence. God bless you for that, dude!

Born in the humble area of Stillwater, Oklahoma, this cute actor and model seems to have always been a natural when it came to his number one passion of acting. He’s been successful in a variety of commercials, as well as some short films like “Terminated” and “Single Standard”, and appearances on the TV shows “Extreme Measures”, “The World’s Most Astonishing News”, and “Stop The Bleeding”. And also a movie called, “Butt Boy”!

Hehehe! Get your brain out of the gutter! it’s not THAT kind of movie! Geez!

Tyler Dryden started when he was only nine years old, and when asked when he first became interested in being an actor, he answered, “I started because me and my brother, we really enjoy, like, creating characters and worlds. I mean, like…imagine them and play with them. Uuhhh, so my mom was like…that’s ‘acting’. And she says, ‘You should go to acting class.’ And, so, I started acting class at Studio 24, and…I fell in LOVE with it!”

Tyler and his teen brother, Derrick, actually moved to Glasgow, Scotland for about two or three years back in 2010…attending school at Castle Hill in Bearsden until 2012 when the family moved to Northern California to pursue a budding modeling and acting career. And he’s been doing a bang up job at it all ever since!

It still amazes me that the brightest and most ambitious kids in this day and age can truly pursue their dreams at such a young age and actually make it happen! It’s an amazing thing to see! Tyler gets to act and goof around set, he gets to travel to exotic places all over the globe for modeling shoots and wear the coolest clothes, and still has time to have some major fun with his friends and family whenever he gets the chance.

Who wouldn’t want a life like that before you even get out of Junior High?

However, while being home schooled most of the time and gaining momentum in his budding celebrity status, that doesn’t mean that he gets to skate around his duties as a student while he’s working.

“When I’m on set, I usually have a studio teacher. BUT…it’s not all fun and games! It’s like I have two jobs! Acting and school! BUT, I still love it!”

Hehehe, not buying it! Nobody loves school! We love our friends, we love not being bored all day…but come on! Hehehe! School? Or theme parks and days at the beach? Pick one!

Here is some of Tyler’s earlier vids! Expect more to come in the near future from him!

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“The key to truly being happy is to always be true to yourself, and just…look on the bright side! Be proud of who you are and just support your friends’ awesomeness! And that, in turn, will truly make you happy!” Very true! And it sounds like he’s got just the right attitude to reach for the stars when he’s ready!

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Best of luck to you, Tyler! As long as you keep putting your natural beauty and your never-ending, utterly contagious, enthusiasm for life on display, we promise to keep watching! Believe it!

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