#1 – If you wear a ring on your finger…the number of bacteria that lives beneath its band could be as high a seven hundred and thirty MILLION specimens! That’s roughly the entire population of all of Europe! (So, like…clean that thing before dinner!)

#2 – Only male turkeys ‘gobble’. Female turkeys make a softer clucking sound, similar to that of a chicken.

#3 – Accoording to research from the Trevor Project’s national survey, 1 in 10 gay youths actually identify as being ‘asexual’, meaning one who either doesn’t experience sexual attraction or has a minimal desire for sexual contact.

#4 – Leonardo Da Vinci never actually had a last name. He was born in the town of ‘Vinci’, and therefore his name simply means ‘Leonardo of Vinci’. Why wasn’t he given a last name? Because he was born out of wedlock…which, at that time, was a no no.

#5 – The holiday of Thanksgiving dates back to older Protestant practices in the UK, and a day of Thanksgiving dinner was actually supposed to be preceded by a brief period of fasting. So don’t go stuffing your face unless you paid tribute by starving yourself first! Pigs! Hehehe!

#6 – Believe it or not, the famous fashion designer, Coco Channel was actually a spy for the Nazi party during World War II! :O

#7 – Native Americans, specifically the Saux, Foxes, and Assiniboine, tribes…invented a game called ‘Shinny’, where a buckskin ball was struck and run up and down a field using a curved stick in order to score a goal. And when the Winter months came, the game was played over fields of ice. A game that you may now know….as Hockey! (That’s for you, Canada! Hehehe!)

#8 – There is a protein found in the saliva of all vampire bats called ‘Draculin’. It is designed to keep the blood of their prey from clotting while they are drinking it.

#9 – It is believed, by many, that it is the Ronald McDonald giant balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that has appeared more often than any other well known character, and it is also the biggest balloon to ever fly down that main street. However, this is not true. The character who has appeared more times than any other in the parade is actually ‘Snoopy’ from the Peanuts cartoons! And the largest balloon to ever fly down the street…was Superman!

#10 – The reason the massive shopping extravaganza the day after Thanksgiving is called ‘Black Friday’ is because stores hope to use the giant rise in business to settle all of their debts (or ‘get them out of the red’) and back to making profits (or ‘back in the black’) as far as their finances are concerned.

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