I felt Ricky’s hand rubbing itself over the top of my head as I continued to serve him, his body doing everything that it could not to struggle against the untold pleasures that he was experiencing at that very moment. He threaded his fingers through my hair, little moans being muffled as he lightly bit his bottom lip to keep them from escaping in their full intensity. Then his hand traveled down to the back of my neck. And then to my shoulder blades…and further down until he was reaching out in an attempt to grab at the mounds of my bare ass on the bed as I feverishly humped the mattress beneath me. It was SO wild!

“Hey…” Ricky panted. “Flip flop with me. K?” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but as he began to move and reposition himself, gently pulling my legs further up on the bed and lowering his head, I figured that he meant that he wanted to suck me too. Again…Ok!!! I’m down with that too!!!

We slid around a bit, and I was soon feeling the warm, wet, slippery sensation of Ricky Sweeten’s sexy lips surrounding my hardness and milking it while a series of violent tremors traveled over my whole body from head to toe. I sucked him back into my mouth as well, and we began to find a mutual rhythm that nearly set me off within the first few seconds of contact. I couldn’t help but to whimper myself, especially when I felt Ricky rolling over on top of me again…one of his legs rising up and over me to straddle my face as he got on top and took me even deeper into his hot sucking mouth.

I REALLY liked this a lot better! We weren’t laying side by side anymore…he was above me, his heated length sliding across my tongue…his wrinkled sack and tender baubles resting on my top lip, full of sperm, the potent aroma of his most carnal desires being wafted into my nostrils with every breath. I let my hands travel up to grip the bubbled globes of his ass, rubbing and squeezing them gently, prying the narrow cleft open as it hovered above my hungry gaze. A fine, almost invisible dusting of peach fuzz lining the open crack. The heat of his athletic thighs could be felt on both sides of my face…and when I was almost too enthralled with the tastes, sounds, and scents, of my my dream boy…I still had the feel of his loving tongue coiling itself around my pulsating erection to deal with.

It became too much for my poor mind to handle. My body began to switch into second gear, and as much as I loved the taste of Ricky’s heated shaft pumping itself in and out of my mouth…I had to pull off of him to warn Ricky that I was going to cum. Just so I could avoid a repeat of what happened last time.

“Ricky…I’m ready. It’s coming out now…” I panted. But he didn’t stop. He started sucking harder. In fact, he slid a bit further down my body to make sure that he was in position to swallow it all. His hips began thrusting, humping my hairless chest as he tried his best to get me to explode in his mouth. I just…I didn’t know what to do! I was way too close to the edge to stop now. And he was sliding his boner up and down my chest, and I kissed the inside of his thighs, sucking gently on the tender meat that I found there…and I craned my neck up to kiss the underside of his balls as the whole lower half of my body tensed up, and I…oh God…I can’t hold it anymore!

My fingers dug into the supple flesh of Ricky’s gyrating ass cheeks as my hips raised up off of the bed…and then began to spasm and totally unload into the sultry heat of his intense, swallowing, vacuum! I honestly think I went blind for a moment, as I came harder than I ever have before in my LIFE, gushes of forced semen being pumped out of me to the point where it almost ached to release it all at once.

I was left so bewildered and love struck, that I just had to hold on to Ricky’s ample ass cheeks with both hands to keep from wiggling myself right off the edge of the bed. And then…as his hips began to speed up their thrusting motions on top of me, his cute voice whimpering as he tried to take my massive offering down without spilling anything…I felt his erection twitching as well…and suddenly, warm squirts of his own ejaculate began to coat my chest and stomach with his crashing orgasm. I was still holding on to his ass cheeks, feeling them tighten up harder than I had ever seen before with my own eyes, right beneath my fingertips, and I was RIGHT!!! He really DOES have dimples in his ass! Like…DEEP ones! On both sides! Omigod, that’s so fuckin’ hot!

The tension began to fade. Fatigue began to settle in. And after laying in a 69 position for a few minutes to catch our breaths…Ricky finally swiveled himself back around and breathlessly kissed me on the lips. This time, he tasted a bit different. Was that ‘me’ that I was tasting? Wow…hehehe, not bad. I’ve been missing out by wasting it all on a ball of tissues or washing it down the shower drain like I usually do.

“That was…mind-blowing…” Ricky said, staring up at the ceiling. “I never knew how sexy something like this would be. I never knew, like…I just…whoah…”

Hehehe, Ricky was being so cute at that moment, that I felt compelled to roll into his arms and kiss him on the lips again. And that was just the beginning of our ‘All Day Saturday’! Silas was totally right about this whole thing. Ricky and I kept tongue kissing until we were fully hard again…and then we’d suck each other off again. Then we’d kiss and cuddle…and we’d get hard fifteen minutes later, and we’d jack ourselves off while still kissing. Then we’d kiss and roll around for a bit…then we’d go back for another mouthful. It was kind of like having a newlywed ‘husband’, you know? Or…at least, that’s what I’d imagine it would be like. Hehehe! I got to be really comfortable with him, seeing as he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. I came so many times that I was starting to think that I’d run out of juice if we kept this up for much longer. And, at one point, Ricky asked me if I wanted a soda from the fridge downstairs. My throat was super dry and so was his, so we both got up out of the bed…my legs were so shaky that I nearly fell over and he had to hold me up while I tried to re-calibrate my normal everyday balance…and we walked down to his kitchen naked. Hehehe, which was weird. I’ve never been naked in a kitchen before. It just felt naughty to me.

Anyway, we were drinking some cold sodas, and making eye contact…and Ricky is so damn cute that I started getting hard again. And that made him hard again too. And he put a dry dish towel up on the counter and lifted my up to sit me on it so we could start making out some more, my legs wrapping around his waist again and him humping himself up against me until we both came again right there in his kitchen! What the hell is even going ON right now??? How is any of this real? I’m losing my mind here!

I think we both were pushing the envelope with the kitchen sex thing, but it left us both in this sluggish and slightly lethargic state. My poor boner was actually starting to ache at this point, and yet…with every sexy thought that entered my mind…my little five inches let me know that it would work itself back up for more action if I needed more. Wow…what a little trooper. Hehehe!

We went back up to Ricky’s room, and he turned on his TV for some random background noise. His bed was a mess, but neither one of us cared. Wrinkled sheets, wet spots, and all. I just laid down, facing the TV, and Ricky laid down behind me…putting his arm around me and spooning himself into my backside while kissing me on the back of my neck.

“Mmmm…you’re so warm.” I sighed.

“You smell awesome…” He replied.

“I have this minty shower and bath gel thing at home. I’m glad you like it.”

“I do. Damn…” He kissed me a few more times, and then we sort of shared a few whispers with one another as we lay there in his bed for a while longer, and eventually drifted off to sleep for a little bit. It couldn’t have been for more than twenty minutes or more, give or take…but we had definitely put our bodies to the test that afternoon. Even us teenagers run out of sexual energy eventually. Maybe not for LONG…but for a little while.

When I woke up…Ricky was still holding me. His protective arms wrapped around me as his subtle body heat warmed me up and kept me safe and secure. I also noticed that he was hard again. And this time, his hardness was laying directly in between my teen boy cheeks, throbbing with every beat of his heart. I don’t know what made me do it, but I scooted back slightly…pressing myself against him, and he grunted softly in my ear. I didn’t realize that he was awake.

“I think we got tired.” I giggled.

“Gee…I wonder what we could have done to make us so tired.” He smiled, and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. “I’m seriously considering making you my number one crush, Jamie. I mean it. You make me feel so…ugh…I wish I had the words to say it right.”

I craned my neck back and kissed him on the lips. “It sounds just right to me.” I said. Am I letting my guard down? Something that once seemed so far out of my reach now feels…possible somehow. And that’s so confusing to me right now.

I felt his hips push forward as the spongy ‘smoosh’ of my curvaceous cheeks pressed up against his manhood again, and I could feel a tension increasing in my most forbidden spot as it yearned to be exposed to the boy that I was willing to give everything to. What was this building up to? I wasn’t sure, but…even though I had a few fears and doubts about this whole thing…I was too excited to deny that I wanted it. I wasn’t even sure what to expect from something like this…I just…I was beyond curious at this point. Beyond restrictions. Beyond whatever fears I might have had about…you know…hitting that home run that I always dreamed about.

Obviously it would be different from the fantasies that I had about bottoming for a really hot guy in the past. It would be different from me experimenting with my soapy fingers in the showers. It might really hurt, you know? I couldn’t tell if I was ready or not. But the more Ricky humped himself against me, and the more I relaxed and push back on him…the yearning to find out what making love for real was all about intrigued me more than the many questions that I had in my mind, trying to discourage such an act. I wanted to know what it felt like. And I think Ricky did too.

You know…opportunity and all that.

Ricky was still hugging me close when I reached back to give his hard erection a few strokes, pointing it between my round cheeks and attempting to aim it at my hole…still quivering with uncertainty as I silently gave him permission to enter me at will.

“Jamie…?” He said quietly.

“Are…are you sure?” Omigod, Ricky is so sweet! Even after a whole DAY of us having sex, he’s still, like…concerned about me. I couldn’t have picked a better partner for my first time.

“Yeah. I’m sure.” I said. “Do it to me. Please?”

I felt his shaft throb in my hand when I said it, and he suddenly let go of me and sat up in the bed. “Wait…ummmm…hold on a sec.” He opened up a drawer next to the bed, and ruffled through it for a few seconds before pulling out what looked like a big sandwich bag with a ziplock seal at the top. “They gave us this in Health class at school. I never used it for anything, so…” He seemed so sheepish and cute about it that it made me giggle to myself. Ricky blushed as he pulled out this small tube of stuff and said, “This is supposed to make things more…ummm…smoother, I think.”

“M’kay…” I said. And I looked at the other stuff in his bag with a bit of confusion as he took the tube out and squinted while trying to read the tiny instructions on the side of it. I picked up the bag, and I saw condoms in there, and some other stuff that I didn’t recognize. What the heck is a ‘dental dam’? It was like a bag of dollar store toys, but they fascinated me just the same. “What is this thing?” I asked, holding it up for Ricky to see.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s just for girls though.” He said, now putting some of that liquid on his hand, and then rubbing it all over his hardness. “Do you…ummm…want some? Like, maybe put it on…like…in your…?”

“Oh! I need to…ummm…ok. Give me a second.” I said, letting him squeeze some out on my hand. It was really slippery and wet, and I reached behind me to apply it to my most intimate spot, raising a leg to make sure that I could get my fingers to smear it all around my hole and push some of it inside of me. It was MUCH better than soap! That’s for sure! And, when I was ready…Ricky smiled at me. And I smiled back at him, glancing down to see his boner glistening and wet, and throbbing with excitement. I guess we were both ready to go then, weren’t we?

I had never been this far with another boy before. Or anybody before. But there was something about Ricky, his smile, his easy going nature, his sense of humor…his utter concern for me throughout this whole process…that made me want to trust him. You know? I didn’t mind submitting to him, or making myself vulnerable in such an intimate and familiar way for the first time. It just…it felt right.

So I got up on my hands and knees, and I got down on my elbows, presenting my round bottom to him for the first time, hearing him sigh out loud and groan as though it was the most amazing thing that he had ever seen before in his life. I felt his hands rubbing up and down my back, then all over my ass…then he lightly gripped my hips as the blunt tip of his slicked up erection touched my constricted pucker for the first time.

Now, I know that most people think that this would be an easy thing to do…trying to push past a super tight muscle that was designed, specifically, to keep that from happening…but it’s not. My body didn’t agree with my desires or fantasies at ALL when he tried to penetrate me from behind. And it’s not like I didn’t want it…I just couldn’t grant him access for the first few minutes. Lube and all. I really tried, but my body just wouldn’t open up for him. I think Ricky thought he was hurting me, and was ready to give up, telling me, “It’s ok, Jamie. Really. We don’t have to do this today. I’m just happy to be here with you alone for a while. You’ve already made this the best day of my life. So, what would we lose? You know?”

I think that was the key. That, right there…that love, and patience, and understanding…it allowed my virgin hole to loosen its protective grip and relax to the point where, when Ricky tried again…his tip was able to bypass the clutching muscle and a portion of his shaft was able to slide inside of me.

I gasped at first, my breath catching in the back of my throat as I tightened up and felt the pain of my very first intrusion. I felt so…so full. And he wasn’t even halfway in yet. I tried to breathe…feeling the sensual ‘stretch’ of my private entrance as Ricky attempted to take things slow with me. Oh God….it….umm…ok, there’s a little bit of ‘hurt’ involved with all this. It was like both of my legs went numb, just trying to deal with the intense pressure of having his length gradually pushed into me, a half inch at a time. I whimpered a little bit, hiding my face in Ricky’s pillow, but I didn’t reject him. I wanted him. I wanted him so completely. And when I heard him whisper, “Omigod…you’re sooooo tight!” I was determined to struggle through the discomfort to make this the experience that I always dreamed that it would be. For the both of us.

There was a minute or two of painful ‘discovery’ when it came to my first time experiencing anal sex…but I was surprised at how quickly it changed. I can only equate the feeling to massaging out a really sore cramp in your leg. It HURTS in the beginning…but as soon as you loosen up the muscle and start working to make it feel better…the pain fades. And it becomes the most fantastic and relaxing feeling in the world. It was like Ricky’s hard length had suddenly broken through a second sexual ‘gate’ within me…and when I felt him pierce his way through it to stimulate me in places where my fingers couldn’t reach…I found my swollen tip leaking fluids to the point where they dripped down to his bed sheets in long, clear, sticky, drips. Holy SHIT! What was this???

Ricky began to slide himself in and out of me, and it almost felt TOO good for me to handle! He was hitting some hidden spot within me that was nearly making my eyes roll back in my head. My legs became too wobbly for me to stay on all fours as I moaned and squealed with delight from his passionate thrusts, and I fell down to the bed, with Ricky covering me so he could continue pumping himself into me. He was so breathless. My hole quivered and gripped his shaft as he continued to invade me, soft, loving, kisses being placed on my cheeks and lips. I turned my head to see if I could taste his tongue in my mouth again…and he only pumped me harder than before.

With my slim body being pressed into the mattress over and over again…my erection lost all control and began to cum all over itself. Spurt after spurt of overzealous teen boy seed, forced through the thin material of his sheets and straight down to stain the mattress beneath. My body convulsed with my voice cracking in the midst of one of the most powerful climaxes of my young life. I have NEVER had my body rocked to it’s very core like that! Holy FUCK!!! And yet…Ricky kept humping himself into me with a fever. His heated breath bowing heavily on the back of my neck, his strong arms on either side of me, with my hands touching his maturing biceps as he focused on reaching a high climax of his very own.

And then…

“Omigod…oh shit….UNGGHHH!!!” He said, and pushed himself so deeply into my clutching hole that my eyes sprung open and my legs tightened up as he forcefully emptied his highly aroused fluids into me…his groin crushed against the soft cushion of my as cheeks as his final thrust pushed the pert cheeks up, only to blush from the pressure that he was assaulting them with. I could feel Ricky hold me tight, I could hear his voice over my shoulder, crying out in a fit of lust and inevitable release. His humping frenzy came to a stop as he felt the contractions of my constricted cavity gripping his sensitive shaft from all sides. My animated body wiggling beneath him as he fought to keep from screaming out loud over the stimulation of his highly sensitive tip. And when our orgasmic tantrums began to subside…we just laid in Ricky’s bed for a few minutes…not saying anything at all. I mean, what could we say? What we just did was MAGIC! And neither one of us even knew the asthetics of the trick yet…but today pretty much guaranteed that were going to keep doing this until we figured it out. No doubt about it.

So, yeah…an ‘All Day Saturday’…

It’s a real thing. Silas really wasn’t kidding about that. By the time I was ready to leave Ricky’s house that day…my dick was SORE from having sex that many times and for staying hard for that long. But it was worth it. SO worth it. I lost, like…ALL of my virginity to a boy that I have been obsessing about and lusting over for a long time now. And, you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s one of those virginity stories that people would be super proud to tell when they get older. I got the Willy Wonka ‘Golden Ticket’ when it came to my first few times out. And not many people can say that. Maybe just a handful…but I’m glad that I was one of them.

When Ricky and I were too tired and to emotionally and sexually satisfied to go any longer, we finally got dressed again, and I gave him a long tongue kiss before putting my shoes on and getting ready to leave. That’s when he surprised me by timidly asking, “You know…maybe when school starts, or…you know…we have another big party to go to…” He paused for a second, blushing and running his fingers through his hair as he bashfully looked away from me, “…Maybe, you and me can, like…go together?”

Shocked by his comment, my eyes widened involuntarily, and I tried to calm myself down before answering. “Really? Ummm, ok. I’m down.”

“Cool.” He smiled.

“Cool.” I smiled back. And that’s when he kissed me again before letting me leave.

The rest is history, I guess. Recent history. We make eye contact a lot when we pass by each other’s houses. A few secretive smiles. A couple of hugs. And when we find the time to be alone, at his house or my own…we have no hang ups about getting completely naked and hooking up again. Hehehe, and again. And AGAIN!!! I’ve actually gotten addicted to the feeling of having that boy inside me. I never get enough. And the more we ‘do it’…the better we get at ‘doing it’. Sure, we still talk and laugh too. And I occasionally offer up a coupon for a free ice cream sundae when it’s a particularly hot day outside. But I make sure to hide the ‘good’ ones for myself. Hehehe, I learn from my mistakes. But he’s still super awesome to talk to, and despite the deliberate sexual hook ups every time we get the house to ourselves…Ricky seemed to mirror my feelings when it came to possibly looking for something more. Because…we have AWESOME conversations, sometimes. And we laugh until almost cry. I think he really wants us to be a ‘couple’. You know? And I’ve never wanted anything more than to be involved with a supreme hottie like Ricky Sweeten and have the honor of calling him my boyfriend.

My actual boyfriend! Wow!

I think Silas is catching on. Hehehe! So, I’m going to come clean to him soon. Maybe even tomorrow. He’s going to be so outraged that I didn’t tell him sooner, but those are the breaks, I suppose. I’ll tell him. I pretty much have to. Because there’s another high school party coming up the weekend after next…and Ricky wants me to be his date. Ahhhhh…he’s so CUTE!!! His DATE???

Yeah, I’ll work things out when I get a chance.

For now, though…just know that, sometimes…the impossible is possible. The unreachable is reachable. And sometimes…that boy that you’ve been constantly dreaming about? He’s been dreaming about you too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a cutie to call up to let him know that I’m thinking about him. And that I’m coming over soon to help him decorate the walls of his bedroom with something other than blank space. And then have more SEX! Hehehe! He’ll never get any shortage of love from me. Believe that!

I’ll tell Ricky Sweeten that I love him every chance that I get. And I will never regret it. I was blessed with the boy of my dreams…I don’t plan to take him for granted. And I don’t plan to mix words either.

I’m going to do for him what he did for me…

I’m going to give it to him straight.

Forever and always.

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