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Hi Everyone!

It’s Turkey Day again! Time for us to be thankful for what we have and to celebrate what at the time looked like a great relationship between the early settlers and the native people they met when they first got here. They taught us how to survive this strange new land and look how that turned out. Yeah, we have been having discussions about American history in our Zoom classes and yesterday, it turned into an argument. I mean, we all agreed that we were thankful to have a home and that we have our families and friends and have the freedom to become whatever we can but, this country had a dark past and some of the freedoms that we have just seems to make some people feel free to be entitled regardless of who it negatively impacts. (You can probably tell what side of the argument I was on.) But, even that is part of it so, I’m thankful to not be so self centered and that the people around me feel the same.

What does that mean for me and Thanksgiving? It means I look forward to a great day with the best meal my Mother has ever made (even if it means we are only doing ham because… you know… turkey in the house…) and a chance to wonder what could have happened if it wasn’t for the people who were already here. I’m thankful they were such good people and so unselfish, and sorry that a group of really entitled people treated them so badly, and still do way too often.

My mom says I need an attitude adjustment. I just say this is what happens when I can’t go out…STILL!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the holiday and if you can, do something nice for someone else. It’ll totally be worth it, I promise!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty


Letters from our readers:

haimet Writes: Matt, what are you planning on doing when you can finally go back to a normal school and start back up with soccer?

Matt’s Reply: Hehehe! Probably die. I mean I’ve gotten so lazy lately. I get up and go to the kitchen. I eat and then shower. Then I plant it in front of the computer, taking bathroom breaks or helping my mom if she needs it with groceries or just around the house. Then I sit right back down and waste my time until something else earth shattering happens, like the trash needs to be taken out. I miss my life and my friends. Seriously, I can’t wait to hang out with my friends, and start competing again. I did get called back for a photo shoot that was supposed to happen about 9 months ago. That was different. The lady that did my makeup looked like she was planning a trip into space or was ready to handle toxic waste. It was weird but I got out for a little while. And lately, that is something to be excited about. Heh, I can’t even wait to go back to AC’s to wear whatever messed up costume he has ready for me next. LOL!


andypinhead06 Writes: Is there any way I can get my picture in an issue of the magazine?

Matt’s Reply: You’re interested? I don’t think anyone has ever really been interested, Sweet! I mean Trevor was excited but, he knew what he was getting himself into. If you really up for it, send me a head shot and I’ll pass it along to AC. Maybe we can have you do a shoot and I can take an issue off 🙂 Email me back and I’ll see what I can do.


bbshrk Writes: When do you plan to write something for the magazine. Everyone else writes stuff but you never do. What’s up with that?

Matt’s Reply: …

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