The Adventures of Kyle Duron

As Duron fleet exits hyperspace in the Hoth system they see several ships above the planets. Kyle, “can we identify the ships?”

Captain Kirito, “sensor show, ten assault frigates mark 2, ten MC40, 20 CR 90 six MC 80 and six MC85.Kirito, that’s not all sensor also show ten Nebulon-B escort Frigate.”

Kyle, “at least there are New Republic”. On board the lead MC85, sensor,

“Admiral Chilo”.

“Chilo, yes sensor?”

Sensor “A fleet hast exited hyperspace.”

Chilo, “Imperial?”

Sensor, “no sir readings show the ships as one star defender alone with several frigates, cruisers and corvettes. Also the markings on then of are of the Jedi Order”

Chilo, “What the heck are they doing in this system?”

Chilo, “coms can you transmit to them?”

Coms, “sir we can since they are probably using New Republic ships.”

Chilo “open a channel to them. This is Admiral Chilo of the New Republic battle group Alderaan, identify yourself.” On board the Endor,

Kirito, “they are hailing us.”

Kyle “accept,” the image of admiral chilo shows up. Kyle, “greetings Admiral Chilo, my name is Kyle Duron Jedi Master, and my fleet and I have stuff do to on Hoth.”

On board the Alderaan, Chilo, “data see if he who he has he is.”

Data “right away.”

Chilo, “so what bring a Jedi Master out to this system?”

Kyle, “simple I have two younglings and two padawans on board who want to make their own lightsabers and I know of a crystal down on the planet. May I ask what you are doing here?” Chilo, “hold on,”

data he “is who he says he is? Data, sir we have pulled up his file and yes also his dad is the governor of Onderon and that’s not all he has the backing of the New Republic high command.” Chilo, “shit shit shit, just great, now we need to move our testing site of the new weapon somewhere else now.”

Data, “good thing we did not deploy it yet.”

Chilo “you right. So sorry about that Master Jedi, well I see. We will not keep you waiting, any longer talk to you later.” Kyle, has a questioned look on his face, the transmission ends and battle group jumps out of the system. Kyle, that was very odd don’t you agree Kirito?

Kirito, “I agree, sir”.

Kyle, oh well prepare to land 500 troops 20 tanks and 20 combat speeders down there, we can use the old base as a camp.” Kirito, At once sir. As the lifters descend into Hoth, the snow speeders also head down. The whole group arrives at the former rebel base, as they are flying over, they can see the remains of the Battle of Hoth, old turrets, trenches, crashed speeders, as well as laser holes. As the command settles into the old base, Kyle gathers the leaders and lays out the game plan.

“Since only Me, Rick, and Kenta want the lightsaber crystal that is here us three will head out in the combat speeder along with a 24-man detail to find this crystal. The rest of you will stay here and be on alert if called. Understand.” All leaders shake their head yes.

Kyle, “since it is night time, we will go out in the morning also, Captain Ako San, I want you and your squadron on standby.”

Ako, nods her head.

Meanwhile, up in space the ships are arranged in a defense posture above the planet, they are unaware of the imperial probe droid lurking about.

Kirito, “what a lovely site hey Max.”

Max “sure is,”

The next morning, Kyle, Rick, and Kenta along with Gram, Cassian, Saul, and Ezra along with the 24-man unit head out to search of the crystal. As Kirito, is looking at the view eight Imperial class Star destroyers suddenly appear out of hyperspace bearing the marking of WarLord Matt the Rev. Alert Alert all fighter pilots to their craft Imperials have entered the system. Kirito, “all laser batters open fire.” As the ships are engaging, two Acclamator assault ships come from behind the New Republic fleet and descend to the planet, and unload 20 ATAT along with 700 snowtroopers, and 20 ATST. Luckily Ako was flying a patrol that morning and spots the force and quickly heads back to the base and alerts the troops.

“Austin, what’s up Ako?” “

Ako big imperial ground force 20 ATAT 20 ATST 700 troops.”

“Austin shit, all troops man the trenches we are not having a repeat of the first battle of Hoth, good thing we painted the combat speeders and tanks white, dig them in, and someone contact Kyle”.

Unaware of what was going on Kyle and his group follows the map that lead them to the cave with the permafrost crystal.

Kyle “remember you two gather what you need.”

Both Rick and Kenta take four of the crystal each, Kyle only takes one. As the put the crystal into the bag.

Kenta “I can’t wait to make my lightsaber.”

Kyle, “well you will have to wait till we visit the other two planets so all four of you to make your sabers at the same time.”

As they head back out and get word from Austin that an imperial force had just landed. Kyle opens a coms to the Endor. Coms, “Captain transmission from Hoth, its Kyle,”

Kirito “put it through”.

Kyle, “Kirito what’s going on up there?”

Kirito, “we are facing eight-mark two class star destroyers and their ties we are holding our own for now.”

Sensor, “Captain five more ships are entering the system.”

Kirito, “frick what’s their classification.”

Sensor, four MC85 along with a red imperial star destroyer.

Meanwhile on the ground a massive battle has begun the Ako and winter squadron reading reports about the Battle of Hoth are attacking the ATAT in pairs and are taking them down one by one. On the ground there are explosion all around, the laser fire is all over the place, with chunks of snow being thrown, while rockets from the speeder and tanks are wreaking havoc on the imperial infantry, after a four-hour battle on Hoth the Imperial forces retreat, the damage 40 walkers taken out and 400 troops dead. On the New Republic side, 100 dead, 10 tanks and 10 combat speeders damage. Upon returning to echo base, Kyle is shocked at the damage that was caused. After surveying the damage Kyle orders everyone to pack up and get ready, they are leaving Hoth and heading towards Tatooine to find the Durindfire crystal. Jeff jumps up and down with joy knowing he will be one step closer on building his own lightsaber. As the whole force exits Hoth, they leave behind a whole lot of destroyed imperial walkers as well as 400 snow troopers and 100 of their dead brothers. Upon entering the hanger bay of the Endor, Kyle is met by Kirito.

Kyle, “Kirito what were our losses in terms of fighters. Kirito, “We lost one x-wing, a-wing and one y-wing squadron. We would have loss more if Booster had not shown.”

Kyle, “He seems to show up at the weirdest times.”

Kirito, “where to now General?”

Kyle “set a course for Tatooine and tell Booster thanks for the help.”

Kirito, “already done his ship jumped out as soon as you were on board.”

Kyle, “I will be in my room I am not to be disturb, till we reach Tatooine. Also, let’s come out near the edge of the system and then send in one of the corvettes are a recon, I do not want to have to face anything.”

Kirito, “as order sir.”

As Kyle, is in this room, under the watchful eye of Gram, Rick and Kenta are sparing with two of the light sabers found on Dxun,

Gram, “good you two you are getting better, Rick try to not to bring your arm so far back it leaves you open and not enough time to deflect a blow”.

Rick, “understood Master.”

Gram, “enough you two it is getting late get some rest now.”

Saul, “those two will be great one day.”

Gram, “you right, Turtleboy and Jeff, are great together as well.” As the group comes out of hyperspace near the planet Tatooine, Kirito sends one of the corvettes in to recon the area. As the corvette nears the planet it sees in orbit, it sees, several Mon calamari ships above the planet. Captain Chila, “sensor can you identify those Mon Cal ships.”

Sensor, “four MC40, two MC80, alone with several MC-30, MC-40, assault frigates, nebulon B as well as several corvettes.”

Chila, “hum. Open a transmission to the Endor.”

Chila to Kirito, “a group of six Mon Cal ships are in orbit, four MC40 and two MC80, orders?” Kirito, “Chila, return to the group we will approach the planet and see what happens.”

Chila, “very well.”

Kirito, “to Kyle we have arrived in the Tatooine system, but there is a small problem, there is a New Republic fleet above the planet.”

Kyle, “I see. I will be up on the bridge shortly, have Heat Squadron on standby.”

Kirito, “understood.  Kirito to heat squadron man your ships”. Suddenly throughout the ship alarms are blaring. At the same time the alarms are going off an announcement is made throughout the ship telling all pilot’s man their fighters.

This is Max, “Heat Squadron on standby as well as heat wing.”

As Kyle is thinking, Kirito comes up with a plan.

Kirito “General, if I may I may have a plan.”

Kyle, “let’s hear it.”

Kirito, “Jeff is the only one who needs to go down to the planet right?”

Kyle, “yes only Jeff.”

Kirito “what if you took one of the sentinel class landers down to the planet, it can only 60 troops, so you, Jeff and 58 troopers.”

Kyle, “it’s idea but it was also used by the empire.”

Kirito, “all of the ones on your ship have the markings of the New Republic, also ours have the Jedi markings on them as well.”

Kyle, “its settled.” After picking out the 58-man team to go with them armed with the upgaded vib blades as well as the standard New Republic rifle, Kyle and Jeff load up on the lander.

Kyle, “Kirito, when we get back set a course for Sarka.”

Kirito, will do.

As the lander heads to Tatooine, it is picked up on sensor by one of the orbiting Mon Cal ships. On board the lead Mon Cal ship is Vacello Chelio.

Sensor, Commander Chelio, imperial lander approaching the planet sir.

Vacello, “really now, bring it up on screen. As the shuttle is brough up on the screen chew sees several markings on it. I know one of those marking is the New Republic, but what’s the other one.”

Data, “sir we have the other it is the marking of the Jedi Order.”

Vacello, “so a Jedi is coming to the planet hum.  It could be a trick, alert the garrison force down there that there may be some imperial troops coming.”

Coms, “will do.”

As the lander is heading down into the planet, Kyle is thinking about how to get transport for 60 of us. One of the troopers who is from Tatooine speaks up. General Sir.

Kyle, “yes trooper?”

Trooper, “My name is Jerad Gera, and I am from this planet and I could call my parents who own a speeder company and I could have three of our 20-man speeders waiting for us.”

“Kyle, Make the call.”

Jerad makes the call. In the office of Gera speeder transports. Hello Gera speeders, Daryl speaking.

Jerad, “Daryl, its Jerad, I need to have three of the 20-man speeders at docking bay 64.”

Daryl, “Jerad, you bring a party home with you?”

Jerad, “no just some friends, also how much to rent them for say 5 or so days?”

As they are speaking Jerad Sr, enter the room and see his son on the transmission.

Sr, “Daryl that my son you speaking too.”

Daryl, replies “yes sir he wants three of our 20-man speeders at docking bay 64, he says he is coming in with some friends, also he is asking for the price.”

Sr, “tell him no charge and he better come to see me and mom on the farm.”

Daryl, “Jerad no charge your dad says but make sure to drop by the farm.”

Jerad, “thanks.

The transmission ends. Jerad, its done general sir.”

Kyle, “good.”

As the lander comes in for a landing two New Republic squads see what bay it is going too and then sees three 20-man speeders show up outside.

Republic trooper, “humm something must be going on.” As they troopers get in place, they see exiting the docking bay two figures in brown robs followed by 58 troops.

Trooper, “um guys tell me if I am wrong but isn’t that part of the 50th assault unit?”

Trooper 2 “yes, it is I heard they were deployed to a star defender.”

Trooper to Commander Vacello, two people wearing jedi robs exited the docking bay followed by 58 men of the 50th assault unit.”

Vacello, “you mean to tell me, we have two jedi and 58 assault troops on this planet now.” Trooper, “yes sir.”

Vacello, “great what I need.”

Second in command, “sir, just let them be.”

Vacello, sensor, “sweep the whole system I want to know if there is anything else out there.” As sensor does a sweep of the system it finds something. Sensor, “Commander sir we found something just near the outer edge of the system is a fleet with the marking of the Jedi Order on them with the star defender, is coming back as the Endor.”

Vacello, “so Kyle Duron is here then.”

Second “you know him?”

Vacello, “Kyle Duron is the son of the current governor of onderon and last I heard was training to become a Jedi.”

Second, “you know I bet they are heading to a local mine.”

Vacello, “what you mean.”

Second, “yea there is a mine down there that has some sort of lightsaber crystal. So, they go down get the crystal and then leave”

After, a 3-hour speeder ride the group comes to the local mines where the Durindfire crystal is located. Both Kyle and Jeff enter the mine they find the perfect rock formation, and mine three of the crystal. Kyle, “Jerad take us to your farm then back to the space port.”

After a brief stop on Jerad home farm the group, heads back to the lander and flies back to the Endor, and then they are on their way to Sarka where Jeff and Turtleboy will get their crystal to make their light saber. The Jedi Fleet exits the Tatooine system and is on route to Sarka. As the fleet comes out of hyperspace, near the planet Sarka, they notice a lot of space activity.

Kirito, “this is a busy planet it will be hard to just sneak in.”

Kyle, “true but do you see that ship over there?”

Kirito, “yes, it’s a Corellian corvette.”

Kyle, “that’s how we get in. Me, Jeff, Turtleboy, along with lieutenant Jerad and a 20-man team will head into the planet in the Onderon. Land the Onderon, then disembark head to the street merchants find the crystal we need pay for them and then leave”.

Kirito, “Sir, you go down wearing jedi robs, people will know that Jedi are there.”

Kyle, “Kirito you are right. That’s why we will dress in regular cloths people will think we are important with a force of 20 men.”

Kirito, “I hope you know what you are doing.”

As the group transfer to the Onderon, they head to the planet. As the Onderon, lands in the spaceport, Kyle gives last minute orders.

“Kyle, I want 13 men to stay here.”

Jerad, “why just take 7?”

Kyle, “a group of ten is easier to walk with then a group of 23”. Jerad “true enough.”

Kyle along with Turtleboy, Jeff, Jerad and 6 troopers head out into the market place looking for the crystal. As the group is moving, they see someone who may have information.

Kyle, excuse me sir, I have a question for you.

Person manning the information booth, “yes.”

Kyle, “where would one go if he was looking for Emerald crystals and Sapphire crystal.”

The Sarkan looks at the group and mentions which shop to go to.

Kyle, “thank you.” The group finds the stall they are looking for.

Kyle, “Excuse me sir, I would like to do business with you.”

The Sarkan, looks at the group. “Sarkan seller, what you want that I have.”

Kyle, “I am interested in two emerald crystals and four Sapphire crystals.”

Sarkan, “you must be very wealthy or a jedi.”

Kyle, “excuse me a Jedi?”

Sarkan Seller, “yes, in the past Jedi came here looking for crystals.”

Kyle, “as you can see, I am not a jedi.”

Seller, true “sides no Jedi, would have arm body guards with them. You want those six it’s going to cost you 20,000 republic credits.”

Kyle, “ok deal.”

Kyle hands over the credits. Let’s go guys.

Jeff and Turtleboy at once “you spent on much on us.”

Kyle, “do not worry, it is only a drop compared to what I have, sides we need to get back to the ship.” Kyle, Jerad, close up ranks. As the group of seven men close up the ranks, they realized something must be wrong.

“Jerad, everything ok sir?”

Kyle, “yes everything is fine.” The group makes it back to the corvette and take off and rejoin the fleet. After arriving back on the Endor, Kyle calls Kenta and Rick to meet him in the workshop room. As the enter they see Jeff and Turtleboy.

Kyle, “building a lightsaber is a key component in the training of a jedi. You four have selected your crystal which define who you are. Turtleboy, you have chosen Sapphire blue since, you are a Jedi Guarding and blue is used with them. Kenta and Rick, you two have chosen the Permoforst, why?”

Rick and Kenta answer at the same time, “we thought it was cool color and one that is not seen much.”

Kyle, “Jeff you have chosen, two very different colors why?”

Jeff, I  choose the silver and Emerald because  in my mind look cool together and it was also the color of my familes crest.”

Kyle “I see. I also have with me several modifying crystals and componets I will play a message that says what they do listen to it carefully.” Kyle plays the message he found on yavin.

Kyle, “Now I will ask you one at a time what modifying crystal you want and what compoents. Rick you are up first.”

Rick, “since I am building two single blade light sabers I will take the Eralam and Etaan crystals as well as the 2-expert fencing emitter, ultimate diatium and superior discharge energy cell, and 2 improved beam gem lens”.

Kyle, “come and take your stuff and begin working on your blades. Jeff you are next.”

Jeff, “I will take Rubat, Dragite, Jenruax, and Ruusan, as well as the superior discharge energy cell, and telgorn jolt mark cell III, expert fencing emitter, expert deflection emitter, improved beam and enhanced byrothsis lens.”

Kyle “very well go and start making your lightsaber. Turtleboy you are up next.”

Turtleboy, “I will take the Eralam and Jenruax as well as ultimate diatium and superior discharge energy cells, both emitters, and both lenses.”

Kyle, very well go and make your lightsabers. Kenta, what will you have.?”

Kenta, “I will take the Rubat and Jenruax, both cells, both emitters and both lenses.” Kyle, very well. As two younglings and two padawans are making their light saber, Saul and Neo walk in. Saul “looks like they are crafting their sabers.”

Kyle, “yep once done they will have their own blades.”

Saul, “I was looking into the lightsaber weapon room and saw several lightsabers along with several trunks.”

Kyle “Those are the lightsabers we found and those trunks contain more lightsaber components and crystals.”

Saul, “I noticed that six single blades where white, six where forest green, and six bronze, as well the double-bladed ones.”

Kyle, “Once we found them I changed the crystal to those. They are for when we land on a forest, snow or desert plant, our lightsabers will not stand out as much.”

Saul, “I see.”

Two hours later all the boys are doing building their lightsabers, they come in front of Kyle and activate them. The room is filled with a mighty hue of green, blue and silver.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a force of 30 Imperial Class star destroyers mark two, 50 victory class star destroyers, 60 Lancer-class frigates, six Interdictor class star destroyers and 2 Super Star Destroyers gather. Standing on the Super Star Destroyer is Matt, overlooking his might fleet which he will take and crush Kyle with.

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