I think that there are certain talents out there in the world, within all of us, that you’re simply born with. They can’t be taught. They can’t be cultivated over time…not even with the best of teachers, or the deepest passion. There are levels of expertise in every art form that simply can’t be duplicated, enhanced, or mass produced. And when I listen to Cai Thomas’ voice when he’s singing, I can’t help but to admit that that’s exactly what is happening here.

If angels are real…this is how they sound…

Starting out, professionally, when he was only seven years old, Cai Thomas was already displaying his uncanny ability and appreciation long before then. His mother was quoted as saying, “Cai absolutely loved “The Sound of Music”. From the age of two, he would just watch it on repeat, he absolutely loved it. And ‘Edelweiss’ was his favorite song, and he could sing it before he could speak.” I mean…how does any of that not scream ‘natural, God given, talent’???

With no previous formal musical training, whatsoever, Cai Thomas has been able to win the attention of audiences and tons of critical acclaim. With a voice like that…it’s no wonder why the recording execs came to seek him out. He’s got this really graceful and soothing tone to him that simply has to be heard to be believed.

I mean, like…Wow…

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“My grandpa and gramma are always talking to me about singing, because they love music…because they’re Welsh. And they’re very proud of me, and I’d love going up to Wales and seeing all of my family.” Cai says with a boyish smile. A delicate flower on stage, but your typical everyday boy at home…video games and all.

Cai’s debut single, “Suo-Gan” (A popular Welsh lullaby) was released to a rightfully surprised and awe-stricken public, who immediately recognized him as a force to be reckoned with. And he had already become an accomplished soloist with his angelic vocals, touring the country and performing in such prestigious locations such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, St Mark’s Venice, Brussels, and Cologne Cathedral. Remember…this is by the age of twelve!

“Cai touches people emotionally.” Says Musical Director, Rob Lewis, who took Cai on as a pupil to work with him and enhance his already phenomenal skills to prepare him for a choirster’s recording career. “Two years in, he wanted to sing “Oh For The Wings Of A Dove” at his grandfather’s memorial service. So we started working together more closely.”

Well, Rob Lewis much have done something right, because Cai Thomas has only gotten better during their time together, ad has skyrocketed to newer heights. In fact, while trying to raise money for his first venture out into being a professional recording artist with his debut album, “Seren”, Cai was able to raise 27,000 pounds (A little over 36,000 dollars, US) in the first five weeks through a crowdfunding effort online. He has fans from all over the world, and they believed enough in his talent to support him and see what he was really made of when put to the ultimate test. How could he possibly back out and disappoint them now?

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All of that hard work, all of that planning, and a true dedication to putting out the best first album that he possibly could. The album was released in the first week of March…and then…PANDEMIC!!!

::Shakes Fist:: Damn You Covid-19!!!!

So, even though the “Seren” album delivered on everything that it promised it could or would be, we may never know what its full potential could have been if it wasn’t for this global mess we’ve been living with in 2020. But despite the restrictions, Cai’s album still managed to make waves and gain the respect of everyone listening to it. Including BBC Classical on the radio, who made it their number one choice for album of the week. And even during quarantine, ‘The Times’ called Cai’s debut album, “A bloom of spring and a sign of hope in a darkened world… the perfect lockdown gift.” So it looks like you just can’t keep a good man down!

Unfortunately…time waits for no one. Cai Thomas is thirteen years old this year, and that means that his voice will be changing very soon, if it hasn’t already. A choir boy’s lifespan is so very short. And while I’m sure that he’ll be able to sing beautifully and blow most of his competition out of the water for years to come…it won’t be the high treble that people have come to love and respect initially when he began. It’s just a shame that he didn’t get the chance to travel and enjoy it to its fullest while he had it.

Silver lining? Cai commemorated the end of his high pitched angel’s voice career with two last songs. “Walking On Air”, and the song, “Wherever You Are”, which was recorded just before the UK shut down and went into its second lockdown. The latter song was done to raise money for a charity that tends to children with early brain tumors. Apparently done in memory of one of Cai’s fellow classmates who suffered from the same ailment. Now that is something that an angel would do. And I proudly salute him for that.

Cai is currently a music scholar at the Edgeborough School in Frensham. He holds the Bishop’s Award for choral singing and has won multiple competitions at local festivals as well as at his own school. I’m sure he’s going to be just fine…you know…after the horrors of puberty are all over and done with! Hehehe! (Ugh! I wouldn’t want to live through THAT again!) But he gave his best shot when he had it, and we’re all better for it. So THANKS!

And now…Cai Thomas wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas! 🙂
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Hang in there, Cai! You have a glorious gift that most people will never ever have, or will ever even be able to understand! It’s a thing of true beauty, and it should be celebrated as such! Always keep the music in your heart, and never let it go! I’m rooting for you, dude! We all are! Hope to hear from you again soon!
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