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What is love? How does it work? What is our part in its success…or its failure.

It’s not an easy question to answer. In fact, it’s not an easy question to ask either. But until you take the time to sit down and truly dwell on the very idea of how grand, how unfathomably beautiful, it is by its very definition…we find ourselves wandering. Aimlessly. Lost, and confused. All while pretending not to be.

In Comsiology, we believe that love has to be generated from within. We have to learn to create it all on our own, to a point of abundance…and only then will it spill over and wash upon the shores of everything we touch. Rain down upon the shoulders of everyone we come into contact with. Love is not something that we receive from others’ efforts to please us or to ‘make’ us happy by giving us what we want from them. Love blossoms in our own hearts. Love is what we give to other people, and hope to fill them up to abundance as well…so when they spill over, we will be rewarded for the efforts of our own. We take all we have and we give it away. We give to the point of exhaustion, and we plant the miraculous seeds in the environment surrounding us…eventually getting the chance to sit back and watch it grow into a plentiful garden of our own making.

It may sound strange. I know.

It may sound unobtainable. I know.

But by giving this ideology a dedicated effort…even if just for a little while…you will begin to see the power in its design. Your rewards will begin to come back to you faster and faster, and they will last for much longer. But only if you continue to give of yourself. Your love, your attention, your wisdom, your talents, and your words. Don’t do it for the reward. The treasures that will come into your life will be but a mere side effect of the energy you poured into the people around you. Anything done with expectation is bound to lead to selfishness further down the line. And that’s ok. None of us are perfect. But when you near witness to something that you don’t like or approve of while looking at your own reflection in the mirror…you need to be open enough to recognize it…and humble enough to change it.

This is how the person you are tomorrow…can become more evolved than the person you are today.

2020 Was a difficult year for us. For all of us. There has been heartbreak, and there has been pain. Hardships and disappointments. So I understand if it seems difficult to keep creating love and hope and energy within yourselves when it seems to drain out so very quickly. When it seems as though…there’s a thickening fog surrounding us that makes it harder and harder to see the point of it all. But, while it’s understandable if you want to take a break…you can’t just give up. Think of all the things that you’ve been through in your life, good times and bad…and you’re going to toss it all away now? Strive to keep going. Thrive off of your misfortunes. And re-ignite those fires to manufacture the kind of love and hope that you deserve to have. Teach yourself how. Learn. And you’ll see in yourselves what I see in you…every single day.

There are many people who don’t want to share their light with others. They have convinced themselves that they only have enough light for themselves, with none to spare. Not only will they not share…but they will cling to you in an attempt to steal yours. Because they don’t know how to generate any love, any light, for themselves. They can only leech it off of other people. And when it’s gone…they search for you to drain even more. But you don’t have to live your life as a parasite, dependent on the joy and happiness of other people. You can make your own. Every day. You won’t need anyone’s constant attention, or praise, or validation. You won’t ever have to tell lies to win their approval, or feel envious of their success. You can look yourself in the eye every morning when you face that mirror, and know that you have the ability to tap into the endless resource of love and good luck that your life has to offer…and smile. Just…smile. 🙂

There will be those that doubt you, those that hurt you, even those that HATE you, for being able to maintain such a delightful disposition, long lasting friendships, highly appreciated talents, loving relationships, good paying jobs…and keep a firm grip on your dreams! But don’t let them frustrate you. In fact, take pride in their desperate and blatant attempts to ruin your day. Those nasty little passive/aggressive comments of theirs, those negative mumbles, having them try to tease or humiliate you in front of others…wear it as a badge of honor. Because they’re afraid to do the things you have the potential to do. And they know it. They want to wreck it all because…what will your success and cheerful mood ultimately say about them? For not succeeding. For not even getting up the courage to try. They see that as an attack. They’ll do everything they can to stop you. They’ll tear you down, they’ll try to insult you, they’ll try to sabotage you, they’ll talk behind your back and smear your name and try to get other people to hurt you in ways that they can’t. But, at the end of the day, it won’t matter. It never did. While they’re draining their energy trying to keep you on your knees, you’ll be creating enough energy to soar into the clouds. You keep rising, getting stronger and stronger…until even when they WIN they lose! Hehehe! It will become the one magic trick that they’ll never be able to figure out…because they’ve deliberately blinded themselves from the truth…

…Love is all about what you give…and not what you receive.

I wish you all the best for this holiday season. And I hope that you’ll all go into the year 2021 with your heads held high, and with hope in your heart. Always remember…there’s never been a person of greatness and fame who didn’t have a string of people telling them they couldn’t make it before they made it. And there’s never been a person of greatness who didn’t leave a string of jealous and bitter people behind after they made it.

Generate love. It’s free. It costs you nothing. And the more you give, the more you get in return. It really is that easy.

From the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you.

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