Disclaimer: The Surgeon General has determined that the use of Com-Doms brand condoms really won’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. The simple reason being that as has been previously stated, they are fictional. Just as fictional as the statement from young mister Khan here as noted above. I mean, come on. You look at his eyes and tell me anyone could say no to him. Go on, look again. I’ll wait… See, there’s no way someone looked into those eyes and said “Ehhhh… I don’t think so.”, not possible. So, it’s all fiction. Case Closed! His comment, the product, this disclaimer…everything! Except for his image. That’s real. The rest, flights of fancy. But, in the event you ever run into Conrad and he makes this claim, ask to see his wallet. If he has Com-Doms brand condoms in it, make a stop at a drug store and pick up the real deal. Then ask him where he got the Com-Doms because we’d all like to know!
Disclaimer Courtesy of: JeffsFort
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