#1 – While hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door may seem all happy and bright…it’s actually a very morbid practice! The circular wreath is meant to represent the crown of thorns that was forced upon the head of Jesus Christ as he was tortured and led through the streets towards his crucifixion on the cross. And the red berries represent the blood he shed because of it! God DAMMIT, religion can be creepy sometimes! :O

#2 – The idea of a Christmas tree during the holidays actually comes from Prince Albert of Germany. In 1848, a drawing was submitted to the Illustrated London News, showing the family surrounding a decorated Evergreen tree that he had given to his wife, Queen Victoria of England, at the time. The idea became so popular afterward, that Christmas trees became a tradition.

#3 – December 4th is actually recognized as national ‘Cookie Day’! So have a few nibbles for me!

#4 – In 450 chapters and counting…”Billy Chase” has never celebrated a single Christmas. In fact, he’s never even had a single Winter in the story so far. And he’s in Chicago! Winter is like…six months out of the year, there! LOL!

#5 – The actual St. Nicholas was a very wealthy Christian Bishop, due to quite an abundant inheritance. However, instead of keeping all of his fortune for himself, he gave it all away to the poor and the needy, and also used it to free women from a life of servitude. In Dutch, his name was Sinter Klaas…which later morphed into the ‘Santa Claus’ we know and love today. Cool guy! 🙂

#6 – In the original Roman calendar, December was actually the tenth month in the year…not the twelfth. Thus the name, derived from the Latin word, ‘Decem’, which means ‘tenth’. However, when January and February were added later, December got pushed back to being number twelve.

#7 – During the celebration of Hanukkah, many Jewish families fry their foods for dinner. This isn’t just by coincidence, the food is fried in oil to commemorate the miraculous burning of oil for eight nights straight when they only had enough oil for one.

#8 – December in the Northern hemisphere of the planet is similar to the month of June in the Southern hemisphere. So…yeah…while you’re shoveling snow and scraping ice off of your car windows…cute boys are SURFING in Australia and hanging out on the beach! (I’m gonna move there one day! I’m not kidding! WTF?)

#9 – The happy, jolly, lovably rotund vision of Santa Claus wasn’t created by the church, or even from legend and folklore. It was actually created by the Coca Cola company! In fact, original depictions of Santa had him wearing colors of purple, green, or blue…but Coke made him wear red to match the color of their brand. Soooo…it was a giant corporate entity that is responsible for making Santa the pleasant, money making, mascot that he is today!

#10 – Feeling all sweet and sexy under the mistletoe? Want a kiss? Well…the actual Germanic word for mistletoe means ‘Dung on a twig’! Mistle thrush birds fly down to eat the berries off of the tree…shit them out…and that makes a new plant. So…you’re holding bird poop over your head while you kiss your sweetheart. Whatever floats your boat, hehehe! No kink shaming over here!

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