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I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t immediately get lost in his kiss. Tender and romantic, but with a fever that seemed to be building to a higher intensity so very quickly that I found myself losing my lead in this race, Jaylen’s craving for me taking over as he became more emboldened by my acceptance of his young affections. He was actually leaving me breathless here on this couch!

As he scooted even closer, his hand now sliding up to run all over the obvious lump in my pants, Jaylen moaned sensually from the contact, and began to lightly push me back against the arm of the couch to kiss me with even more passion than before, and I was forced to part my lips from his for a moment so I could keep myself from feeling so dizzy.

The funny thing is…Jaylen looked just as breathless and dizzy as I was at that particular moment, but seemed to be willing to sacrifice his oxygen intake and sense of balance to keep going. He gave me a look of confusion, and I had to putmy hand on his chest to keep him from diving in to pick up where we left off. Heh…so eager. I can remember when sex was always this big race to the finish line for me. But not tonight. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. And Jaylen’s going to learn what it is to bond with another man through the prolonged pleasure and intimate connection of an enjoyable, lovemaking, experience. He’s obviously gotten himself used to ‘hooking up’ with high school boys before their parents catch them in the act, all this time. Let’s see if I can expand his horizons a little bit when it comes to the ultimate expression of affection.

With a gentle push, I asked him if he’d like to get a bit more comfortable. “Me? Oh…ummm…I’m cool. I’m comfortable right here if, you know…”

“Hehehe, say ‘yes’, Jaylen.” I told him, and he blushed heavily as he smiled back at me.

“M’kay.” Then he added, “I mean…yeah. Sure.”

Lightly brushing some of his chestnut colored locks out of his pretty eyes, I gave him a little kiss on the lips, and said, “Much better.” And I stood up to give him my hand. He was trembling with excitement at that moment, trying to keep from releasing a flurry of joy filled giggles as he got up on his feet and followed me to my bedroom. There was something so unique about the crazy amount of energy that I could feel radiating off of him in that moment. I looked him in the eye and pressed the back of his shoulders against the wall as I drank in another one of his overzealous kisses, causing him to whimper softly as he put his hands on my hips again. Was that his heart beating that heart, or was it my own? Maybe a little bit of both. Pounding like drums as we connected with a loving embrace. I could feel myself swooning like crazy over how amazing he was. His kiss was well practiced, that was for sure. And even though he still seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, he appeared to be doing his best to calm himself down and be patient. Wanting to absorb the full experience as it came to him. He was definitely enjoying himself though. SO very much.

I allowed my arms to slide down further, and he let his arms reach up to drape themselves over my shoulders…soon folding to wrap around my neck and pull me in for an even deeper kiss. Our tongues created the most intimate dance between one another. You would have thought that we had been lovers for years now. He really knew how to feel out a kiss for the best effect. It was more than I expected…and my infatuation began to bubble out of control as this youthful temptation proved to me that he might just have a few things to teach me tonight as well.

I broke our kiss, and began to kiss Jaylen on the side of his neck…long and smooth and slightly sensitive in a ticklish sort of way. Hehehe, I could tell by the way he moaned in a higher pitch and shivered the moment I began to loving suck at the tender flesh that I found there. I could feel his cheeks against mine as he closed his eyes and smiled, my hands feeling how incredibly slender his hips were. It hardly felt like a stomach that flat, hips that narrow, could possibly hold a full meal at all. Was I ever this thin? It seems impossible, to be honest.

Hearing Jaylen’s breathing increasing to the point of sudden gasps and random dips in both of his knees that made me wonder if he was going to fall to my bedroom carpet if I kept this for much longer, it felt as if he was almost halfway to an orgasm already. So I pulled back, and gave him a comforting smile, rubbing my thumb across his cheek. “Come on over. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.” I said softly.

“Hehehe…alright.” He said. But he didn’t move at first. He was too busy gazing into my eyes to get his thoughts together.

I guided him over to the foot on the bed, admiring the bashful beauty of him in its entirety. No restrictions, no questions, no shame. When I actually allowed myself to let it all in…I was flabbergasted at how lucky I was to be in the presence of such immeasurable magic. I almost found myself frozen in my tracks as well. The only thing that got me to move at all was watching Jaylen reach down to pull his shirt up over his head…bringing his bare chest into view. I had to hold back a gasp of my own. Small nipples…bigger than a dime, but smaller than a nickel…completely erect and sticking out like thumbtacks. His pecs were perfection. Not bulky, but well defined. And as my eyes wandered down to his abdominal muscles, I felt my eyes open just a bit wider. A six pack that was tight, and yet looked about as spongy soft as the rest of him. How the heck did he manage that?

I almost didn’t want to take my own shirt off now. Not that I was in bad shape, but dear Lord in Heaven…just look at this boy! Wow…the ultimate power of youth, am I right?

“Well…heh…it’s good to see that you’re still working out a few times a week.” I said quietly.

“Say what?” He asked, innocently.

“Working out? Hitting the gym?”

“Oh. No. Not anymore. The only thing I hit these days are the books. Hehehe!” He grinned. He’s not even working out to maintain a body like that? That’s just not fair! I want a do over. Seriously.

Sighhhh…it’s unthinkable how much we take our bodies for granted when we should be appreciating them most.

“Ok, ummm…yeah, nevermind, then.” I said, and took a deep breath as I took my own shirt off. I highly doubted that he was going to perv all over me the way I was over him just a few seconds ago…but was pleasantly surprised to see him still wiggling restlessly in anticipation of being able to kiss me again. It made me smile. Hell, I might have even blushed a little bit myself. Jaylen could have picked any cute college boy that he had a hunger for tonight if he really wanted to. Instead, he wanted his ‘Coach’. A fantasy of his from his formative years that he never seemed to let go of.

Once again…the level of flattery nearly knocked me off of my feet with its overpowering appeal. He’s perfect. So very perfect.

I began to undo my belt, and Jaylen took that as a sign to hurry up and get out of his pants. “Omigosh, YES!” He said, suddenly flopping back on my mattress and lifting his hips up as he unbuttoned and unzipped his own pants as quickly as he could. Did he think I was going to change my mind? Hehehe, I hat turn around to hide my snickers from the utterly adorable way that he was struggling to peel those snug jeans of his off of his legs. When I peeked back over my shoulder, it looked like both pants legs had gotten hooked on his heels, with him kicking like mad to get them to turn him loose. This time, I laughed a bit out loud, and I moved over to keep his feet still while I helped him free himself from the shackles of the oppressive denim causing him so much distress. I even took off both of his socks, giving each foot a gentle kiss before lowering it back down to the floor. Looking up into his eyes was a bit of a problem, as there happened to be a rather impressive sexual obstruction of my view standing in the way. A proud monument, if I do say so myself. And nearly seven inches, hard, from the looks of it. Bigger than I thought he would be, holding up a tent in his blaring white boxer briefs…a small wet spot darkening the tip. Then again, if he started having sex at such a young age, I suppose he had plenty of time to grow down there.

I salivated at the thought of being able to taste and pleasure this sweet boy. This…’quality’ boy. But the way his thighs were tensing up, and his feet were lightly bouncing on the floor…I wasn’t sure how long he would last if I just went all in all at once. I rubbed my hands up over the tops of his thighs…the skin, unfathomably soft to the touch…and through the material of his briefs, I gave his balls a soft kiss. Just one.

I watched the eager erection strain wildly, pulling itself into an entirely different angle for a moment as the wet spot spread out even further, soaking the fabric until I could see the prequel of his glistening seed pushing its way to the surface. Jaylen inhaled sharply, but propped himself up on his elbows as he watched me take my pants and boxers off as well. And that’s when the little charmer widened his eyes and smiled.

“Helloooooooo, COACH! Hehehe!” He said. “Damn!”

I could almost take that as an appropriate moment to stroke my own ego, hehehe, but…like I said…who does he have to compare my size to outside of some horny high school jocks and maybe a few college Froshmen that he got lucky with since he’s been away from home? Yeah…things get to be a bit different when you get older.

“Shhhh…” I smirked, and I walked over to the side of the bed, watching Jaylen scramble back on his elbows to lay his head on the pillows and reach both arms for me as I comfortably slid directly into his inviting embrace. I heard myself moan deeply as we finally tangled ourselves up in one another, now flesh to flesh…Jaylen’s shivering body giving off a boyish heat that nearly caused me to break a sweat on contact. He couldn’t wait to press his lips to mine again, and it thrilled me to no end to be holding his lithe teen body against me. His soft whimpers were so incredibly cute. He really must have been wanting this ever since he was fifteen, because it was almost as if he had completely lost himself in a euphoric state of bliss that had no comparison in his life so far. And I have to admit…

…I was feeling the exact same way.

His skin was so addictive. The taste of his lips and tongue, so intoxicating. As he rolled himself over on top of me, strands of his silken hair brushing across my cheeks and forehead…I felt myself trembling just as badly as he was…if not more so. I could feel himself thrusting himself up against me, and took the opportunity to reach down and grip the round globes of Jaylen’s athletic ass…feeling the well sculpted muscles as they flexed beneath my palms. Kissing him deeply, I felt the cheeks go from rigid and tight, to spongy and relaxed…and then back again. A sensual rhythm from one transformation to another. I have never been so mystified by another body the way I was with his. Wow…

The material of his briefs was seriously getting drenched now, and I worked my hand underneath the band to push them down over his bubbled cheeks and down to his thighs. Another whimper escaped Jaylen’s sweet lips, and he attempted to wiggle himself out of them as fast as he could without parting his lips from mine for more than a few seconds at a time. He eventually had to roll over to the side to reach down and kick them off as well. I barely got a good eyeful of him before he was rolling back over to kiss me again. Hehehe, always a ‘race’ with these boys.

“I’ve wanted this my whole life! I swear to God! Mmmph…” He sighed. His hands were all over me at this point, and he was breathing so hard that I was worried that he was going to blow any moment now. I didn’t want to miss this. Call me crazy, but the first orgasm of the night is always the tastiest.

I rolled to the side, turning Jaylen over onto his back. His shaft was pulsing so hard…leaking so much…I’m surprised that he hadn’t erupted already. He was REALLY turned on tonight, wasn’t he? Geez! I didn’t have much time to waste, so I kissed my way back to the side of his neck, using my hand to grip his stiff member…hoping to hold him off for a moment or two. I licked one of his nipples, and he squirmed so much that I knew I would have to move just a little bit faster. Maybe I can find a way to prolong things for the next go round instead. I kept moving further down, Jaylen bucking his hips, his legs writhing, his breath heavy as I licked my way through the creases of his abs…and on to one of the cutest little shallow navels that I had ever seen. All while keeping my hand wrapped around his shaft to feel for any surprise throbbing that might end up spraying me right in the eyes like an emergency shot of pepper spray. Then I went down further, now feeling Jaylen’s soft hands on the back of my head, trying to rush me…hehehe, but I was going to teach him to trust me. I know what I’m doing.

Oh wow…look at that sexy ‘V-line’, going from his hips and down to his inner thighs. He’s so beautiful, you have no idea!

Finally, the moment of truth. With his sticky nectar crawling copiously over the back of my knuckles and fingers…I let my hand move down to take a hold of Jaylen’s balls, feeling the loaded heft of them through their boyishly wrinkled texture…his sculpted tip turned an angry shade of deep rose as the head was craving to release what I was sure to be one of the biggest loads that I’ve ever taken in my mouth since my very first virgin experience. I can only hope I can remember how to swallow and breathe at the same time. It’s been a while for me, and I think this is going to be massive. This kid is REALLY excited and ready to blow!

I parted my lips, and gave the underside of his cap a few sensual licks to clean some of the salty/sweet liquid from it before taking him into my mouth, and getting Jaylen to arch his back and curl his toes as I began to service him with a slow, wet, bob of my head. He just about nearly slid right out of his skin when I did that. So sensitive. So responsive. With me lightly squeezing and kneading his sack, my tongue rolling circles around his hardness as created a deeply satisfying vacuum for him to thrust up into…

…All too quickly, he had reached the point of no return.

I think it surprised him more than it did me. I already knew the signs, and by the time he was able to heavily pant, “Holy shit! Hold on a sec, dude! I’m gonna cum!” I was already prepared to take his offering like a champ. I felt his tip swell in my mouth, the thunderous pulses of an impending orgasm blasting through his shaft with a few dry heaves before I was finally able to feel the thick ropes of Jaylen’s heated seed as a torrent of pent up arousal splashed across the surface of my tongue and the roof of my mouth…the sexiest little yelps being emitted from the back of his throat as he just tried to hold on to the world by gripping my bed sheets with clenched fists. I could tell that he was struggling to keep his intense climax from overwhelming him to the pint of losing his cool, but he simply couldn’t help it. He was at the mercy of his deepest desires now. There was no protection from that.

I swallowed and swallowed, and just when I though he was finished, his body would shiver, and another long stream would dribble down the side of his inches, and I’d have to move forward to catch them as well. His flavor was such an aphrodisiac for me. I couldn’t believe that I had just done that. I made him cum so hard that he actually reached down to pull my head off of him while his shaft was still twitching. His chest heaving, a thin sheen of sweat covering his body from head to toe. He just lay there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling in amazement, making me smile. When I began to scoot backward a little bit, Jaylen reached for me again and wrapped his arms so tightly around my neck that it nearly choked me.

“Hehehe, I take it that you’re pleased?” I said.

“That was FUCKIN’ incredible! That was *SO* fuckin’ incredible!” He was huffing and puffing so hard that I was surprised it didn’t make him dizzy. “Omigod…like…Coach…omigod…”

“Well, you’re welcome! Hehehe!”

I think Jaylen just wanted to hold me for a few minutes, and I was ok with that. Let the poor kid rest. He needs it.

The full and completed “Holiday Rush” ebook is NOW available in the Comicality Ebook Section if you want to skip ahead to the end right now! Hehehe! But, if you want to wait until the January issue, the final chapter will be right here in Imagine Magazine! Either way, thank you in advance! And remember that every dollar spent on ebooks from this site helps me out, and allows me to keep everything free for you to read! So thanks a ton!
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