How does one really define it? And when they do, how are they supposed to describe it to someone else? I’ll tell you how. It’s through the stunning loveliness and grace of boys like Jorge Benito! That’s how!

Chances are you’ve seen a random picture of him here and there online, but as he’s getting older and raising the interest of modeling agencies and film studios alike, I’m sure that you will be seeing more of him in the near future. The, now 12 year old, Jorge has been modeling brand name fashions for a while now, but seems to be heading more in the direction of wanting to be a professional actor. A pursuit that many of his fans seem to support, wholeheartedly!

Coming from Madrid, Spain, Jorge Benito has expressed his love for sports such as futbol (soccer) and tennis, and he’s already gotten a rather favorable reputation, modeling clothes from companies such as Art Basic, Pepe/Jeans, Mango Fashion, Moda Infantil, and Massimo Dutti Spain…as well as modeling for a brand new Christmas series of holiday clothes for Reserved Kids!

Needless to say, Jorge has been keeping himself busy, booking one successful project after another! Which is amazing! Go get ’em, dude!

And yet, even at such a young age, he’s already been able to land his very first acting role in the crime thriller TV series, “Caronte”, as ‘Kolya’…alongside award winning theatrical actor, Roberto Alamo. So, it seems as though his acting career has already begun, and it’s only going to get better from here.

I haven’t seen the show myself just yet, as I’ll have to make sure to see if I can get it with subtitles and all…but seeing as how I already love crime thrillers, and it’s got Jorge Benito in it…I’m already sold! Hehehe! 😛

I’m not exactly sure how well his English speaking skills are at this point, as I haven’t heard him speak very much. And he definitely has an accent that comes through with every word. (Awwwwwww! CUTE!!!)

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But, all that aside, his growing online fanbase seem to be determined to cast him in some of their all time favorite movie adaptations that are coming up in the near future! Suggesting that he would be their dream pick for lead characters in new projects, from a reboot series of ‘Percy Jackson’, to ‘Superboy’, to a young ‘Damian Wayne’ from the Batman series!

Honestly…I could totally see him as either one of those characters! Hehehe! That would kick ass!

Anyway, best of luck to you, Jorge! Keep going! And we wish you all the success in the world! No matter what you want to do, I hope you make it to the very top! Stay beautiful! And keep away from the bad things, k?

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