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Hi Everyone!

Have you ever ridden a reindeer?!?! Now I can say that I have. It was the coolest thing ever! I actually got to spend half the day brushing him and getting to know him. He was really cool. I asked my mom if we could keep him but she said no. Pres gets a turkey but I can’t have a reindeer. I don’t get it. <giggle> We aren’t traveling this year. No family except the three of us at home. Should be okay though, even if we spend half of the day in front of the tv. It’s all good though. Hope you have plans and if not, here’s a magazine 🙂

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Fred Writes: Hi Matt, I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas. How many presents do you expect to get this year? Do you plan to share any of them with Preston? Does Gary like the snow? When do you plan on taking down your Christmas Tree? Enjoy your vacation.

Matt’s Reply: There are really only a couple of things I want this Christmas. I need a new skateboard. Mine finally gave up. Just need a deck and grip cause my hardware is still fine. I also really need a new phone. I’ve got my mom’s old iPhone 6 and it’s been dropped too many times. The screen is cracked and the vibrate doesn’t always work. I’ve been trying to talk her into getting the new 12 so I can have her old X. I think she may do it. I hope anyway. If she does, Preston does get to use it when he wants to. He also wants me to teach him how to skate so, a new deck would be sweet. Gary wasn’t too crazy about the snow last year. There isn’t any snow on the ground for him to worry about right now though. The tree comes down the first weekend after New Years. I think that’s everything, lol!


Chuck02 Writes: Both of my parents tested positive for covid last week. My dad is recovering okay but my mom is having a lot of problems and is still in the hospital. I’m fine but worried. I know you are used to having just your mom around and wondering what you do to help out. My dad is pretending to be superman with all this but, he’s not.

Matt’s Reply: Hey Chuck, I’m sorry this happened to your family but glad you want to help out. I don’t talk about my father but do talk about my mom all the time and do anything I can to help out. If your dad is home now, just make sure you are doing the stuff that they both would normally ask you to do. To make it easier on my mom, I just don’t wait to be asked. Especially with both of them getting over being sick, the best way you can help is to not need them to tell you when things need to be done. If you cook, just go ahead and beat them to the kitchen to make dinner or just clean up after they do. The small things like that really will take some of the stress off. My mom worries about me and my brother whenever she gets sick so we both kinda take over. Trust me it helps and they will appreciate it. Hope everything works out and they are both doing better for the holiday!


franama Writes: What are you going to do when you get too old and ugly to pose for pictures and they won’t hire you anymore?

Matt’s Reply: Wow. That was a little mean. I guess I’ll just need to email you and see what you are doing for work. Right? If I were to actually answer the better question of “What do you plan to do for work when you get older?” I do have plans to enlist. I wanna follow after a few of my mentors and go Navy for a while. In that time, I want to focus on telecommunications and see what else I can learn. Then make a final decision about what I’d like to do for a career. Modeling isn’t something I plan to do for all that much longer to be honest. It is helping out at home though so, totally worth it. I like working with these guys on the magazine so, I’ll try to stick with it. The CGI thing means I can do that until I’m 90 if I want. Hehehe! (Yes, I do get these emails as well. Poorly worded email or Troll? You decide.)

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