The Adventures of Kyle Duron

After leaving the planet Sarka, Duron fleet is suddenly pulled out of hyperspace.

Kirito, “Oh shit” In front of the Star Defender is the biggest force of imperial ships Kirito saw 30 Imperial Class star destroyers mark two, 50 victory class star destroyers, 60 Lancer-class frigates, six interdictor cruiser and 2 Super Star Destroyers.

Kirito, “To Kyle come to the bridge asap. Alert one alert one all pilots to your craft. Kyle rushes to the bridge. Kyle looks out what’s in front of him.

Kyle, “Sithspawn, where did that force come from?”

Kirito, “How hell the do I know but look at the markings.”

Kyle, looks at the marking on the ships, “Shit its Warlord Matt, I guess he is pissed after loosening on hoth he gathered his whole fleet. Send out a message requesting for help, we can only hold out for so long. As the star destroyers deploy their ties, Kyle orders all fighters to deploy.

This is Kyle to all fighters, “What we need to do is knock out those Interdictor, if we can do that we can escape from here. I want all the E-Wings and B-Wings to guard all K and Y wings, and knock out those interdictors, all X-Wings will guard the ships all A-Wings will engage the tie interceptors. Once those interdictors are knocked out jump to Onderon. After giving the orders Kyle rushes down to the hanger bay and jumps into his own x-wing and joins the fray.

Rick, “This is not good we under attack what we do?”

Saul, “We wait and if they try to bord us we fight back.”

As Kyle joins the battle it is chaos X-Wings, A-Wings are engaging ties left and right. Max to Kyle watch out we have five tie interceptors on your tail.

Kyle, I need some help here I cannot shake them.

Max, “Can anyone help Kyle?”

Heat leader this heat 11 and 12we see him engaging now.

Heat 12, Kyle turn to point 0.5 we got you. Suddenly the ties on Kyle tail get blown up. On board the Endor,

Kirito, “how are we doing?”

Sensor, “We just lost 10 X-wings guarding us sir, also shields are down to 50% we cannot take much more.”

Kirito, “To Max, have you found the interdictors?”

Max, “Yes sir we found them and five down one to go, our loses are good they only had three tie squadrons covering these ships and one imp duce.

Sensor, “Sir, more ships exiting hyperspace!”

Kirito, “Shit, what is their classification?”

Sensor, “Ten assault frigates mark 2, eight MC40, 20 CR 90 and six MC85, six MC80, and Ten Nebulon-B escort Frigate sir.”

Kirito, “To new republic ships do you copy over?” A reply comes back.

“Captain Kirito this is Admiral Chilo, I see you are in tough situation.”

Kirito, “Chilo I am happy you are hear did you get our messaged?”

Chilo, no we were order to leave our post by high command and something just pulled us out of hyperspace here.”

Kirito, “It was an interdictor.”

Chilo, “Well now the odds have changed some all ships open fire. On board the Super Star Destroyer Com,

Matt, “Where did those ships come from also how we doing.”

Sensor, “Sir, we just lost five out of our six interdictor and our sixth one is almost gone, we took out about half of their fighters, but with the reinforcements we are going to be out gunned soon. Sir, 40 more ships exiting hyperspace to our left.” To the left of the fleet a force of 20 MC 85 and 20 MC 80 exit and star laying heavy turbo laser fire into the ships, as well as deploying there X, A B, E, Y, and K wing squadrons.

Matt, to all ties return to the ship’s lets get out of here.

The imperial forces leave. Kyle lands back on board the Endor and heads to the bridge to get a battle report

Kyle, “Report on losses.”

Kirito, “30 X-Wings lost, 10 A-Wings 12 B-Wings, 12 E-Wings. No lose to bomber forces.” Kyle, “Not bad at all.”

Chilo, “To Kyle, glad to be a help,

Kyle “Thanks for the assist

Chilo, “May the force be with you.” As Kyle is looking the other force of 20 MC 80 and MC 85 jump to hyperspace.

Kyle, “I wonder who those guys where. All fighters return to the ship. Helm once all fighters have been recovered set a course for Coruscant, time to speak to President Mon Mothma and ask for replacements.” Meanwhile back in his home area Matt the Rev is steaming after the defeat. Matt, “what was our loses Edison?”

Edison 15 Star Destroyers, 30 lancer frigates, 25 victory class, six interdictors, and all the ties that go with those ships sir.”

Matt, “So you are saying I lost half of my fleet!!!!!!!!!”

Edison, “That’s right sir.”

Matt, “Well at least I still have my two super and half of a force, we will stay put for now and let Kyle have this victory.

As Matt was stewing after this defeat Kyle fleet exits hyperspace near the planet Coruscant. On board the Endor. Kyle is having a meeting with group.

Kyle, “Me and Rick will head down to the planet. Rest of you stay here.”

Turtleboy speaks up, “Why must we stay here?”

Kyle, I want to be as low key as possible and having five Jedi landing on a planet is not low key.”

Jeff, “Makes sense after all, but isn’t the Jedi Temple here?”

Kyle, “Yes, it is, let me guess you want to explore it?”

Jeff, “Why not while you and Rick are talking the rest of us can go explore it and see what’s around and maybe find some jedi artifacts?”

Kyle, “Ok you three can go but take Gardner with you as well”

Jeff, “Ok”

Kyle, it’s settled.”

Kyle and Rick load up on one of the Y-Wings while Jeff, Turtleboy, Kenta, Gardner head down in a lambda class shuttle. As the two ships approached Coruscant, they are contacted by Coruscant control.

Coruscant control to unknown Y-Wing and Lambo please stay your nature to this planet. Coruscant Control this is Kyle Duron, “I have a meeting with the president.”

Control, copy that Duron welcome to Coruscant. Coruscant control to unknown lambda please stay your business. Control this is Neo Gardner we are heading to explore the old Jedi Temple. Control, Lambda, copy that welcome to Coruscant.

As the two ships clear the space they head to their different areas.

Rick, “Big bro looks we may have to land at the space port and get a ride to see Mon Mothma?” Kyle, “I think you are right.” As the Y-Wing lands on one of the public landing pads, a crowd gathers, since a Y-Wing landing is not that uncommon. Kyle opens the canopy and both he is Rick exit the Y-Wing. The crowd is amazed to see the two people wearing robs.

Rick, “I think people know we are Jedi.”

Kyle, “Gee you think bro.”

As Rick and Kyle are talking a squad of New Republic troops appear.

Lead Trooper, you two freeze right where you are.

Kyle, “Is there a problem officer?”

Lead Trooper, “Yes you are under arrest for theft of New Republic military starship.”

Kyle, “You mean the Y-Wing, its mine, and my name is Kyle Duron, Jedi Weapon Master of the New Jedi Order, now if you want to arrest me fill free, I am sure, Master Skywalker will understand.”

Lead Trooper, ahhhhh, have a good day Master Jedi, let’s go.” As the squad leaves

Rick, asked Kyle, does using Luke’s name really work?”

Kyle, “ Luke is very famous, now let’s find a speeder and head to see Mon Mothma.” As the two leave the space port they find a speeder rental area and rent a speeder and head to the palace to see Mon Mothma. Meanwhile, Neo and the three padawans land near the old Jedi Temple. As the group exits the shuttle and heads to the entrance of the Jedi Temple, they notice there is a squad of New Republic Troopers guarding the main entrance.

Kenta, “This does not good, how we going to get in?”

Neo, “Do not worry we are wearing Jedi Robs, also, I heard word that Luke maybe wanting to have some jedi come here.”

Jeff, “I heard about that, maybe that’s why they are guarding the entrance?”

Turtleboy, “I still do not like it.”

As the party nears the temple, the head trooper a Sargent, walks up to the group.

Sargent, “Greetings, this area is a restricted area please get back on your shuttle and leave.”

Neo, “Do you see what I wearing and do you see what I have in my hand?” The Sargent looks at the person and notices he is holding a cylinder object.

Sargent, “Ahhh, well, ok you four may enter.”

Neo “Thank you very much, let’s go my padawans.”

Jeff, “Did you see his face?”

Neo. “Yes I did/”

As the group of four enters the Jedi Temple they notice that damage still exist from the attack of the 501st.

Neo, “Ok you three our first stop is the coms room need to send a message to Yavin to let Luke know we have made entry into the temple and will about to go explore it.”

The group heads to the communication room, while Neo send the message to Luke, the three boys stumble upon a vid. The video shows a clone trooper regiment marching up the steps of the Temple, the next scenes are of horror as Jedi are being killed left and right, the video the kids are watching turns to a room full of younglings, where a lone figure enters and kills them all. The recoding ends.

Kenta, “What did we just watch?”

Jeff, “I have no idea but it was not nice.”

Neo turns around and sees the final scene.

Neo, “Ahh you found the video of the Jedi Purge, where the jedi were wiped out by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, who was also known as Senator Palpatine of Naboo.”

Jeff, “So, this video is history?”

Neo, “Yes now let’s go explore. Jeff, Kenta take the library and archives room as well as the upper level. Turtleboy and I will head to the lower level. Keep your lightsabers near you and coms open.”

As the group explores, Kyle and Rick are on their way to the old Imperial palace where the seat of the New Republic is located. As the two near the area, they are stopped by two New Republic Guards. Guard, “Identity card please.” Kyle and Rick hand over their cards for the guard. The guard checks them by swiping them through is data bank.

Guard, “Have a good day and welcome to the Palace.”

Kyle drives through and parks the speeder in a spot. As the two are walking in the palace people are looking at them like they are weird.

Rick, “I do not like the look these people are giving us.”

Kyle, “Easy my brother its they have not seen Jedi in a while.”

As the two keep on walking they see signs that say President Office, they head that way. As they enter the office the receptionist, asked if they have an appointment.

Kyle, “Kyle Duron to speak to Mon Mothma.”

Receptionist, one sec, Mam, there is a Kyle Duron here to see you.”

Mon Mothma, send him in.

Receptionist you can go in.

Kyle enters the room. Mon Mothma, “So you are Kyle Duron Master Skywalker told me about you and your mission. So do you like the gift?”

Kyle, “The gift was fine came in handed too. Also I need to ask for replacement fighters?”

Mon Mothma, “I see, well you will need to go and speak with General Wedge Antilles, he is in charge of allocating the space fleet.”

Kyle, “Thank you for your time Mon Mothma.”

Mon Mothma, “Master Duron, when you see Luke tell him, that we are looking forward to having Jedi back on Coruscant.”

Kyle, acknowledge the request and heads out.

Kyle, “Let’s go Rick we are heading to the military area. As the two head back to the speeder, Kyle gets inside and changes into his New Republic flight outfit.

Rick, “Why you wearing that?”

Kyle, it will make it easier for us to see Wedge.”

The speeder heads off to the area where the main command area is for the New Republic military. Kyle shows his id to the guard and is let in. He parks the speeder and changes back into his Jedi robes and heads into the Headquarters of the New Republic Military. He quickly finds his way to the office of Wedge and he knocks on the door.

Wedge, enter. Wedge is shocked to see who it is. As Kyle enter the room he see Wedge at a desk with an Admiral sitting in a chair as well

Wedge, Kyle “Great to see you my you have grown since I last saw you.” Kyle salutes the General.

Wedge, “Kyle I believe you have met Admiral Chilo?”

Kyle, “Yes I have.”

Wedge, “Good he was in here talking about the battle and I have decided that he The Rev is a danger and Chilo is going to go hunting for him.”

Kyle, Well I wish him luck in that endeavor.”

Wedge, “I am not done after talking with my pal Luke, it was decided by him and me that some Jedi should be attached to Chilo.”

Kyle, “I think I see where this is going.”

As they are talking a message comes from Yavin and Luke appears.

Luke, “Kyle I see you made it to Wedge’s office. I have new orders for you. You are to attach yourself to Admiral Chilo, till this Rev is taken out, you will still be command of your ship, since it is a Jedi ship.”

Kyle, “Understand Master.”

Luke, “May the Force Be With You.” Transmission ends.

Wedge, “Well it’s settled, now Kyle, why did you want to speak to me?”

Kyle, “I just left Mon Mothma and she said you’re in charge of allocating ships I was hoping to get replacement fighters for what I lost.”

Wedge, “Ah yes I am sending to you 30 X-Wings, 10 A-Wings 12 B-Wings, 12 E-Wings. To replace what you lost in the battle”

Kyle, “Thank you.”

Wedge, “No problem, that is all you two dismissed.” Both Salute Wedge.

Chilo, “Kyle, here are the coordinates of my fleet join us when you can. Also, I do not want to step on your toes when it comes to orders.”

Kyle, “Admiral we both serve the New Republic and I look forward to working with you.”

As the two exit the military headquarters, Kyle picks up Rick and the head to the landing pad and get in their Y-Wing and head to the Jedi Temple to meet up with the other group. As Rick and Kyle fly off to the Temple, Jeff and Kenta are exploring the Library.

Kenta, “Hey big bro check with out.”

Jeff, “What is it?”

Kenta, “It looks like a holo cube.”

Jeff, “play it.” The holo cube plays,

“This is Jedi Master Obi Won Kenobie to any and all jedi I repeat to not come to the temple it has been attacked go hide yourselves.”

Kenta, “So sad.”

Jeff, “I agree, let’s move on I think I saw a several rooms awhile back maybe they hold goodies.” As the two head to the rooms, Neo and Tutrleboy are exploring the lower level, they first place they come to an old hanger.

Neo, “Well now Turtleboy look at this all these old jedi starfighters.”

Turtleboy, “I know right I wonder if they work?” As the two are looking they sense something, they see a Y-Wing entering the old hanger. Both jedi unclip their lightsabers and hold them at the ready. As the Y-Wing lands they see who is getting out.

Neo, “Well now how was your meeting Master Duron?”

Kyle, “Cute Neo, it went well, we are now assigned to Admiral Chilo fleet, and I was able to get replacement fighters.”

Neo, “Good, Jeff and Kenta are in the upper level, we saw a recording of the attack on the temple and it was not nice.”

Kyle, “I was told by my old master who escaped with several temple guards.”

Neo, “Well we have explored the lower level and found no lightsabers parts, components, or crystals.”

Kyle, “I think the emperor took all that stuff and destroyed it. This is Kyle to Jeff come in Jeff.” As Jeff and Kenta are exploring the rooms, his com goes off.

Kenta, “Jeff I think Master Duron is speaking.”

Jeff, “Here Master Duron.”

Kyle, “Have you found anything where you guys are?”

Jeff, “Just a recording left by an Obi Won Kenobie, and several rooms and no fines.”

Kyle, “OK meet up with Master Gardner and Turtleboy and head back to the shuttle, we are leaving this planet and heading back to the Endor.”

Jeff, “Copy that Master.”

As the group of four meet and exit the temple they thank the guards for the service and load up on the shuttle and head out. As Kyle and the group head back into space they see 30 X-Wings, 10 A-Wings 12 B-Wings, 12 E-Wings flying. This is Master Duron to New Republic fighter wing do you copy?” On board the lead X-Wing is Lt. Mitch Lightfoot, we are looking for the Star Defender Endor.”

Kyle, “Lt. Lightfoot follow me to the endor and your new home and welcome to Duron fleet.” As the fighters and shuttle head to the Endor, they see it turning so the ships can enter their designated hangers. As Kyle, exits his Y-Wing he is met by Kirito.

Kirito, “Well I see we are back to full strength of fighters where to now?” Kyle, “Set a course for…..”

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