The cold gray tendrils of the oppressive grayness slowly made their way into my body.

Their goal was my soul and my consciousness.

I could feel their creepy coldness as they snaked their way through my body.

Suddenly my consciousness began to disappear leaving me in a world totally gone gray. I could feel my soul fighting against a multitude of tendrils trying to squeeze the life out of my soul, and leave me totally gray.

The heaviness of the grayness began to wear on me, however, I was determined not to let it completely overcome me.

I reached deep down inside me to the place where I stored the essence that was me, it was also the place where also burning beacon of light resided.

Once I reached my special place I absorbed the essence that was me, and embraced the light and let it and my essence begin to spread throughout my body pushing out the cold gray tendrils whenever they encountered them.

As the fight to recover me went on I could feel a sense of warmth spread throughout my body and senses.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity the last slimy cold gray tendril was banished nevermore to be seen.

While the world outside was still gray, I was a beacon of light and determined to never let the gray overcome me again.

I decided to venture out into the cold gray world and spread some light as I went along. As I encountered folks that had succumbed to the overpowering grayness,

I gave them my biggest smile and engulfed them in a hug before they knew what was happening, I let my warmth and light spread into them until they began to smile.

We split up and began spreading warmth and light one person at a time.

Soon the depressing cold slimy grayness was banished to where it had come.

Now Light and Joy ruled the world.

The power of one person embodied with the Light can change the world!

Author’s Notes:

I wrote some words on another day when I was feeling blah, and it was a cold, dreary, and dismally gray day. It was supposed to snow and it never did.
I tried to portray how that day made me feel, and I think I did.

Art’s Comments:

At first, I thought it was a bit dark, but I soon saw the light.

Thank you for sharing it.


Darryl’s Comments:

Nice sentiment!
I do wish it were that easy to spread the light around, but I fear with all the hate and distrust that is engulfing our planet currently; We have a very big job ahead of us.
I will try to hold on to the light and give it to everyone that will accept it.
The only thing that can defeat the darkness is, indeed, the light, and the brighter the light we share, the sooner the dark will slither away!
Darryl The Radio Rancher

YB’s Comments:

It is wonderful!!!!  It truly captures the insidiousness of depression and the effort it takes to overcome it.   These are wonderful words that we all need to hear.


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