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Chapter 3

Jim was was adamant about filming chronologically. It was a fight he always had with the executives. He always said that the extra effort and extra money it cost to film a story from beginning to end in that order, would pay off with stronger performances by the actors. I agreed, because you really got ‘into’ your role better that way. There were other directors that filmed completely different scenes in one shooting call because it was more efficient and saved money, but it only made the actors a bit confused as to ‘where’ to place their emotions! But sometimesit was just necessary to shoot a scene out of sequence with what was currently being filmed simply because it was just plain stupid NOT to do, for financial reasons. So when our locations scout found a shady looking alley with an empty warehouse in it RIGHT NEXT to the place where we stored our filming equipment, Jim couldn’t deny that it would be downright stupid not to film the Vampire club scene where Taryn gets the ‘eternity band’ bracelets for the ‘crossover’.

It was a little over two weeks later, and we had finally wrapped up the Navy Pier scene with Justin and Taryn. It took take after take after TAKE, but in the end EVERYONE said that it turned out fantastic. In fact, toward the end of that dramatic scene, I noticed a few people were a bit misty eyed as they watched me and Julian perform our finishing sentences. By then, I was feeling well adjusted into my character. I really felt like I was a ‘part’ of Justin now. And Julian? He was just perfect! He performed magnificently! He was so graceful with his movements and words. It was sooo difficult trying to pull off a depressed and angry Justin character while trying to suppress these incredibly bubbly feelings I had about Julian! We quickly became close friends during those two weeks of shooting. In between takes we would glance at each other, giggling and smiling, and it made me giddy with love every single one of those nights! Most of the time we had to be there by around 2 in the morning, simply because there wouldn’t be anyone there to disturb the filming. But even then, me and Julian kinda had this ‘silent’ agreement, and we’d come extra early to spend time together. We were ALWAYS by the food tables, eating pastries and donuts and drinking more coffee than I think Jim wanted us to! Sigh, we had so much fun together, joking around and playing pranks on Donna and Dave when they weren’t looking! I think we drove them a bit insane that week! And it got to the point where Jim had to tell us that we had to stop goofing around so much! Hehehe! But I know deep down Jim was glad to see me and Julian ‘connecting’. There was one night when we were sitting around for about an hour as Jim and the crew figured out a specific shot, when I felt a heavy weight on my shoulder suddenly. I looked to my side. . . Julian had fallen asleep on me as we were chatting. I savored the moment, not wanting to wake him up! Gosh, he was so cute, as he slept on my shoulder! The poor thing, he was just not used to the hard work that came from working in film. I relished that moment for as long as I could. For Julian, anything was worth every second of it!

Officially, the next scene would’ve called for our first visit to the ‘lot’. But since the locations scout had found the ‘vampire club’, Julian and I were picked up on a limo and whisked away to that dark and dank alley that evening.

The other thing? I’d finally be meeting a few of the other actors that night! Besides me and Julian, the scene called for the characters Dylan, Jun, Max, Michael, and Trevor to be present. All the boys were unknown. . . well, that is except for Landon Delani, who was going to play Trevor. I knew Landon. I knew him very well. Not personally, no. But then who didn’t know Landon Delani? He was practically the official ‘Mr. American Heartthrob’ of the WORLD. He was 14, with perfect blond hair, hypnotizing dark eyes and a face that made you say “Oh fuck you and you’re good looks bitch!” Was I jealous? No, I don’t think so. But you couldn’t help get a little annoyed after a while; seeing his face EVERYWHERE. TV shows, commercials, movies, music albums, speedo catalogues. . . it kinda made you queasy after a while! I didn’t have anything against the guy – okay so maybe I do kinda hate him just a ‘little’. . . but I just, I don’t know. . . he was annoyingly EVERYWHERE, too. And he’d be here tonight, too.

The scene also called for A LOT of extras. So when we arrived just before sunset, a rather HUGE crowd of people were surrounding the alley. But I quickly realized that the reason for the crowd wasn’t because they were extras, they were already in the alley. No, this other crowd was here to see the GFD cast. . . or maybe they were all here to see their idol, Landon Delani, the amazingly sexy ‘heartthrob’. UGH!

Wow! You guys have a ‘little’ fan club going on here!” said Jackie as she drove us toward the HUGE crowd of people.

BOTH sides of the alleyway were blocked off by cops, preventing the fans from entering the area where we’d be shooting. And as Julian and me got off the limo, we almost went deaf from the screams that suddenly enveloped us! Girls and guys of ALL ages were all around us! Some had papers and pens in their hands, or their copies of the books themselves, waving them frantically in our faces! The screams! God I’ll never forget the screams that day! And I noticed in the insanity of everything that many were wearing “Gone From Daylight” t-shirts! It was CRAZY! HOW the hell do people find out so QUICKLY about where we were going to shoot our scenes?!?!

I wasn’t exactly used to THIS kind of attention! And I certainly knew that Julian wasn’t, either! I kind of felt like being his protector at the moment, and actually grabbed him by the arm and led him to safety in the alley where everything was clear. Our hair and clothes were a little disheveled from that little scene but otherwise we made it in one piece.

“That was. . . interesting!” Julian said loudly, trying to speak above the roaring screams of the mob of fans!

“Tell me about it! Damn, I didn’t know anyone else but US would be here tonight! I wonder what tipped them off?” I replied. Just then, Donna and Dave came running up to us.

“Adam! Julian! I see you two survived our little ‘audience’ right there! Looks like we’re gonna need to hire some ‘protection’ for you two from now on!” said Donna. Dave, as usual, handed me and Julian updated copies of the scene we were about to shoot. I looked at the entrance to the ‘vampire club’ ahead of us and saw that they already had cameras and lights set up. It was really cool how they ‘redesigned’ the entrance to the club to make it stand out for the shot. It looked darker and grimier than the rest of the alley area, almost gothic like. I saw Jim ahead, talking to a crowd of what looked like 100 extras dressed in ‘goth’ and similar clothing, but I didn’t see any of the other main actors; though our trailers were all parked in the alley.

Just then, the crowd of fans juiced up their noise level again, and we turned around to see what the commotion was about now.

Another black limo had arrived, and out of it stepped non other than Landon Delani. The first thing I noticed was shiny blond hair. The second thing I noticed? The crowd ROARED with screams. If you were there, you would’ve literally felt the cement vibrate under you! Landon however, had his own personal body guard to help him through the crowd and into the alley. But even then, he smiled ‘charmingly’ at the crowd, giving them waves and even signing pictures and books. . . and even some shirts. And the fans ate it ALL up! They swooned as he passed and I noticed some girls were even CRYING for God’s sake! It made me sick!

But then I looked over at Julian. And now I just felt like throwing up. Julian was smiling. . . actually smiling at Landon! I could almost see the STARS in Julian’s eyes!!! UGH! And the worst part came when Julian leaned closer to me and whispered.

“Oh my God, Adam! Hehehe! I used to have such a huge crush on HIM! But don’t you tell ANYONE I said that!” he said smiling in Landon’s direction.

It was as if I instantly lost ALL will to live at that moment. My stomach felt sick, and my heart felt like it had just been dipped in ice. But when Landon approached us, I looked at him with such loathing that I was surprised I didn’t spit lasers from my eyes and burned that stupid smirk off his face!!! Landon looked at me, then over at Julian and gave him one of his ‘killer smiles’.

“Well well, who do we have here?” he said with an equally killer voice. It was as if God had taken the extra time to fine tune his vocals so anyone hearing his voice would fall to their knees. . . and from the looks of it, Julian almost did.

And then, Landon actually grabbed Julian by the hand and KISSED IT!!! OH MY GOD!!! Did he just DO THAT?!?! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I wanted to RIP his HEAD OFF!!!!

Julian looked like he was about to faint. Everything suddenly started spinning out of control for me. Dave and Donna weren’t even paying attention, as they spoke with crew members. I could hear Jim making the extras laugh out loud with a joke. It was as if I wasn’t in control of my own life anymore! And now, as the last rays of sunlight finally set, I could clearly see the flashings of cameras going off from the crowd of fans and it was all making me dizzy.

“I’m. . . I’m gonna go to my trailer and get ready,” I said quietly, trying to suppress the urge to scream out loud. Landon glanced over at me.

“Alrighty. It was nice to finally meet you. . . Adam,” the way he said it. . . it was sooo snotty and uptight. Like he KNEW what he was doing to me! And Julian. . . . . . Julian didn’t even look at me.

I stormed off to my trailer and slammed the door shut. I felt like crying! I felt like screaming! No, better yet, I felt like ripping this trailer apart!

I don’t know how long I sat there sulking, but eventually I heard a soft knock on the door. I thought it might be my hair and make up designers so I told them to come in. But when the door opened, it was Julian who stepped inside.

I didn’t look at him in the face, opting to keep my stare on the desk where all my make up equipment sat.

“Hey. . . you kinda took off suddenly out there. I was wondering where you went,” he said in that ever so soft voice. He slowly walked toward me, almost as if he was afraid I would attack him.

“I just thought I’d start getting ready,” I lied.

“Heh. Um, you haven’t really gotten ready there,” Julian pointed out, trying to tease me playfully.

“Well, I just thought you’d wanna be left alone with him, you know. . . since you’re a fan,” oh God HOW I tried to say it without ANY emotion at all, but I think some of it seeped through anyway because Julian kind of gave me a funny look at my response.

“Landon? Hehehe, he was just a silly crush. . . I don’t really like him anymore. But it was cool meeting him for the first time, you know?” he replied slowly. It looked like he was choosing his words carefully. He was probably trying to suppress the urge to scream out his undying love for Landon, though. I kinda just nodded but didn’t really look at him.

“Adam, hehe, if I didn’t know you better. . . I’d say you’re getting a little jea-” but there was a loud knock on the door and before I could even say ‘come in’ Donna burst in followed by my hair and make up designers.

“Julian! They need you in your trailer A-SAP! We’re gonna start shooting as soon as everyone is ready!” said Donna. Julian nodded, but looked over at me. For the first time since he came in I looked up at him and couldn’t help but give him a faint smile. . . if only because I couldn’t help myself. After seeing that, a wide grin spread across Julian’s face, and seemingly pleased with himself he waved bye and left.

I couldn’t concentrate with Donna as she spoke to me. Images of Julian and Landon kissing danced through my mind. This night, getting me ready went by rather quickly, although it was probably due to my mental state of being. And the only thing I remember from Donna’s conversation was that tonight I had to have different interactions with different actors, and to remember that I would eventually ‘dislike’ the Trevor character, so I had act ‘weary’ around him. I only narrowed my eyes and slowly said, “Oh don’t worry. I don’t think that’ll be a problem at all.”

But once I was ushered out the trailer by Donna I was once again greeted by Landon, now standing in front of four other boys apparently telling them a joke and making them laugh out loud. We approached them and Donna introduced them.

“Adam, this is Paul. He’s playing Dylan,” she said pointing at a really cute boy that looked about my age. He had short sandy blond hair and hazel eyes but they looked like they were contacts. He smiled brightly at me and shook my hand. For someone that was to play a skittish boy, he didn’t seem very shy about anything.

“And these two are Marc and Terry. They’re playing Max and Jun,” she said, pointing at two older looking boys. Marc was about a head taller than me with long black hair. He was a bit intimidating at first, but he flashed me a friendly smile. The other was an Asian boy with jet black hair that was highlighted with orange stripes. Terry actually gave me a high five, he seemed really cool.

“What’s up, dude!” he said, making me smile from his enthusiasm.

“And this is Scott. He’s playing Michael,” finished Donna. Scott looked at me with an almost astonished look.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I’m meeting you! I’m like, a HUGE fan. . . hehehe! Sorry, I just wanted to get that out of the way before we got started!” he said excitedly. I couldn’t help but give my first genuine smile in over an hour, and I looked over at Landon to give him a satisfied smirk. But Landon only smiled back, seemingly not phased. GRRR!

I happen to look around for Julian and at that moment, seemingly by chance, I saw him coming out of his trailer. As always, my heart skipped a beat and I felt like everything else melted away as he appeared in front of me. I didn’t know it, but I was already smiling at Julian, happy to have him in my presence again. Julian spotted us and ran up to meet us. He smiled shyly at me and I almost swooned at his delicate features, enhanced by the care and attention they had been given to in his trailer. I was pleased when he walked over and stood right next to me, his shoulders literally touching mine. I was glad. THIS is where Julian belongs, next to ME. This time, when I looked over at Landon and caught him staring at me, he didn’t have his smile anymore. In fact, he HAD a smile, but I could sense that it wasn’t genuine anymore. But he looked away and seemed to play it off easily.

Before long we started our rehearsal, taking an HOUR to get our blocking just the way Jim wanted it. And all the while we could hear the GROWING crowd of fans at the ends of the alleyway chattering excitedly, it was a bit distracting at first. But once we were ready to do our first real take, the fans were instructed to keep silent during takes.

“Okay everyone! This is our first real take of the night! Let’s get the sound up! Everyone quiet please!” Jim said with extra emphasis, because of our ‘little’ audience that night. We all took our spots in the middle of the alley, two cameras on either side of me, Julian, Terry, Landon, Paul, Marc, and Scott.

“Alright! Roll cameras!” the clapper slammed the clapperboard in front of a camera.

“And. . . ACTION!”

The seven of us started walking toward the club entrance, me and Julian behind everyone else as they improvised conversations in front of the camera. They were all so professional. Seemingly kids one moment, and actors the next. I was impressed. It made me a bit nervous to think that they chose ME as the lead actor in this movie. . . but I was beginning to doubt my skills in front of these actors.

We reached the club door and ‘Max’ walked up and knocked on it loudly. After a moment the door burst open and a tall heavy man peeped through the door. But there was no ‘club’ music or lights streaming out of the door, that would be added later. He looked us up and down and made a dramatic roll of his eyes.

“Aw geez! Why don’t you damn kids just stay away from here? I’m trying to run a business here, you guys are gonna get me in a lot of trouble here!”

Julian stepped forward and gave him an adorable smile. “Look, I just need to talk to Alex for a few seconds, and then we’re outta here. Please?” God Julian sounded so cute! “. . .Just for a few seconds?” he added with a sweet voice. I felt like running up to him and tearing his clothes apart! I don’t care WHO saw!

“Sigh. . . if I lose my license I’m personally gonna flatten the whole bunch of yas! Hurry up! A few seconds! No more! You got it?”

“Thanks man, you’re a life saver,” said Julian cutely.


The crowd of fans cheered loudly, reminding me again that we weren’t alone.

“Excellent you guys! That was perfect! Nice start!” said Jim. “Adam. . . could you maybe have your eyes wander a little around the characters? You look very focused on Julian only, behind the camera,” I think I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even blush. I didn’t dare look Julian in the eye, or even Landon for that matter. The other guys laughed at me, but they only meant it in good fun. I tried to pretend I didn’t hear Jim. So I watched as the lights were quickly moved around and Jim said he wanted to do another take. But we actually ended up doing like SEVEN more takes after that! But eventually Jim went to the crowd of extras and told them to start filing inside the ‘club’ and we were instructed to wait outside as they prepped everything. We were allowed to go inside about twenty minutes later.

It was amazing how they made what was once an empty warehouse into such a realistic looking nightclub! I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference! They had turned on club lights, and the hundred or so extras were milling around, getting into ‘character’. A camera crane machine was suspended in the middle of the air above the center of the set, apparently to take a shot of us entering from the top. Other cameras had already been set up throughout the set, probably earlier during the day as they built the set. There wasn’t any music however, as they would add that in later. Again, we rehearsed, this time taking a whole of two hours to get our blocking set, since it involved much more movement and interactions between people. And I hated to admit it, but Landon was a very good actor himself. He spoke in such a way that it always sounded like he actually meant it. Which only fueled me, because I easily emulated his acting and responded with an equal amount of ‘feeling’ behind the acting.

It wasn’t until another hour when we got a little break. I was sooo happy that Julian wanted to spend it with me! We chatted for a while as the crew changed lights and cameras around but after some time Donna came looking for Julian. Apparently Jim wanted to speak to him. Julian flashed me an adorable smile and said he’d be back in a bit. I was dazed with emotion and could only nod in his direction as he ran off. I wouldn’t have dreamed at that moment that only a few minutes later I’d be causing a little ‘scene’.

“What do you MEAN they wanna shoot a scene with ‘just’ Taryn and Trevor?!?!” I almost yelled at Donna when she gave me the news. She had just told me that it would be another two hours before they were going to need me and I could go relax in my trailer for a while! I was furious!!! What business did Landon have acting ALONE with MY Julian?!

“Relax, Adam! They just figured that since we’re already here and the nightclub is already built that we could shoot a ‘flashback’ scene with them two when they kissed at the club, is all!” she said. I felt my eyes bulge out.

“WHAT?!?!” But it’s not even on the script! Why would they even add that?!”

“Yes, yes. We know sweetie. But they’re saying it’d be great to add a bit of ‘history’ to the other characters in the film,” she said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world! Everything was just perfect before Landon came along! I mean, we didn’t even need a real actor for Trevor. . .! They could’ve like, made him a CG animation like Jar-Jar Binks or something!

“Well I want to watch!” I stated quickly.

“What’s with you anyway? It’s just a quick scene Adam, a flashback. You’ll get bored quickly up there,” she replied. But I felt that I NEEDED to be there, and nothing was going to stop me! So when I knew they were going to start, I followed Donna up to the roof of the warehouse where they already had cameras and lights set up for the scene. Julian and Landon were already there and to my shock, Landon was making Julian laugh and giggle, the way only I thought I could! It made my blood feel ice cold with fear and anger.

But when Julian saw me climb up he smiled and waved in my direction, seemingly unaware of the pain he was causing me just by seeing him standing next to Landon like that.

The entire first hour up there was the most agonizing torture I had EVER gone through in my entire life! The way. . . the way Landon ‘flirted’ with Julian. . . seducing him as they acted out the scene. But looking at Landon carefully, it was almost as if he truly meant what he was only suppose to be acting out! And then the worst part came. . . the moment that ‘Trevor’ kisses ‘Taryn’.

I literally TREMBLED with anger, fear, and helplessness as I watched Landon slowly lean toward Julian, closing his eyes as he reached his destination. And to my absolute HORROR, Julian blushed when their lips met!!! You just CAN’T act THAT out!!! Can you?!?! I mean, he was BLUSHING from kissing Landon!!! NOOOO!!!!

I was SOOO tempted to yell out “CUT!” at that very moment! I felt my hands ball up into fists! But when Jim finally did yell out cut, and said that it was great but wanted to do ANOTHER take. . . I just couldn’t take it anymore. Right now it was a small peck on the lips. . . I didn’t want to stick around and hear Jim say for them to rip their clothes apart and start having steamy hot sex right then and there. Even though I KNEW that the most the executive producers would allow was kisses in the film. So I left the set as quietly as I could and ran off to my trailer.

I began crying the moment I closed the door to my trailer and didn’t stop once I threw my body face down on my small bed. I just felt so cheated. . . it wasn’t. . . it wasn’t me that could say I gave Julian his first kiss. That, that would never happen now. It was this horribly sour feeling in the pit of my stomach, it hurt so much. This wasn’t like the pain that I felt when I first witnessed Julian’s breathtaking beauty. No, this was a twisted, demented pain that fed off your tears and got worse every second you cried. For the first time, I caught a glimpse of what this Justin character must’ve gone through emotionally. Such different circumstances, but I was sure that if I was ever going to understand his pain, it was going to be the pain I was feeling now. I could already see it now. Landon would ask Julian to go out to a ‘fancy’ restaurant for dinner. . . and Julian would fall in love with his unbelievably good looks, and my little fantasy would be over. I have only known Julian for a little more than a WEEK, since we first started filming at Navy Pier. But he never seemed to have expressed the same desires he OBVIOUSLY showed with Landon during that time. And our little ‘get together’? It never happened. We were just so busy every day. Filming the Navy Pier scene had literally taken up the WHOLE week. And now, I began to realize that all the little ‘flirting’ that I thought was happening between us was always just in my head. He was just – he was just a very friendly person. And THAT, even more than the kiss made me cry sooo much harder. Because I just lost all hope of an ‘us’ at that moment. I was swimming in horrible emotions. . . when there was a soft knock on the door.

I instantly stopped crying, but it didn’t stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks. And I don’t think I could’ve ever acted out of the way my voice came out with such a tremble.

“W-wh-who is it?” I choked back a sob.

“Adam. . .? Are you okay? We’re gonna start again soon. I was looking for you inside but Scott told me you ran to your trailer. Is everything alright?” said Julian’s voice. It was so soothing at that moment. But it was a bitter feeling also, a feeling of useless regret.

“I-I’m fine. . . I j-just needed to, add-d a bit of powder to my face. . . it was getting shiny,” I replied as calmly as humanly possible. But Julian still hadn’t tried to open the door.

“Adam?” he actually sounded worried now.


“Are you, crying?”

I couldn’t hold it. I broke down all over again and began sobbing into my pillow. I KNOW he could hear me through the door now.

“Adam. . .! I’m coming in,” and without waiting for me to answer he opened the door and closed it behind him. I heard him walk over to my bed and a second later my skin jumped as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Adam? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?!” he sounded so concerned, so worried about my current state. But I managed to stop crying for a moment again, and I slowly looked up at him with teary eyes.

“I-I’m s-sorry, I’m just, being stupid,” I replied. But the look on his face, his beautiful face, it was that of such concern. If I wasn’t in love with him already, I knew that I fell in love with him at that very moment, I truly fell in love. How would I ever be able to tell him how I felt about him?

“Is it something you want to talk about?” he paused for a moment. But getting no response he spoke again. “Adam. . . is this about Landon? I-I noticed you’ve been acting a little differently, toward me, since he showed up,” he said.

I could only look into his emerald green eyes as a response. But, I think he saw something in my own eyes at that moment. He bit his bottom lip nervously, as if he was about to say something. My heart began to beat a little faster.

“I wont lie to you Adam. I had this huge crush on Landon for a long time. I even wrote him letters. . .” WHAT??!

“But I know all I ever felt for him was just a physical attraction. Even talking to him now, he didn’t capture my attention. . . like someone else did,” and at that moment he placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed it so softly, so gently, with so much care.

I closed my eyes and savored the moment his hand reached out and touched me. I could feel his own body tremble next to mine.

“I think you’re amazing Adam,” and then he leaned his face so close to my ear that I could literally feel the hot air coming out of his nose and it sent chills through my body, “I really like you, Adam. And, all I ever thought about all day today. . . all I have ever thought about since we first met. . . was you,” oh God the emotions running through my body at that moment were sooo indescribable. No language in the world could have been equipped to explain what I felt that moment. Someone could’ve invented a VAMPIRE language to explain it, for all I cared, and it still wouldn’t have been enough. It was a warmth that began in my chest and spread through my body like a nourishing fire that instantly healed all the pain, all the hurt I had ever experienced. Julian. . . Julian had that power over me. To look at me, and literally heal me. To touch me, and warm my cold body.

When I opened my eyes and looked into his, I could clearly see that his eyes were beginning to water with the beginnings of his own tears. He had never looked more beautiful than he did at that precise moment. I sat up and placed my hand on his, and intertwined my fingers between his. He looked down to where our hands were touching and then up at me. A wonderfully faint smile spread through his face.

“I’m so sorry I’ve acted so stupid tonight, Julian. But, I just, I couldn’t help feeling so. . . jealous about Landon being around you, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I just, I really got scared that he was better than me and you wouldn’t even notice me anymore. And I-I saw you, when you kissed him on the set, and I left because I couldn’t bear to watch it again,” I confessed.

“Adam. . . I meant it when I said all I’ve thought about was you. I wasn’t thinking about Landon when I kissed him. . . I was thinking about you,” he said so shyly that he looked down at his lap. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“R-really?” I almost began to sob again.

“Yes. . .!”

We looked into each other’s eyes, and all the times we spent together flashed through my eyes. . . all the memories that we had built together, that we were building together – I realized that it was almost as if fate had set it all up perfectly for me, for us. We leaned toward each other and slowly closed our eyes, my heart beating so loudly. . . and our lips met. The softness of his lips was overwhelming; and I wrapped my arms around his slim waist and he quickly put his arms around my neck, now kissing me deeper, more urgently, as he ran his fingers through my hair. And when our lips parted and our tongues touched, I was ready to faint! He moaned into my mouth as our tongues began to dance together so sensually. It was so incredible, feeling his body so close to mine, so warm, and I could clearly feel his heart beating as fast as mine was in his chest. And when we broke our kiss, me biting into his lower lip and stretching it a little as we parted, we looked into each other’s eyes again – and we cried. But we cried of joy. Joy that we had found each other in such a big world. We held each other close, at the moment simply being satisfied enough with our comforting embrace. In a way I thought it was fate that had brought us together, through this film. Almost as if our journey to find each other had been written out by some other ‘power’. But at that moment I realized another thing; the love we had, the love we shared. . . that couldn’t be reproduced on paper. . . no. A love like this is always, ‘unscripted’.

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